LFC Digest (04.05.2022)


Axie Infinity Origin Update and Classic Season 21

A new update has been rolled out that includes two big changes:

  • Balancing
  • Algorithm update for matchmaking

More details about the exact changes can be found in the official spread sheets created by the Game Product Lead, Philip La:

The final season for the Axie Infinity Classic version launched on April 25.

  • To give the Classic version an epic conclusion, the developers have increased the prizepool to 130 171,90 AXS!
  • At the end of Season 21, 300,000 players will receive better rewards.
  • This season hasn’t brought any balancing changes.

This means that this is the best time to make money. All the metas are known, the results are easily predictable, so join now!


  • WETH (Wrapped ETH) can be transferred from Binance to Ethereum.
  • Binance can now also be used to withdraw and top up USDC in Ronin.

Ronin’s Security Breach Update

The developers have published a report about Ronin’s exploit that happened on March 23rd. This community alert gets regularly updated, so if you wish to follow the latest news about that particular investigation, that link will provide the most up-to-date info.

RON’s Increased Usefulness

On April 28th, the number of free transactions per account was decreased. From that point onward, to complete transactions, RON must be present on your account, unless you own specific Axies on Land plots.

Lunacian Codes

The developers are considering introducing a referral program for Axie Infinity.

This program will help retain and grow the community while allowing players to gain value that they create by bringing new players and helping them get to know the game. So far, however, these are just the plans that were expressed by Quinn | Smooch (https://twitter.com/Smooch_Axie) on Twitter.

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