A Complete Guide to Warrior


One of the most underrated and difficult to master classes in the game with the potential of turning into the murdering machine in the right hands, Warriors are outcasts that everyone fears. In this guide you will learn all there is to know to excel in this class and become the one they fear...

Eyes of Tomorrow - a Mind-blowing Exotic


A lot of us gamers have been pretty vocal about our feelings towards Beyond Light. The community made sure to express their frustration on every platform. We can make dozens of articles listing the things we didn’t like in the latest expansion, but today we’re not going to dwell on the negative. Today we’re taking a look at the brand-new exotic rocket launcher that drops from the new raid and can kill not two—but six birds—with one rocket barrage - Eyes of Tomorrow!

LFCarry’s Complete Deep Stone Crypt Raid Guide - All Encounters


This complete walkthrough will teach you and your fireteam how to complete Destiny 2: Beyond Light’s new Deep Stone Crypt raid and defeat Taniks, The Abomination. You’ll learn about the raid’s roles and get a detailed breakdown of every encounter between you and victory.

Last Week’s Updates: Zombies, Warzone Integration, and Easter Eggs


How’s Cold War going for you so far? There is not much time left to enjoy casual gaming since, in just a few weeks, Season 1 will be out. But no worries, we got your back. Here, you can find all the details on the freshest news and the most efficient way to get ready for S1.

Iron Sharpens Iron: or the Complete Course for Perfecting the Art of Blacksmithing


This manual will teach you what it means to craft the most important items in the game and achieve great success by doing so. Brace yourself for an unforgettable journey full of dangers and adventures, for only the bravest of hearts can forge the ultimate weapon of all time.

Reviewing the Shadowlands Pre-patch Event


Events like that happen not very often, so it’s important to talk about them and compare them to each other. Join us as we go over all the good and bad things fans have experienced throughout the past two weeks and help us decide if this event lived up to our expectations for creating enough hype.

You’re sitting on the gold mine and you don’t even know it!


As gamers we always like to participate in something epic, be it slaying some ancient evil or forging some legendary and mighty weapon. Who in the world would like to play as a miner? By having such a mindset we’re passing by one of the most sophisticated professions in the whole game.

Apex News: Trident Cup and New Weekly Challenges


Last week has not been very informative, but still, a few interesting things happened in Apex. Why don’t we just go ahead and discuss them right now? This article has got all the info you need for making sure that you remain up-to-date with all the recent news and updates. Enjoy our guide right here!

Johnny Explores Modern Warfare Operators


Unlike the recently released Cold War, Modern Warfare does not have any character creation options. What it does have is an impressive roster of playable characters called Operators. Do you know who they are and how to unlock them? Find it out by following Johnny as he shares his Operators guide.

All the Seasonal Activities to Look Forward to In Destiny 2 Season of the Hunt


Whether you’re a seasoned veteran Guardian or just getting your feet wet in the Destiny universe, there’s plenty to do already and even more to look forward to. A few days before the launch of Beyond Light Bungie released a roadmap of activities for us to expect until February. It’s a meaty one with a lot to unpack. In this post, we outline all of the seasonal activities you’ll get to sink your Stasis-infused teeth into.

6 Reasons Why Beyond Light Is Worth Your Time


Have you already checked out the latest Destiny 2 expansion or are you still waiting for a good reason to give it a try? This article is a sign for you. Here, we have gathered not one but six reasons why you should get Beyond Light now and start playing it right away. Learn more about Beyond Light in our blog!

From Сoncept to Creation: The Apex Legends Olympus Map Overview


We’ve all had the time to get ourselves used to the new landscapes of the city in the skies. But what’s the big reason for having all of these weird locations and how do they relate to each other? Let us learn to understand the new map the developers themselves would have done.

Johnny Goes Beyond The Light


On November 10, Beyond Light finally rolled out, but now it might seem that the hype was all for nothing and the long-awaited expansion is more of a disaster than a success. Join Johnny the Gamer on his journey through the new content and figure out where things really stand with Beyond Light.

How to Start a Private Match in Warzone?


Now, everyone can play private matches in Warzone, which is a great way to team up with many other players who have the same skill level as you do. Have you tried this feature out already? Learn more about private lobbies with this guide.

Make Onions Cry With This WoW Classic Cooking Guide!


The life of an adventurer is difficult and in the rare moments of peace players get to appreciate the beauty of Azeroth and perhaps do something peaceful for a change like go fishing or make supper. Cooking is what we’re going to be talking about today.

Call of Duty Cold War First Impressions


Launched last week on November 13, Treyarch’s Call of Duty Cold War sets us on a thrilling journey full of spy games and nostalgic 80s’ vibes. It’s a roller coaster of high-speed pursuits and slow-paced investigations, and here’s our brief take on everything the Cold War game has to offer.

Ups and Downs of the Battle Pass System in Apex Legends


How do you feel about the new battle pass in Apex Legends? Many players have shown their disappointment recently, and the devs have decided to change the system a little bit. Find more details on the BP updates and other news right here!

Learning the Value of a Human Life in the WoW’s Invasion Event


In today’s article we’re going over the main pre-patch event that connects the stories of the BfA and the upcoming addon. There’s no good excuse for not taking part in something grand such as this. Nothing ever goes smoothly with Blizzard. Can you fight the Scourge and the bugs at the same time?

New Division 2 Exotics and Title Update Are on Their Way


When is the next Division 2 content update? What kind of weapons is it going to bring? Title Update 12 is just around the corner, and if you have been waiting for new updates and weapons, this article is what you need. You can find all the details and a guide on the recent news right here.

Are we witnessing the outrage about Beyond Light?


In this blog entry you will learn how Destiny 2 fans have responded to the release of the new expansion. We’ll discuss what the players are happy and not happy about, as well as offer some solid solutions to the current issues. Turns out there’s a lot to talk about, so hop in and take a look.

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