D2 Transmog Explained: What Is It and What Does Community Think About It?


Destiny 2 keeps changing and not always in the best way. Even though the next season seems to be very promising, there are a few things that make us wonder why Bungie has chosen a particular direction. Today, we’ll talk about the infamous Transmog system and why the community already hates it. Is this update worth a wait? Learn more details here.

How to Take Flight in Shadowlands


Our pros took to exploring the fresh update a while back now, and we’re getting as much quality info as we can to our devoted readers on the blog. So, want to know what it takes to start soaring through the Shadowlands? The community has been very wrong about this one, so don’t miss this quick read!

Karazhan Boss Guides: Chess Event & Prince Malchezaar


Are you stuck on the final boss of Karazhan? Never played chess before and need a hand getting through the Chess Event? Read our in-depth guide to learn how to conquer some of the final hurdles that Medivh’s tower of terror has to offer you. We cover each encounter in detail, thanks to info provided by our pros!

Season 14 Leaks & Theories: What Should We Expect from Bungie Next?


All these rumors make us wonder what kind of surprises Bungie is preparing for us right now. Today, we’ll tell you about everything that the Destiny 2 community is talking about, including all kinds of leaks and confirmed content that might become a part of the next season. Enjoy your read!

Technomancer Guide: Use These Tips and Builds to Get Better at Playing Outriders


In our new guide on Outriders classes, we’ve prepared for you all the details you need to be aware of if you decide to start playing the game as the Technomancer. Here, you will also find a breakdown of the class’s abilities and best builds for your character that will turn you into a real master. Enjoy your read, and feel free to ask our pros any questions!

The Best Weapons in Warzone Season 3


The latest season has arrived to shake things up across the entire CoD landscape. Many of the finest firearms in the game have been heavily nerfed, meaning there’s a brand new meta developing right under your nose. Come read our pro players’ new favorite weapons and prevent your K/D ratio from tanking.

Cold War & Warzone’s Season 3: Full Breakdown of the Season & Community's Reaction to It


The day has come. Finally, we got to experience the third major update of this entry in the famous series. Though it was highly anticipated, it seems like not every player enjoyed the beginning of Season 3. So, how did the whole Nuke event go? What did it change in the game? Learn all about it in our fresh guide.

Karazhan Boss Guides: Shade of Aran & Netherspite


Karazhan is a challenging fan-favorite raid from the early days of MMO history. If you want to experience the raid in full and get the valuable loot it has to offer you, the best thing you can do for yourself is read our guide series in full. Click here to learn two of the raid’s most challenging bosses.

LFcarry’s Guide on How to Unlock Heir Apparent & the Catalyst


Last year, developers added a time-limited machine gun that could be obtained only during the event everyone can participate in. This year’s event brought back the famous weapon, so now players have another chance to unlock it and a bunch of other goodies on top. Today, we’ll tell you how to do it.

Karazhan Boss Guides: The Curator & Terestian


In this entry in our WoW guides series, we’re covering two challenging bosses with a similar theme, The Curator and Terestian Illhoof. Learn the most effective methods for countering these bosses, so you can move deeper into Karazhan and enjoy the loot that comes with high-level raiding success!

Guardian Games 2021 Guide


As the final note before Destiny 2 Season 14 rolls in, Bungie’s holding their annual contest between classes, filled up with challenge and spirit of friendly competition. Soon we’ll find out who holds the crown as the best class in the game, but now let’s see what the event has to offer.

LFcarry’s Guide On How to Unlock the Sykov Pistol & Create the Best Loadout with It


Even though not every update in the game is a success, the one we’ll talk about today is pretty exciting. In our fresh guide, we’ll show you how to unlock the gun and create the right loadout for it, so you’d better not skip the read if you want to obtain the amazing pistol!

Chains of Domination Preview


The new PTR has been live for a week and a lot of changes are on the horizon. Read on to get our pro’s hot takes. We’ll go over our thoughts on the new changes and let you know how you can stay ahead of the pack and be one of the first people clearing the new raid! So, don’t miss out. Read on and get ahead!

Karazhan Boss Guides: Maiden of Virtue and The Opera


We continue our guide series on Karazhan, the Tower of Terror, with walkthroughs for the fight against the Maiden of Virtue and the beloved old Opera Event. These two feel rather different compared to retail encounters so don’t get caught off guard. Read on for a detailed breakdown of the encounters!

The War Games Event: All Facts and Tips You Were Looking For


Season 8 is drawing to a close, but we still have enough time to check out the ongoing event, War Games, which rewards players with all kinds of skins and introduces five new modes that might appear next season as regulars. Find out more about the event in our fresh guide.

LFcarry’s Guide to Devastator


Sometimes the most complex problems require the simplest of solutions. If your playstyle involves being a literal force of nature, a mountain that obliterates everything in its wake and can never be stopped – the class we’re going to be talking about today is for you. In this article, you’ll learn what makes Devastator such a powerful and easy to pick up class.

Karazhan Boss Guides: Attumen & Moroes


Looking to make the best entry you possibly can into Karazhan? In the first of our articles on TBC’s introductory raid, we’ll provide detailed boss guides for Attumen and Moroes, as well as plentiful information on how to reach the raid and get attuned to the instance and get your first TBC raid loot.

Warzone Leaks & Nuke Event Rumors


According to leakers, a lot of stuff is on its way to the series. It seems like the time has come to prepare for a major change in the game since many leaks hint at a ton of exciting things. Let’s take a look at what we know so far about the Nuke Event right here in our today’s guide.

Bungie’s Rolling Out Some Hefty Season 14 Nerfs


With Season 14 less than a month away, Bungie’s teasing us with official updates on their future plans. The latest TWAB revealed a bunch of significant changes that will shake up the meta, nerfing some of the Destiny 2 best PvP weapons. Join us as we go over the tweaks in the game’s sandbox.

LFcarry’s Guide to Pyromancer in Outriders


In this second entry about Outriders classes, we’ll be overviewing the class that arguably does the most DMG in the game. If that’s something you’re interested in, tune in, as we’ll go over every single ability in Pyromancer’s toolkit and talk about how you should approach making a build, why mods are so important, and what specs you can go for.

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