CoD Warzone: Guide on How to Unlock ISO Submachine Gun


Such an SMG with a high rate of fire at 900 RPM is quite impressive, right? This new gun in Warzone will definitely be one of the best choices right now among mid-range weapons. There is nothing complicated about this SMG: this side-to-side recoil pattern is very easy to control and there won’t be a problem for you with shooting and reloading. It is one of the easiest guns to use for sure, even though it might be unusually first if you haven’t tried SMGs before.

Guide: CoD's settings for the best experience

~~The first-person shooter genre is such a classical type of a video game; it’s been with us almost for as long as we can remember having this industry around. This genre like others has it’s own defining features and stays the same all these years. In FPS it’s all about your skill, the fast reaction time, the precision, and just how well you adapt to the situation at hand. Today we’re going to talk about what settings will help you feel more comfortable in Call of Duty: Modern Warfare and Warzone. Curiously enough despite Warzone being a completely different experience and mode for MP in MW, a lot of the same settings are actually cross-over from mode to mode. ~~

M.U.T.E Protocol


Who doesn’t like events in R6S? Everybody does! This time we got another crazy event that changes how the game looks and plays. Iterating on the rules, making them work differently or just removing some of them, all of that leads to a lot of fun even though this is a casual experience. Starting August 4th and running until August 17th it’s going to be robots vs. robots. You may watch the trailer yourself and see how unique is the visual style is. It reminded us of another Ubisoft game called Far Cry 3 Blood Dragon. You’ll be taking control of the comm tower.

Quick and Simple Guide on How to Get Exotic Pistol The Regulus


Getting some good gear and weapons in Division 2 is definitely not an easy task. Division 2 boost is one of the tools that you can do to obtain some of the items, but not many gamers are so sure about it. Here, we are going to talk about different directions you can follow: doing everything on your own or using the help of Division 2 carry services. But what is more important is that we are going to discuss another topic that interests many players: how to get exotic pistol Division 2.

Is you ready for number 5?


Ladies and gentlemen, it has happened once more! We’re near to the launch of the fifth season here at Call of Duty: Modern Warfare and Warzone. This time is when the biggest changes will happen and we’re very hyped up to share all of the information with you. If you’ve seen the fresh trailer than you may have already spotted a tone of new stuff. The new multiplayer maps, the Verdansk changes, and even more. So let’s break it all down. We see the roof of the stadium in Verdansk going down. No more this place will be a hive for campers, but what’s even more exciting is the fact that the whole area inside the stadium will be playable.

Johnny Goes to Black Desert Online


After his mind-blowing Apex Legends experience, Johnny ranked up a bit on his own, but in higher leagues, things started to heat up, so he decided to step aside from fast-paced shooters for a while. With his new hobby of trying out all the games he’d ever wanted to try, he settled on that one MMORPG that he’d heard so much about. His friend Sam once told him that this game made other games of the genre seem like a children’s romp in a sandpit. In the community, it was also referred to as the next-gen MMORPG with the richest and the most profound character creation systems in the whole gaming industry. You must have guessed by now what game Johnny picked to play. Of course, it’s Black Desert Online.

5 Things that Should Be Improved in Elder Scrolls Online


Today, we have a lot to talk about, so get ready. This article will open an important discussion and will include not only information about the ways in which TESO could bring you an even better experience, but will also talk about such things as ESO boost and the importance of constant training and learning if you want to succeed in the world of gaming.

Johnny plays Apex Legends


They were surrounded. Ears were ringing from the sound of gunshots, eyes were blurred by the clouds of smoke. With their backs to the wall, they had nowhere to go. Johnny clenched his carbine, his heart pounding heavily in his chest.

“What do we do?” he asked.

The answer came quickly in a duo of calm, poised voices.

“Don’t worry.”

“We get your back.”

Get ready for those armor sets from Solstice of Heroes 2020!


A huge annual Destiny 2 event is upon us, but before we get to it, let’s talk about the news for the week of 7/30/2020. According to the intro statement, the devs are eager to let the fans into the minds of the developers, thus closing the gap between the two factions so to speak. The first time it’s done is via streaming and a blog article about how the dungeons are being developed from the idea to implementation. Since the team went to work from home, it’s become harder to communicate and work on the game, so it’s a nice move from them. This prophesy dungeon is claimed to be the forth shadowing of what’s to come. Maybe we can expect a full raid with the same art-style. Another thing is somewhat expected – the second coming of the Ironbanner. To remind you – this is the PvP mode like Crucible but with the enabled Power advantages, featuring exclusive rewards.

Explosive Tarkov patch .12.7


The development of Escаpe from Tаrkov never stops and if you follow the changes in patches then you already know – every patch brings significant changes and additions. No matter how insignificant the patch may seem, next time you launch the game, something that you got very comfortable with works differently. That’s why we recommend everyone to very carefully read every patch note that gets released. Even the ones for hotfixes.

