How To Level Up Fast In Diablo 2: Resurrected?


The long-awaited remastered version of the game arrived in September and has started gaining love not only from veterans but also from new players. Though it has a story, which may increase gamers' lvl, it's not enough for those who strive to reach a cap. If you're one of them, this guide tells you how to achieve your goal quickly.

Destiny 2 Content Vault Update: What Bungie Will Remove This Time?


Recently devs of D2 have shared their plans regarding some of the previous content to make room for the upcoming Queen Witch expansion. The news was greeted with mixed reactions from the fans, so let’s see how creators decided to change their child and what it’ll mean for players.

Genshin Impact Guide: How To Complete Spiral Abyss


This area is truly a mystical and complex place, mainly because it takes loads of grinding. Nevertheless, it doesn't stop brave players from going there, and if you're among those daredevils, this article highlights all you need to know to succeed in that area. Let's go, Travelers!

Call Of Duty: What Weapons We’ll See In Vanguard?


The release of a new massively expected game is coming closer, and we bet you can’t wait to start your journey in the events of WWII. To make your waiting even more exciting, we’ve put together this guide to show every confirmed weapon you may use for your character. So, shall we start?

Destiny 2: How To Complete Festival Of The Lost?


Halloween is not here yet, but it’s already begun in your favorite game, offering immersive activity and unique rewards. If you’d like to partake in it, congratulations. Exciting things are waiting, and our article’s here to assist you in a walkthrough.

Battlefield 2042: What Is Hazard Zone Mode?


After a bit of lull, EA and DICE finally shared some hot details about their new creation with us. This time it’s dedicated to a new mode, which offers players never seen experience and loot. So let’s not waste any time and get down to its specifics.

Path of Exile 3.16 Patch Notes: What Is Scourge?


No rest for the Exiles, huh? All novel obstacles are coming their way, and this time it’s Scourge league with novel quests, specifics, and gameplay improvements. In that case, let’s see what GGG has prepared for us.

What Are The Best Weapons For Each Class In ESO?


There’s no limit to perfection, but while we search for something at least closer, we risk wasting our time on useless things, and that applies to searching for a neat weapon in ESO, too. So it would be nice to have a list that will help you find the proper armament quickly, we thought and created this guide for you. Hopefully, it’ll save time and help you make a suitable choice.

Destiny 2: What Bungie Has Planned For Us In The Witch Queen?


Season 15 is running in full force, preparing players for the upcoming expansion. Alongside actions in a game, devs gradually share new details about the content by releasing teasers and their plans. We’ve decided not to waste any time and gather everything’s known for now. So welcome to our quick guide to all info regarding DLC, where you’ll find everything you’re looking for.

How To Beat ESO Rockgrove Trial: Tips & Tricks


Feeling like there’s a lack of challenge on your path? It’s no problem, the game’s ready to offer you plenty of choices, such as Rockgrove objective, which is exciting and rewarding in every sense. And to make sure you’ll receive all achievements and unique rewards, we’ve prepared this guide that will walk you through the trial as efficiently as possible.

Halo Infinite: Detailed Overview Of What We Know


The winter is coming and alongside it arrives a new Halo chapter, which fans have been waiting for for several years now. The nearer a launch, the more details we receive from devs, and that means it’s time to look at them closely to have a clearer picture of what to expect. Are you ready for a small excursion? Then let’s go, spartans!

WoW Classic: How The Upcoming Season Of Mastery Will Work?


This month started with some excellent news for WoW fans as devs announced their plans to release new content. In this article, we’ll share all the details regarding these updates and tell how you may test them right now.

CoD Warzone: What Season 6 Brings?


The fresh Call of Duty content has finally arrived and is ready to please gamers with new (and some old) locations and weapons. And our guide here will help you learn about all novel additions and get ready for what awaits you in the ruined Verdansk. Let’s go, soldier!

How To Choose The Best Class Build in Diablo II: Resurrected


Remastered D2R has arrived, which means that more gamers worldwide now have an opportunity to play the game for the first time, using improved features. If you’re one of those, you probably have loads of questions regarding the gameplay and characters. To help you not get lost and obtain outstanding achievements, we’ve made this Diablo 2: Resurrected guide that shows you class builds, which are considered finest by true veterans.

ESO Kyne's Aegis: Best Tactics For Beating The Trial


Consider yourself an experienced ESO player who doesn't even know the word 'rest'? Well, then how about challenging yourself in Kyne's Aegis - one of the hardest yet exciting PvE modes in a game? If that idea sounds engrossing, hurry up and form your group while we're telling you all about the quest and how to nail it.

Path Of Exile Atlas: Overview And General Tips


Did you finish the main campaign and now search for new challenges? Then it's a perfect time to look at Atlas of Worlds that prepares exciting tasks and mighty bosses. And in this PoE Atlas guide we're gonna introduce you to that activity and share everything you need to know to finish it on a high note. Are you ready? Let's go!

Genshin Impact: Tips On How To Level Up Fast


The miHoYo game is exciting and unique in many ways. This statement also applies to the leveling up system, which slightly differs from other games. In today’s article, we discuss it in detail and share some secrets that’ll help you upgrade your character in a pretty short time.

Destiny 2 Guide: How To Beat Astral Alignment


S15 of D2 has already pleased fans with new content, renewed activities, and novel meta. But creators decided not to stop there and added some fresh challenges like the one mentioned in title, to which this guide is dedicated. If you for some reason still haven’t tried it out, we strongly recommend doing so and hope that our tips will help on this journey.

The Best Elder Scrolls Online Armor Sets For Every Class


It’s no secret that the successful progress of a character partly depends on a gear. This is why we can all agree that it’s essential to pick the right one and always look for something better. In this guide, we’ll overview armor that would be perfect for whatever class you play, so let’s roll!

PoE Expedition: Ultimate Guide For Beginners


If you’ve only recently set foot on Path of Exile and feel like you’ve learned some basics to start a challenging adventure, then take a look at Expedition. It has everything: tasks, where you need to think tactically and fight fiercely, hidden places, unique treasures, and many more. Sounds interesting? Then grab your notebook and take notes from our freshest guide!

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