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Destiny 2 Boost

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LFcarry | Boost & Leveling Services In Any Game | Destiny 2, WoW

New Purpose God Roll


LFcarry | Boost & Leveling Services In Any Game | Destiny 2, WoW

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LFcarry | Boost & Leveling Services In Any Game | Destiny 2, WoW

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The PRO completes the task

Keep track of your progress and ask your PRO any questions directly over a secure chat. We will delete all of this data after your order.


You check everything and confirm the service is done

Your PRO will get paid only then. If anything, our 24/7 support team is ready to help you.

What Characterizes a Solid Destiny 2 Boost?

Destiny 2 account boosting aims to remedy that ever-present issue of not being rewarded for your efforts in the game. With all the new expansion, seasons, and activities, it’s really the golden age of D2. Sadly, the game is still plagued with all the same issues that make the looter-shooter genre feel like it’s been cursed to waste gamers’ time. Let’s name a few of these elements that prove that Destiny 2 power boost is more of a necessity than anything else:


  • Grinding is the core mechanic - it’s not the shooter element. It’s not the PvE or PvP. It’s always been about gamers wasting their time doing the same thing over and over again, trying to progress and unlock better content.

  • There’s very little done in terms of the balancing - the Trials loot pool gets regular updates, and still, people use the DMTs and Vex Mythoclasts for their loadouts.

  • The game pushes its players to stick to outdated activities such as open-world locations where not much is happening apart from the occasional events.

  • The fact that you must keep doing the same thing over and over again so that the peace of gear you desire can finally drop for you is outrageous. Some of the weapons have insanely low chances to drop such as the Destiny 2 One Thousand Voices, and there’s no other way of getting them other than keep running the same raid time after time.


With that said, what can boosting service Destiny 2 do you for? When put in simple words - it lets you skip the boring shit and just enjoy the game the way you always wanted. This is achieved through the aid of our Destiny 2 sherpa players, who play with our clients and help them with their in-game goals. You might not have the knowledge of how to get One Thousand Voices Destiny 2, so these players can get it for you!

How Destiny 2 Carry Services Stay Relevant Each Season?

In short, our team constantly keeps adding new services, such as your Duality Boosting for the dungeon from the current season. For the past 6 years that we’ve been in business and working with D2, we’ve kept improving on what we offer to our clients worldwide. Something like Destiny 2 power leveling could always be done with our help, regardless of the expansion. Sometimes some of content gets put away in the Content Vault. Therefore, for today, you can count on the following:


  • Completing the seasonal storyline (the story missions)

  • Help with acquiring the seasonal collection of gear - weapons + armor

  • Assistance with reaching the seasonal power cap

  • Assistance with completing seasonal or general triumphs (achievements)

  • A party of PROs to help you run and farm the seasonal dungeon


To put it simply - our Destiny 2 boosters can help you with anything you might want to achieve in the current season, from the more generic goals to more specified objectives. Especially if you want to do get a Flawless Trials of Osiris for all 3 of your characters which is necessary to get the maximum amount of rewards from the Lighthouse in one week. This is what Destiny service is all about!

What are the Most Well-Liked Choices for Boosting in Destiny 2?

Those who have never tried our services before might struggle with what they should start with, provided that we have such a rich assortment of various Destiny 2 recoveries. Where do you even begin? The best place to start is by checking out our top offers, a category for Trials Flawless carry services. That’s where we keep our most popular offers. Let’s go over some of them just to give you an idea:


  • Any Destiny 2 boosts for getting your Power Level up to the latest cap. There’s no surprise that this is what most of our clients want to get before anything else.

  • Completing the latest instanced activity is another top priority for D2 payers. So, you might want to buy Master Duality Dungeon Boost.

  • Obtaining gear to all characters on one account. Most if not all D2 players have more than one Guardian, one for each class in the game. The playstyle for each of them is very different, so when you need to freshen things up, you can switch to another class. The problem is - you still need the gear and weapons for your other classes, and Destiny 2 carrying service is happy to provide that for all of your chars.

  • Instanced activity completion is one of the biggest reasons that gamers come for our help. The LFG Destiny 2 doesn’t always welcome newer, inexperienced players. Our PROs, on the other hand, are always happy to accompany you through any raid or dungeon available in the game! This pales in comparison to the original Destiny 2 raid finder and its capabilities.

What is the procedure for using the Destiny 2 Carry Service?

The process is not complicated at all:


  • Pick the service that best fits your needs. For instance, if you’re looking for teammates for your raid run, you would want to select our very own Destiny 2 fireteam finder.

  • Add the chosen service with or without selecting any additional options and check out.

  • You will be contacted by a manager who needs to confirm some information with you.

  • Then you will team up with our PRO via in-game systems and in DIscord.

  • You will work together to achieve your goal.

  • The service is finished when the intended outcome is obtained.


Some of these steps may seem unnecessary at first glance, but we do have a few guidelines that make the interaction between you and the Destiny 2 carries players (those who will work on your order) a lot easier. As such:


  • Any extra goals or desires must be communicated in advance with the management or your designated PRO. For instance, if your goal is more than just a simple completion of the Destiny 2 Duality dungeon, this should be voiced before the service commences.

  • There is normally little to no wait time, but you may arrange a session with the PRO if you want.

  • Some services, such as the Destiny 2 Trials carry come with requirements. For instance, you must have a certain Power lvl if you want to complete the Flawless challenge. Otherwise, our Trials carries will offer you a different service.


All in all, we have come up with a pretty easy, transparent, and safe workflow that allows our clients to easily gain access to our players instead of using the long-forgotten Destiny 2 group finder.

What Are the Perks of Using LFCarry's Destiny 2 Booster?

Every player who is interested in getting the most out of their D2 experience will benefit greatly from using our Destiny 2 services since we have a lot to offer. We provide a wide variety of tools and services, including help with Trials of Osiris and leveling, amongst many other things, and you may make use of all of them right now. The following is a list of other advantages of using Lfcarry:


  • We are the number one D2 service provider due to our five-year track record of assisting gamers worldwide.

  • Over the course of these years, we have amassed an incredibly huge roster of really skilled PRO gamers that play and compete in the game daily.

  • Nice pricing policy that makes even the most expensive carry services Destiny 2 accessible to anybody!

  • There is always someone on hand to assist you with any questions or concerns you may have.

  • Verified members of the PRO circuit who have an impressive body of work.


Unlock your Destiny 2 Heartshadow Catalyst in one day if that is your goal!. If this game is wearing you down, come over and let our PRO gamers carry you through the game's content. With, your cache will be packed with the rarest stuff, and you'll finally feel like a BOSS.

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