Destiny 2: How to Change the Grandmaster Nightfall Activity for the Best


Let’s face it: nothing is flawless. Destiny 2 is a game we all love, but there are still many parts of it that need to be polished and perfected. This is the idea that not only many players have, but many experts, including pro gamers and Destiny 2 boost experts. One of the most problematic places at the moment is the Destiny 2’s Grandamaster Nightfall: an activity with one of the hardest difficulties and does not provide you with a reward good enough to be worth it.

WoW Classic: Detailed Guide on Content Release Plan


WoW Classic has got a lot of updates coming, and players are looking forward to new changes and challenges that would lead to tons of amazing gear and rewards. But Phase 5 is not only about a few new things added to the game. It is actually an exciting event that would help players find new teammates and learn more about their favorite games. No other phase has brought so many items, changes, questlines, and news than this one, so there is definitely a lot to unpack.

World of Warcraft 8.3.7. Shadowlands pre-patch soon?


A few days back a new patch came out with the number 8.3.7. We decided it’s a good time to talk about the state of the game. Officially there are only two lines of changes. One of those lines says that some invisible to players, changes have been made that are needed for the Shadowlands. And there’s something new for the companion app. That’s not a good way to treat hungry for content fans. But we know how to entertain you – try our WoW BfA boost, you’ll see how fun it is when your plans come together nicely. But let’s go back to the patch notes. If you do a little bit of digging, you’ll find out some hotfix changes which are much more interesting.

Johnny Goes to Tarkov


Hey there, fellow gamers! We hope you’re enjoying warm summer days and having fun playing your favorite games on cold summer evenings. Our buddy Johnny Smith is doing precisely that. While the best game boosters from LFC were bulking up his warrior with some Nature Resist gear, Johnny decided to treat himself to a new gaming experience. It didn’t take long to make a choice, and after a while, he was installing Escape from Tarkov.

Сall of Duty Modern Warfare: Guide on How to Play Like a Pro


Call of Duty: Modern Warfare is a game thousands enjoy, and many are willing to do their best in order to achieve their goals in the game. But is it really possible to start playing like a pro? The answer is “Yes”, and this article will explain to you how this is going to happen.

The guide about how to ride the tide in Apex


Apex Legends is one of the most successful battle-royals in the market. Sounds like something a marketing team would say. Let’s try again. AL is one of the most loved battle-royals in the gaming community. Now, that sounds better right? These days the BR genre isn’t anything new. We’ve seen a lot of iterations and variations of the same formula. It’s hard to get us all surprised. It’s safe to say that AL was the last game that accomplished that. And here we thought that after Fortnite, nothing is going save the genre. Where are we going with this? Nobody has a pending question – how to play apex legends?

World of Warcraft: All the Hottest Topics, News, and Guides Are Here


Are you excited about what’s coming in WoW? We are! There’s been a lot of changes recently. in World of Warcraft: BFA and forums are full of discussions and debates. Here, we are going to take a look at what’s actually happening in WoW as well as review the ways in which the WoW BfA boost can be useful to you after the newest update arrives.

Johnny Gets Ready for the Ahn’Qiraj


Phase Five is indeed here, and our pal Johnny Smith is happy to the Moon, just like all other WoW Classic players. As you know, Johnny is a huge WoW fan. His gaming self was basically raised on it, so seeing Vanilla being rebooted and all his favorite activities being released once again really warms his heart.You might remember that Johnny’s first purchase at LFcarry was a powerleveling boost for his WoW character. He wanted to max out his warrior, and our pro booster helped him do that. Then Johnny went raiding with his friend Sam accompanied by a team of LFcarry pros, and they had a great time slaying trash and bosses in the Zul'Gurub instance. Since then, Johnny, busy at work and at home, played WoW only a couple of times, but now, with Phase 5 out, there was too much of the newly-added content he couldn’t miss. And the Ahn’Qiraj was on the not-to-miss list.

Guide on All the Weapons and Camos in Warzone


Are you ready for the newest update in Warzone? Season 5 in Warzone has prepared for us a lot of news. And one of the main reasons why there were so many debates is that the nerf of Grau. Luckily for you, there are still a few nice options that could almost fully replace the weapon recommended by the pro players

Division 2 Luna League Guide


The Luna League event that is life now, let’s look into it! If you go into your season’s tab, you’ll see it there. There’s a little less than two weeks left until the end of it, so it’s time to hustle. If you really want to participate in this event, but it came at an inconvenient time frame for you, don’t worry. We can take on all the farm from you via the fast and safe Division 2 boost. The rewards will be well worth it.

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