Axie Infinity Origin: Card Guide. Part 2


The cards in Origin work completely differently compared to the classic version of the game. Let’s take a detailed look at the card’s components:

  1. The energy cost. All cards in Origin have a cost of 0, 1, 2, or X. You must pay special attention to cards that cost 0 or X. Cards that are free are usually weaker, just like they were 2.0. However, they do save energy. They can also be useful in tandem with other cards. Cards that cost X are strong according to their descriptions, but you should be careful about playing them, as they will spend all of your energy while being useful only in certain situations.
  2. The value that represents the amount of damage, shield, or healing. In Origin, there are no cards that deal DMG and give you shields at the same time. Therefore, when creating a deck, you must understand things like: Axie roles (damage dealer or tank) and which positions your Axies will be put in. The one that will be placed on the first line is a tank that can have more cards that grant shileds compared to the ones that are placed behind. You can’t mix these.
  3. The body part. It helps more experienced players make a choice quicker.
  4. The name of a card.
  5. Tags are placed between the card’s name and the card’s description; they provide information about the card’s mechanics:
    • Attack - means that this card deals DMG.
    • Power - makes Axie’s abilities stronger in coming rounds.
    • Innate - this card appears in your hand at the start of each battle.
    • Skill - means that this is a card of utility.
    • Retain - let’s you keep this card at the end of the turn.
    • Banish - removes this card from your deck until the end of battle.
    • Ethereal - at the end of your turn, banishes this card if its in your hand.
    • Secret - adds an effect that comes into effect in the coming turn.
    • Unplayable - means that you can’t use this card.

Right now, the most important tag we should be looking for is Innate. Knowing that all of our cards will be discarded at the end of the turn, Innate allows us to prepare a combination despite the discarding. Sometimes, powerful car combos are required to defeat Axies with healing abilities.

  1. Card’s class.
  2. Card’s description - this text usually has some special words, some of which are called the same as tags but they mean different things. Hover your mouse over them to find out what they do.

These special words appear in yellow:



Curse cards are added to your opponent’s hand and cause negative effects over time. However, often these cards harm their owners' teams. So, we wouldn’t recommend new players use them. However, a lot of experienced players are using them in a variety of quite creative combinations.


The utility cards are added to your deck. They have a bunch of useful advantages, but one stands out the most. Forest Wrath increases its effectiveness based on the number of debuffs on the opponent’s side.

Learning cards in Origin is a captivating process. Each time we’re doing it, we come up with several really interesting combinations, which we will be sharing with you as soon as we test them! So, don’t miss our future publications!

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