LFCarry News Digest (01.07.2022)


Let’s check out what’s been happening in Axie Infinity all June.

The last month saw a few significant events.

Complete Ronin Bridge revival

All audits have been successfully passed, and comments on the results of the last audit were eliminated. The certificates have been received. Now the system is completely secure. The tokens that the attackers managed to steal have already been returned to their owners in full.

The final days of the last season in the Classic version

The 21st season has been completed. The fight for places on the leaderboard was, as always, tense. As for our own successes in the PRO scene, those players who have used the benefits of our Guild, 30% of them have finished season 21 in the top-100. Our best player has taken the 10th place, and we’ve already discussed with them and some others matters of further cooperation. It could be a different project; only time will tell.

The launch of Axie Infinity Origin with rewards

The first season started on June 30, 2022 and will last one month. The best players will receive rewards in AXS. Our PRO players have already joined the fray. They have a pretty difficult goal—to learn the mechanics, find new meta teams, and equip them with the needed runes and charms. Let’s wish them luck!

We’re continuing to monitor the situation around Axie Infinity and other similar projects, which we will share with you if we find anything interesting or important. Stay tuned. Until next time!

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