New Stasis Aspects and Fragments: What They’re Good For & How to Get Them


Season 13 introduced many new game changes, including some fresh Aspects for every Beyond Light Darkness subclass. How did this update go, how much did the classes change, and how can you unlock these Aspects? Learn more details about the recent update in our today’s guide.

LFCarry’s Guide to Theater of Pain


We’re continuing our series of guides on the Mythic dungeons in Shadowlands with Theater of Pain. Learn how to defeat frightening undead bosses like Kul’tharok, Gorechop, and Mordretha with ease, so you can get powerful gear and some tough WoW achievements. Read on to learn all their secrets.

The Messenger Pulse Rifle Overview


Last weekend hosted Season 13’s first Trials of Osiris and, apart from the familiar tryhard PvP action, it actually brought one true gem that you might have overlooked. The Messenger pulse rifle, one of the Trials’ rewards, has every chance to become a new meta. Read more about this new Destiny 2 heavy-hitter here!

LFCarry’s Guide to Plaguefall


Plaguefall is one of the most challenging dungeons in WoW Shadowlands, especially on higher keys. Our guide will help you out with these tough bosses and trash mobs, with a thorough walkthrough, with tips on proper positioning, kill order, and other mechanics this instance requires you to master.

Season 2 Is On Its Way to Warzone


Season 2 is almost here! In just a week, the game will receive a new chapter in its story. Are you ready for another challenge? This guide is here to help you prep yourself for what’s coming. Enjoy all the details about S2, Zombies, and all the recent updates that will soon arrive in CoD right here.

Every Nook and Cranny of the Ranked Mode in CoD Cold War


Whether you expected it or not, the ranked matchmaking has been added to the game. Finally, you can show them who's the sheriff around these parts, right? Well, not exactly. Join us on the journey to unravel the mystery that hides behind the innocent name of League Play. Find out how the system works and how to prepare yourself for the ranked matches.

Shadowlands Patch 9.0.5: Main Updates and Players’ Opinions on Class Changes


You’ve probably already heard the news: the expansion is getting another update that’s supposed to fix many things. The next batch of patch notes will be a bit different since Patch 9.0.5 is a lot bigger than the previous ones. And today, we’ll figure out how this patch is going to influence the universe of Warcraft.

CoD Cold War: Our Guide to The Super-Secret Quest for The Ultimate Weapon


The new map is such a refreshing experience – you get to watch new cutscenes, defeat some crazy new enemies, and complete a set of newly-added achievements. However, you must already know that there’s more to this place than meets the eye. Welcome to our definitive guide on how to unlock possibly the most powerful weapon in the entire game!

5 Tools That Will Help You Not To Suck At Surviving a Zombie Apocalypse


If you’re new to this mode and you really want to survive past Wave 10, you have to review your loadout. Often, the right set of weapons is what can guarantee your success. Today we're telling you all about the most effective murdering tools for you to finally put those corpses to rest for eternity! You'll learn a lot in this article, so strap in and let's go!

LFCarry’s Guide to the Halls of Atonement


The Halls of Atonement are a fun, but oft challenging dungeon, full of dodging, dancing, hastily exiting dangerous zones, and, for the average group on their first go, failing at any one of those. Thankfully, with a good guide, it’s easy to overcome these obstacles and get the loot found within.

Season of the Chosen First Impressions


It’s been less than half a week since Season of the Chosen hit the charts, but we’re already thrilled to bits and neck-deep in the freshest content it delivered. At some things Bungie excelled, some still need work done, so follow us in this First Impressions overview to see what we have to say about Destiny 2’s Season 13.

LFCarry’s Guide to the Sanguine Depths


The Sanguine Depths is one of the most challenging of the Shadowlands’ Mythic+ dungeons, with a quartet of ne’er-do-wells to wipe your party and send you home with hundreds of gold in repair bills. Not to worry, as LFC is here with pro advice to help you best the worst that the dungeon has to offer.

CoD Cold War: 6 Mystery Boxes on 1 Firebase


Zombies mode is all about trying your luck. From finding weapons to acquiring consumables, you always feel like playing a slot machine. Today we’re giving you all the info you’ll need on how to find 6 rare boxes that contain some awesome stuff, including a brand new zombie decimator! Don’t miss all the fun!

8 Things You Need to Know About CoD’s Express Map to Win Every Match


How’s Season 1 going for you? More and more updates are popping out every now and then, surprising us with fresh content. The most recent one brought in a lot of great stuff, including the arrival of Express, one of the old CoD maps. Dive into our guide right now to learn all the tips and tricks on how to dominate Express!

Season 8 in Apex: Kings Canyon, Fuse, and Other Details from the First Week


So, how’s Season 8 going for you? Have you checked out Fuse already? In today’s article, we will tell you all about the first week of S8, how it went and how the most recent update really changed the game. S8 got a couple of surprises for us, so let’s see what the fuss is all about!

Apex Legends Is Throwing A Two-Year-Anniversary Party


With two years having passed since Apex Legends’ tremendous debut, it’s now turned into one of the most popular battle royale games in history. To mark the occasion, Respawn holds a two-week Collection Event for us to celebrate, and here in this article we’ll give you a brief rundown on what to expect.

3 Most Important Rules of CQC in Warzone


How many times did we get jumped by a kamikaze with a bazooka who kills your entire squad and themselves because they were too close? Finding yourself in dark narrow corridors can be very scary: You never know where the enemy hides. Today, we're giving your 3 fundamental survival rules for CQC combat. Hop in to learn the secrets!

The New (& Old) Gear Coming to Season of the Chosen


The new Season of the Chosen trailer has dropped, and our minds are blown with all of the exciting new exotics, returning classics, and beautiful armor sets that Bungie has given us glimpses of in the fresh footage. Read here to learn all about what you should be adding to your arsenal in a few days.

Destiny 2 Season of the Chosen Trailer & Roadmap Breakdown


You can literally hear its footsteps behind your back now: Bungie finally premiered their bombastic Season 13 trailer, along with a plethora of new content, both revealed and hinted at. Now officially Season of the Chosen is less than a week away, so let’s have a look at what to brace ourselves for.

LFCarry’s Guide to De Other Side


Mueh’zala, the original loa of death, seeks to retake his throne from Bwonsamdi. Learn how to defeat him with ease, along with all the other ungrateful bosses who have taken a little too much of old Bwonsamdi’s mojo. This article will provide guidance for difficulties from Normal to Mythic+10.

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