How To Level Up Efficiently In Call of Duty: Vanguard?


The long-awaited new game in the CoD series is fully underway, and if you only start your path in it, this guide is for you. Here we’re going to share some tips that will help you level up fast and become an invincible player. Are you ready to take notes? Then let’s go!

Table of Contests:

  1. What is Vanguard About?
  2. How to Upgrade Your Operator Fast?
  3. Ways to Add XP to Your Weapon
  4. Boost Your Progress with LFcarry

What is Vanguard About?

The actions of the game unfold on four fronts during World War II, where four central soldiers Polina Petrova, Lucas Riggs, Wade Jackson, Arthur Kingsley, unite to form a prototype of modern Task Force.

Their goal is to find info about the secret Nazi Project Phoenix that plans to continue Hitler’s work after his death. Interestingly, we watch the events of war and this mission through the eyes of the characters, which gives us a chance to know each of them. That’s basically the plot of your campaign.

Besides the story, devs made an effort to surprise fans with new Call of Duty: Vanguard gameplay features such as interactions with surroundings or blind-fire from the cover. For multiplayer modes, creators made 16 maps where all 12 operators can test their skills, and in this guide, we’ll tell you about how to strengthen up your character.


How to Upgrade Your Operator Fast?

Well, there are a few practical ways that can guarantee you XP and, therefore, progress to CoD Vanguard max level - 55. One of them is overcoming challenges, of course. Experts say that the fine way is to start from the easiest ones like Boot Camp and focus on bundles. That way, you can easily acquire up to 10,000 XP for each of them. Nice, huh?

Moreover, there are also peculiar challenges for each operator that you unlock. Beating them helps your character get an excellent XP boost, so don’t ignore them. Also, they are not that complex.

Besides these, you may form or join a Clan to explore the game with others and gain plus 10% to XP. That’s why playing with someone is always more fun, right?

Don’t forget about weapons and their experience, which you can obtain to unlock attachments and other bonuses, and how to do that we’ll discuss in the paragraph below.


Ways to Add XP to Your Weapon

The most obvious option is to use your operator’s favorite Call of Duty gun, which you may find in their bio. It not only will make your character happier in general but also double XP for the weapon and its owner. Let’s just hope that your personage has good taste in ordnance.

Furthermore, no matter how strange it might sound, playing in Blitz mode may also drastically increase the amount of XP you and weapons are receiving due to the difficulty of Combat Pacing. So if you feel like you’re up for something tough, switch to this mode. These are two primary things that affect your weapon Call of Duty Vanguard leveling system.


Boost Your Progress with LFcarry

Now that you learned about the CoD Vanguard leveling system and how to upgrade your soldier quickly, you might think to yourself that all these options take loads of effort and time. You’re probably right, but there’s a way to avoid it and still reach the highest lvl.

Here, at LFcarry, you may ask our PROs for help who will be glad to assist you. On our website, you can find offers for unlocking and leveling all operators. All you need is just choose which ones you want and contact us. Our specialists will take care of it right away and finish anything in the shortest time possible. So we’ll be waiting.

That’s all for now. Thank you for reading, and don’t forget to come back soon for more guides and news. We’ve got plenty of them prepared. See you around!

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