Beyond Light classes overview: In-depth guide on how to choose the best class and play like a real ace


Johnny Plays Dauntless


Howdy to all our blog readers. The time has come for our fearless explorer Johnny and his loyal friends to venture into another gaming world. In case you haven’t followed Johnny’s recent adventures or just have troubles figuring out where this “friends” part came from, let us break it down to you once and for all. To cut it short, once Johnny had a lunch break at work and overheard two of his colleagues discussing new video game releases. Before that, he had had no idea that anyone from his office was a gamer like him, but after a few casually dropped lines, the three realized they had a lot in common.

Division 2 Summit Tower overview


It’s another sunny day in Washington, DC. There’s no need for social distancing. Wearing a mask is required only in select areas, and you can enjoy the wildlife without having to leave the city limits. The only problem is, it’s not the same virus that you got used to this year. This virus has spread across the country, traveling on dollar bills. Welcome back to Division 2, everyone! Today we’re taking a look at a new free game mode that just recently got added into the game in Update 11! Bring your friends along and clear 100 floors of a skyscraper called the Summit. This Division 2 game mode is for players who finished the primary story campaign and are thirsty for more content. By the way, both casual and hardcore players will be able to enjoy this balanced experience. It’s no surprise that each floor will represent a higher level of challenge. Some floors even have modifiers that change the rules of the entire activity. The thing is, if you die, you go way back down.

WoW Classic: Guide on The Latest News and Unbelievable Achievements


WoW Classic has always been a great source of fantastic news and records in the world of gaming: new records are set weekly. This week, it has continued to amaze us, or its players, to be precise. Let’s get straight to the news and discuss the outstanding performance of the WoW Classic community!

Before we tell you about the first announcement, here is a question for you: What, in your opinion, is the biggest possible number of Scarab Lord mounts that can be amassed in the game? You have something in mind? And now, hear this out: The Russian server Flamegor collected 90 Scarab Lords last week!

Division 2 Season 3: Are Y'All Ready for the Update?


Keener`s Legacy has come to an end, and now, it is finally the right moment to wrap things up and talk about the recently finished season and its finale. Did you enjoy Season 2? How did you like the new weapons and activities? Let’s review the KL and S2 together:

  • Manhunts. Did you take down Aaron Keener in the Warlords of NY? Let’s agree that this manhunt was exciting. The targets were revealed during the season and not right away, so we had a chance to work carefully on taking down all the Rogues and finishing the manhunt successfully. We also had to defeat Hornet, and if we could get it right, we were rewarded with some nice loot.

  • WoW Shadowlands Trailer: A Masterpiece or Just Another Copy of the Same Old Stories?


    WoW Shadowlands launch is about to happen, and we are all impatiently looking forward to it. And the latest WoW Shadowlands trailer left us with even more questions regarding the whole work Blizzard has been doing. Let’s discuss those here and figure out the meaning behind the trailer (if there is one, of course!).

    Let’s start with the good aspect of the newest Shadowlands Maldraxus trailer: it looks incredible. The clip tells us a story about a warrior named Draka who once served in the Frostwolf Clan, but now has joined the Maldraxxus armies. Shortly after that, the army collapses due to treason within the troops. And the last few shots of the film end with a small hint, telling us that Draka might be the one to stop the Maldraxxus from getting destroyed and might be someone who will save everything at the very last minute.

    Fankriss the Unyielding and Princess Huhuran strategy guide


    Here we are continuing our Ahn'qiraj Temple boss killing guide. After taking a considerable break, we're ready to proceed to our third and fourth rendezvous. As a general reminder for everyone, we have our previous guide covering the first two encounters and the Ahn'qiraj raid overview filled with general information about the instance: how to find it, how to prepare for it, and standard tactics for all class archetypes. That being said, we strongly recommend starting from that guide so that you are better prepared for any of the following encounters that we're going to cover today and in the following guides. But don't worry, you don't have to read the first guide. AQ is a special kind of raid for several reasons. First of all, there are two versions of it – one for a group of 40 people and one for a group of 20 people. The entrance, as well as access to this instance, is sealed until a server-wide event has been completed. Since you are reading it, we're assuming that this War Effort event has been completed on your server. The instance also has optional boss encounters, the guides for which we saved for last. For now, we'll be going over the bosses in the same order you encounter them. Therefore, this is the guide for the third and fourth encounters, respectively.

