Let Me Speak: P2E Project Preview


Today we’re having a look at another promising play-to-earn, move-to-earn, and learn-to-earn project. This one is pretty interesting, and our team has already bought a few of its NFT characters to test the grounds.

What is it?

Let Me Speak (LMS)-is a learn-to-earn application built on Solana that builds the first metaverse for learning languages. Similarly to Axie Infinity, this is the first of its kind. At its core are NFTs, each of which represents a unique character with a set of characteristics. Using a character to learn languages allows you to upgrade it and earn real-life rewards for progress—the LSTAR tokens. Eventually, these tokens can be converted into USDC, a more commonly known liquid cryptocurrency. So basically, you get an additional financial motivation to study new languages.


The world wide web hosts a wide range of different projects right now, such as CyBall, Only Rockets, Calo Run, and Walken. Our team has been busy researching some of them and following the others. In comparison, LMS clearly wins because it is actually useful.

Besides that, the LMS developers are keeping the price of LSTAR above 0.02 cents. Undoubtedly, this is a temporary measure being utilized while the project is being developed. However, this certainly inspires confidence.

Speaking of our own goals in this project, currently, assuming the project’s steady development process, we plan to found a scholarship program within it. We’re quite interested in adding such a promising project to our roster. At the time of writing this article, the project payback varies from 40 to 49 days, based on the size of the investment and the quality of NFT. The two most important parameters of the NFT characters are the lifespan and the "daily earning," as they directly affect the profitability value. More on other parameters in our next article.

The developers intend to attain 1 billion users and create 100 million NFTs. These are some impressive plans, although, judging by the market for online educational resources, this goal seems achievable. According to the statistics, the online learning market will reach 370 billion USD by 2026. So, we decided to join this project in its early stages. If the developers succeed to success, the world will see a big change in how the online learning market works.

Keep following this blog as in the next article about LMS that will come out on June 15 we will talk about what we’ve managed to achieve in it, show you how everything works in numbers, and talk about how to choose your first character.

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