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LFCarry - Boosting & Coaching Services

More than 50 000 clients trust us since 2016

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Frequently Asked Questions

  • What guarantees are there?
  • Why should I trust you?
  • What about prices and taxes?
  • How does it work?

What Is a Boosting Service, and Why Do You Need to Know About It?

"Boosting" is a very interesting trend that has been getting more attention over the previous decade.

In essence, you pay someone to do something for you or with you in a video game. The service itself is usually a "boost" because it helps your character to get power, get gear, get loot or something similar. Be assured that you will be satisfied with the boost service if it offers you all the following in combination:

The company must be officially registered. This will give you a guarantee of account security and a refund if something goes wrong. For example, LFCarry is registered in Singapore and has been operating since 2016.

The service must have positive reviews posted on a third-party website. As it is about LFC services, a well-earned 4.8 stars rating on Trustpilot is based on 5,300+ reviews.

The platform should have many offers, including a loyalty program. This will let you know that the specialists value each client. The primary goal of such services is to create comfortable conditions for a boosting game. Lf carry has all possible boost services, and even if the desired option is not on our website, we are always ready to make an order based on individual customer requirements.

24/7 technical support. It's an integral element of the LFCarry. Our managers work 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, so you can enjoy the game at your convenience without delays.

Choose just the right helpers and enjoy the game.

A Boost Game Isn't Cheating?

The answer is very simple. The experience of other players does not suffer if a customer purchases a boosting service. By the way, there is always someone who plays on the account, a real person. He engages in the social interactions of the game and contributes to the game.

Your account will be absolutely safe if you choose a reliable company. For example, LFC company - our primary goal is to connect players and skilled boosters. We offer a simple and safe way to buy game carry services, coaching from PRO players and all possible game boosters. Your security is also of paramount importance to us. We have a VPN connection for piloted boosters and take every precaution to ensure safe portability for players. Every PRO player who works with our LFС services uses only his skill to finish the order, and all possible cheats, hacks, and third-party software are banned here at Lfcarry.

Do You Know Anything Better Than Destiny 2 LFG?

Although Destiny can be played solo, it was created to play with other gamers. Finding a good team is quite difficult. It's hard to adjust to your mates' meeting schedules, especially if they have jobs and families.

That's why we created the LFG Destiny 2 service. With it, our clients assemble their team of PRO gamers. They quickly adapt to your goals and objectives and help you turn your Guardian into a killing machine. For many clients, PROs become friends. Let’s have a look at the main reasons for using Destiny LFG services:

Choose your team from a huge list of available players in the LFCarry Destiny 2. They will join in your game on any platform and at any time

Get a recommendation on your choice of class and weapon

Learn from the most experienced players of LFC Destiny 2. Improve skills in PvE and PvP

Our PROs will let you in exclusive knowledge and tips only available to PRO players

Enjoy unstressed atmosphere and friendly PRO gamers

The group content in the game is designed to test teamwork. Pro gamers quickly adapt to your goals and skills. If you want, they will make a plan for a development of your Guardian. Stop googling how to find a team for the D2 carry, create one yourself from veterans. Our Destiny 2 fireteam finder is the right to choose for you.

Why Should You Choose

We've been on the market since 2016 and are already the best. Considering that today we have:

More than 100,000 successfully completed orders

13 video games we work with on the platform

More than 50,000 satisfied customers

Clients trust our service, you can see it because these numbers are constantly growing. In addition, we offer the following:

100% security of account and progression - the safety of our customers is our top priority

Fast delivery of orders

Professional help from proven and experienced players

Hand-made LFG carry without cheats and exploits - our PRO gamers use only their skills and knowledge, nothing more

Complete transparency of all game boosting processes

Absolutely all of our employees play games, and to improve the quality of service, we have an internal program, Heroes. In this program, our specialists can play with our PROs incognito, and give feedback to upgrade our services. So, we are fully confident that you will be satisfied.

How Else Can LFCarry Service Help You?

Besides services in D2, you can find offers of any kind on our website in other popular games. We can provide you with CoD boosting, WoW Boosting (including Wrath of the Lich King boost) and assistance in more than 12 games or can help in Destiny 2 LFG. Our platform offers:

Obtainment of any weapon, armor or the item you want

Full raids, dungeons, trials, and matches completion

Selfplay service

Fast leveling for characters and gear

Boosting skills to make you better at your favorite game like LFCarry Destiny 2

And that’s only a part of what you can receive by using our WoW or D2 carry service. So, as you can see, no matter how demanding your request might be, there’s nothing our PROs aren’t able to do. Now you can enjoy the game to the fullest extent. Our WoW boosters, D2 carry, and CoD boosting, will take care of the rest.

Try our service today and get ready to change your gaming experience, and carry the team to victory!

Are LFCarry Reviews Good?

Our Trisplot rating changes as the number of happy customers increases, but this rating is always close to а maximum of 5 stars score. So how did we achieve such great results? Here is a bit more information about how we work:

Over the years, we have developed a team, managers, PRO players, executives, all interested in providing quality services.

A large base of PRO players, more than 1,000 to date, allows us to fulfill any order in the shortest possible time. No matter if you want to get loot in D2 or any wow boosting service, we are always ready to meet your order.

All our customers can participate in a loyalty program that includes tons of discounts, bonuses, and GGR - special tokens you can spend on our services.

Every client receives a personalized approach and special treatment.

Our support team works around the clock to deliver the best results.

D2, WoW boost and the services of the game carry have the best reviews. In the last week the number of reviews has increased by 1,000! is a leading provider of game boosting services, offering a wide range of options for popular titles such as D2, MW2, Path of Exile, and New World. We are known for our efficient and professional LFC Order service, which allows players to get the help they need to complete difficult content such as raids and dungeons. The "Destiny 2 carries" and "MW2 Raid LFG" options are highly sought after by players looking for a reliable and efficient way to progress in the game. The LFCarry Review Reddit page is filled with positive feedback from satisfied customers, and our POE Carry Service is widely considered one of the best in the industry. If you're looking for a reliable and efficient way to boost your gameplay, look no further than

Choose game you want to get services in:

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