    Johnny joins paladinhood


    It was one of those times when Johnny and the Boys were having a nothing-to-do evening. Suddenly, after returning from the lavatory, Johnny proclaimed – I am a paladin, and so are you all! But the boys didn't even look surprised. And not because Johnny likes to wear metal armor around the house. But because they knew that Johnny, after spending some quality time in a considerably small solace chamber, always comes back with an idea they regret about later. Most interestingly, they were wrong about the regretting part. Anyway, having some pizza and beer were not doing it anymore, so Johnny made everyone download a new game – Paladins! Yes, they all came in with laptops, let's not discuss that. So what is this game, and where did Johnny find out about it? Not in the water closet, right? But since they had no better idea, everyone refrained from asking questions and instead went on Steam to download this mystery of a game. What does it all have to do with Paladins carry? Everything has its own time…

    WoW Shadowlands: Pick the Best Mount Now and Get It for Free Later


    What kind of mounts can you get in WoW? Should you use Shadowlands carry to level up? Is there any other news you should know about? We will answer all of these questions today in this article, so stay tuned! First of all, we’ve got some mounts coming to the Shadowlands soon. By voting, you can choose a new mount that will later appear in the mount collection tab. We’ll talk more about the mounts a bit later.

    SKS: Get Your Sniper Rifle Easily with Our Guide!


    What should you do to get the SKS and other gear? Should you use Call of Duty Modern Warfare boost? All the answers are here, so get ready to boost your skills and add a few new perks and weaponry to your arsenal of armory! The SKS attachment unlock levels start at only a second level, and can go up as high as 53. If you want to level up your weapon, you will need to watch closely what perks you are getting after reaching each level.

    Traveler's Chosen Exotic Sidearm


    Traveler's Light might just change the whole game forever! The things you can do with this exotic haven have never been seen before because of the crazy ability to reduce your abilities' cooldown times. Its perk – gives you stacks of Gathering Light for each final blow you make. Holding down the reload button, you consume those stacks to get melее, grenаde, and clаss ability! In PvP, it gives you 3 stacks per every kill.In most cases, this is enough to almost have your ability back. In two, three kills – you're going to get all of your cooldowns back pretty much every time. If you do this with any sort of the exotic or class that gives you ability energy back, you can essentially spam abilities like Dawnblades, Celestial Fire, Shoulder Charges. This is nuts…

    Cold War Updates: All the News Are Here


    The Call of Duty multiplayer reveal has taken place on the September 9th on the live, the beta for CW is going to take place next month. We are all already excited for that since together with the game, we are going to receive tons of weapons and operators, unlock new weapon camo, participate in Co-Op missions, and significantly increase our lists of achievements!

    Title Update 11: Everything You Need to Know About


    Title Update 11 has finally arrived, and we have got a lot to unpack. Today, we are going to review most of them and discuss the importance of getting a Division 2 boost for those players who would like to team up with professional players and get more unique gear. No need to wait, let's dive into the article right now!

    Johnny gets mesmerised in Guild Wars 2


    Everyone, Johnny included, can name the top-3 MMORPG games from the top of their heads at any moment. These games form our perception of the whole genre, so if you ask Johnny – what an MMORPG is, he'll start describing a theme-parked open-world with emphasis on PvE and questing progression. The conflict and essentially, PvP is enforced and encouraged by conflicting fractions existing in the world. There could be 2 or more of those. The combat system is usually tab-targeted, which means you press your hot bar abilities and keep an eye on their cooldown. Hell, even EvE has that system, even though it's mostly different from all other games. This concept of what a game of a specific genre sits in our minds – it gnaws our minds. That's what Johnny felt when he went looking for a new MMORPG game he hasn't played. And that's why GW 2 turned out to be such a fresh experience. We expect to see every aspect in such a game as GW 2 has been completely turned upside down and made actually fun and different. In fact, it was so fun that Johnny became invested in the game and even spent some hard-earned on the Guild Wars 2 boost for mounts.

