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As of writing this, the game only features two game modes: Adventure and Arena. Looking ahead, players can expect more game modes to be added to Origin. One that is dedicated to seasonal events where gamers will be able to earn runes and charms. Another game mode will offer players to try out all sorts of mini-games, the development of which has begun several months ago. One of the confirmed mini-games is a racing-style game in the style of Mario Kart. The integration of mini-games will likely happen after the release of the Axie Land - a separate module of the game. It means that the mini-game is still months away from being added. Although considering the fact that they will be tightly tied to the game’s economy, we felt like telling you about them now.

In any case, the Adventure from the version of the game 2.0 has outlived itself. They didn’t offer enough content that would help players learn the game. The combat was mechanical and scripted. Besides, since the majority of SLP was being earned in this mode, it negatively affected the economy of the entire game. This also devalued the achievements of players who preferred PvP. As a result, the ability to earn SLP in the PvE-oriented game mode was removed even before Origin came out. At the same time, this change killed the game mode.

Adventure in 3.0 is Very Different

It all starts with the free Axie team that is available to anyone who wants to try out the game. Each of Axies in that team has a name and a little backstory that you can check out at: https://welcome.axie.tech/starter-axies.

The starting team that consists of Buba, Olek, and Puffy aren’t the only axies you can play as. As you complete different missions in this game, you’ll eventually get access to other Axies. This allows you to learn all sorts of cards and mechanics. However, adventures aren’t just good at being tutorial missions. Completing these missions rewards with account EXP, unlike in 2.0 where you’d get rewarded with EXP points for your Axies. It’s way more convenient since you now replace Axies in your team while keeping the amount of experience you’ve earned. Basically, in 2.0, players would have to spend several hours playing PvE to level up their Axies and then use them in PvP battles. But whenever there was a need to replace one of the Axies in the team (often because of one card), the new Axie that’s being added doesn't have the same amount of experience as the rest of the team. This means that a player was forced to go back and play PvE until the new Axie’s level matches the levels of his teammates. Now, since experience is bound to account rather than separate Axies, this problem was solved. On top of that, the experience gained through completing adventures unlocks new rarities of runes. You can find more information about runes in one of our previous guides.

PvP Modes and their Rewards


This is not all good news. The free Axie team can fight in the Arena as well! This is what was really missing in 2.0. The Arena has 3 modes:

  • Practice - here, you can hone your skills while playing against other teams. But you won’t be able to earn tokens here. Experience and skill is the real reward here.
  • Ranked - this mode correlates to a similar mode from 2.0. However, unlike the previous version that featured the “ladder steps,” the new version features a full-blown ranking system. Thus the gradation in rank and, accordingly, the distribution of token rewards is now more transparent and fair.
  • The tournament - will be hosted periodically after the Origin alpha testing is completed. These events will present a new opportunity for gamers to demonstrate their PvP skills.

An important note, the ranked mode introduces 2 new stats that decide how much SLP you can make - Stamina and Ronin Spirit buff.

Each battle in Ranked costs 1 point of Stamina. But what determines the amount of these points? It’s the amount of Axies owned by an account. The max amount of Stamina per account is 60.

The equation for Stamina looks like this:

S = 0,5 * amount of starning Axies + 3 * amount of personal Axies.

That being said, you can still fight in Ranked when your Stamina has reached 0. Although you will not get the Ronin Spirit buff and the advantages that come with it.

The buff grants you extra SLP at the end of matches. Ronin Spirit has 4 levels: 0 - I - II - III, and they are based on the number of blockchain Axies in the Arena Team Formation. 1 blockchain Axie equals 1 Ronin Spirit point. So, if you have 3 blockchain Axies, the level of your buff is III.

Those players who have reached rank Dragon I or higher are included in the Challenger Sphere. Their names will be displayed on the Leaderboard of the game. The Leaderboard does not have the maximum allowed number of players. Instead, players are spread across stacks (1st, 2nd, 100th, etc.).

The Shenanigans of The Ranking System


  • Rank - there are 8 ranks each of which has a certain amount of Victory Stars required for achieving it.
  • Draw - a situation when both players have an equal amount of Victory Stars. In that case, the win rate will be used as the tie-breaker. The second tie-breaker is the total amount of Victory Stars collected, and finally, the third one is the total amount of time it took to reach the highest Star rank.

If a player with a lower rank defeats a player with a higher rank, the winner gets extra Victory Stars. If a player from the Challenger Sphere loses all Victory Stars and then gets beaten during his next battle, they will be automatically leave the Challenger Sphere. Their nickname will also be removed from the Leaderboard.


More Ways To Play

It is clear that the developers have reworked both classic game modes of the game and solved a lot of problems that plagued the previous version. With the new ranking system, PvP lovers will have more motivation to compete and earn SLP. Meanwhile, people that are interested in trying out the game can finally do so without investing any money, thanks to overhauled PvE experience.

We hope that you found something useful in this guide. Remember, we will be covering even more features in our future publications. So, stay tuned for detailed guides and exclusive insights from our PRO players and managers! See you later!

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