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Axie Infinity Scholarship

Buy or transfer an Axie account.
We guarantee that our Axie scholars will start working within 48 hours. We will farm Axie SLP for you with a 100% security. There’s zero operational involvement from you. Relax and get SLP.
Save your time and let us farm your tokens. It is an opportunity for more than 50k of our current customers that have been with us since 2016 who you can become with NFT games.



Accounts on the platform

for the last 30 days


2 400 000

SLP farmed by our scholars

for the last 30 days



Avaliable boosters to play on your accounts

on 06/30/2022

Why Axie Infinity?

That’s not counting other activities such as the Axie breeding simulator, working with the Axie marketplace, and much more.

In 2021, the developers raised $150 mln. for further development of Axie World. They have already added new events as well as changes to Axie Infinity, such as:
1. Holiday events like Lunar New Year with unique axies.
2. Cancellation of SLP gaining in PvE activities.
3. Re-balancing rewards in PvP


Choose amount of accounts to buy

Use the slider to determine your SLP farm volume

Your guaranteed monthly SLP*


SLP Exchange rate

on 06/20/2022 02:00:00 (ET)

*The specified amount is the final figure minus the platform commission and payout to the scholar

Calculate the best deal

If you want to know how much SLP you will be receiving monthly after purchasing accounts, refer to our Axie calculator.


Value for you

NTF games are the fastest-growing stream of the crypto industry. It's still risky but incredibly profitable.

In NFT games, you can provide or share your gaming account with scholars who can play on it instead of you and earn tokens. The threshold for entering this business model is relatively high. However, if we incorporate our Axie Infinity scholarship into the equation, the actual value to be gained here is the absence of any time investment on your part.

    We can help you to get rid of the following tasks that you face managing your Axie account by your own:
  • Selection and hiring of scholars
  • Education
  • Control
  • Replacement
  • Payment of their part of income
  • Account security
  • Any operational issues
  • You will never need to spend your daily 2-3 hours in Axie. Save your time with us!

The amount of SLP received is based on the number of your accounts

1-5 accounts

1,080 SLP

you'll get per account

6-20 accounts

1,440 SLP

you'll get per account

20+ accounts

1,620 SLP

you'll get per account

Account setup assistance

We will help you buy a proper Axie meta team with an absolute cost-performance balance.

Performance guarantee

We guarantee an average of 55 SLP on 20 energy or 110 SLP on 40 energy per Axie acc daily, no matter what.


40 or 60 energy accounts, Axie live tournaments, breeding, trading or top Axie leaderboard spots grinding. We will fulfill any request.


Your axies and SLP are secured, and we guarantee rating recovery under any circumstances.

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How to get sign up to a scholarship program in axie infinity and become a scholar?

Already have an account?

We will buy the necessary Axies and assign an Axie Infinity scholar to your accounts.

Want to join our scholarship program as a scholar and earn money by playing Axie Infinity?

Fill the form below, and join our team!


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