    The Most Effective Tips on How to Get CR-56 in Warzone


    Here, we have got another CoD Warzone guide for you on how to get the CR-56 AMAX with ease as well as a few details on the weapon. Learn more about the gun, benefits of Warzone boost, and tips on CoD on this page! When it comes to damage, CR-56 AMAX is very similar to AK-47, even though the fire rate is a bit higher. It is a lightweight weapon and is perfect for mid-range combats and encounters. You can use it for a huge variety of assault tactics, and if utilized properly, CR-56 AMAX can make you truly unbeatable.

    Destiny 2: The Final Leviathan Guide You’ve Been Waiting For


    Destiny 2 is a game that will always make you come back thanks to such a big variety of raids and quests. One of such incredible raids is Leviathan. Let’s talk about it here. We have gathered for you the best tips on how to unlock raid Destiny 2, which steps you should take to beat it, as well as a few details about preparations and the loot. Enjoy these tricks on the Destiny 2 raid!

    This season is seductive! We can't stop talking about it!


    Here we are again – your favorite Apex Legends news show. We’ll be talking about everything related to Season 6 because you know what? You can’t stop us! The season is already a couple of weeks old – it has released on August 17th, and by now, most people have probably got used to everything. The character that’s the lucky number 10 in the game, Ramya Parekh. Let’s give you a little breakdown on Rampart. She is a blue-collar, small business owner who made her name in the underground gauntlets throughout the outlands. She’s competed in those gauntlets, she has won matches, but she’s never been interested in the game themselves until her shop got, unfortunately, taken out. A person who’s been keeping an eye on her shows up and gives her a ticket to the Apex games. She is kind of a counterpart to Mirage, a comedic character who is quick-witted, smart, been on the streets for a long time, building weapons, modding them. One of the primary weapons that she loves is here, minigun Sheila. There’s an Apex Legends boost for her available in our store. Looking at her abilities kit. Her passive is actually the first of its kind in the game, where it makes her usage of LMGs better. She is always encouraged to pick up LMGs. If you buy Apex Legends battle pass, you’ll find out that it has plenty of skins for this kind of weapon. Plus, the Apex Legends new character really loves the big guns. Wink!

    Weapon Sunsetting in Destiny 2


    Hello, friends!

    Today our topic is Destiny 2 Weapon Sunsetting. We know we're kinda late on this topic, but we can discuss it anyway!

    So, whats Weapon Sunsetting? Well, basically, it’s a system that was developed to get rid of situations when Guardians end up using the exact same weapons for months. Because some weapons are just too good and don’t have any alternatives. Like, since its release, the Mountaintop is a great weapon and still doesn't have any equivalent. It’s one of a kind!

    Vector (Fennec) Guide on How to Unlock and Choose a Setup


    Fennec is one of the most reliable options in Warzone when it comes to close-range options. It’s very accurate and easy to control, which makes the Fennec an outstanding SMG. If used properly, you will become unbeatable in CoD Warzone with the help of this SMG. So what is the best Fennec Warzone setup? The nicest attachments that will increase stability are:

    • Compensator;
    • FTAC C6 Carbine PRO;
    • Operator Foregrip;
    • Cronen MP945 Mini Reflex.

    Warzone: What's Going to Happen in Season 6?


    Season 6 is coming soon in Warzone, and we got a lot of exciting news to share with you! Let’s dive into the discussion right now and figure out what is going to happen in the new season. First of all, we’ve got an avalanche of new modes coming on us, the biggest ones being Zombies mode and Night Fall mode. Other modes that might appear or come back in Season 6 include Prop Hunt, Zombie Royale, and Truck Wars.

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