LFCarry’s Approach To Finding The Best Axie Teams


In today’s material, we’re going to talk about how our PRO players are testing different combinations of cards, tactics, team setups, etc. to find the most promising and potentially OP teams that will bring many victories and SLP. You will be able to pick up these things yourself and learn how to spot strong teams.

LFC Digest (16.05.2022)


In today's digest: Ronin wallet updates, Origin updates, new SLP burning mechanic. Don't miss your dose of news about Axie Infinity and Sky Mavis

How Will the Price of SLP Change?


One of the most discussed topics lately is: what will happen to SLP? Will it pump or dump? Although it seems that the price can’t get any lower, it certainly has room to grow. So what is the potential of SLP? Today we shall take a look at what the experts are saying about it.

Axie Infinity Origin: Poison Builds Overview


At the start of the test, we were primarily using these teams. However, today we have a more diverse roster of builds. If you’re interested in learning how the poison builds work in Origin, the following is for you.

LFC Digest (04.05.2022)


Welcome to LFC Digest. In today's news, you'll learn about Season 21 for current version of Axie Infinity, an update for Origin, updates to WETH, RON, and possible upcoming referral system.

Axie Infinity Origin: Rage or Crit


LFCarry’s New Tokens Top (28.04.2022)


Welcome back to our weekly digest where we check out the most successful recently launched tokens. We decided to add the blockchain on which these tokens work, so that you might have a better picture of what these tokens represent.

Axie Infinity Origin Builds Testing


In our previous guides, we got to know the general aspects of Axie Infinity Origin. We’ve covered and reviewed runes, charms, and cards and their main mechanics. We’ve begun to test our team builds. Our pool has over 10 builds based around distinct and varied mechanics. Not to mention exclusive builds made by our top PRO players.

Nike Announces CryptoKicks – Their First NFT Metaverse Project

~~ We knew that something was coming when the industry giant bought RTFKT Studios a few months ago, which is responsible for creating NFT shoes in the past. This collaboration has now presented their fresh project called CryptoKicks, which are the first Ethereum sneakers designed by Nike.~~

Axie Infinity Origin: Card Guide. Part 2


Today we delve deeper into what makes a card in Axie Infinity Origin. A lot has changed for them since version 2.0. There’s nothing more important than understanding how combat works in this game. At the core of the combat system are cards, which makes them the center piece of your strategy.

LFCarry’s New Tokens Top (21.04.2022)


Welcome back to our weekly digest where we check out the most successful recently launched tokens. We decided to add the blockchain on which these tokens work, so that you might have a better picture of what these tokens represent.

Axie Infinity Origin: Card Guide. Part 1


If you want to be more successful in PvP and hence earn more SLP, you must broaden your knowledge. Some people start by researching Axies, reading up on various topics, and viewing videos. Our experience has shown that understanding the game's concepts with cards and body parts is far more beneficial.

A New NFT Collection Makes $290M and Finds Itself in the Middle of a Scandal


In today’s NFT-related news, we’re going to go over one of the newer NFT collections that made quite a lot of noise with one of the most successful launches in NFT history.

LFC Axie Digest (18.04.2022)


The past week has brought us a lot of exciting news about Ronin, the Land, and Origin.

LFCarry’s Guide To Axie Infinity Game Modes


Game modes have different rules and present different kinds of experiences to the player. Today we’re taking a look at how the two main game modes of the game have changed with the release of Origin.

LFCarry’s New Tokens Top (14.04.2022)


Today we’re going to taking a look at the most successful new tokens. They are not older than a week and have some of the highest volume. The information on them is pulled from Coinmarketcap.

Axie Infinity’s Runes & Charms Guide


Origin is home to many new mechanics, but the most far-reaching of them are runes and charms. This guide is dedicated to them.

How LFCarry Operates In Axie Infinity


Want to make money on games and cryptocurrency at the same time? Here is how.

Mastercard is Aiming To Universalize NFTs


Mastercard, a payments corporation, has submitted 15 trademark inquiries with the United States Patent and Trademark Office for non-fungible tokens and the metaverse. This move tells the world that digital assets and commodities are finally leaving the shadow of unnaturalness.

LFC Axie Digest (11.04.2022)


Last week was dubbed "The Origin launch week" by Sky Mavis. In today’s digest, we’ll cover everything you could have missed from that week. These have been quite an eventful 7 days, so get comfy and let’s get started.

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