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WoW Classic Boosting Service

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After checkout, you receive a link to your personal area

You choose the preferred schedule and fill in the details.


We assign a pro player that is the best fit for your needs

You share the required information in a secured private chat. All your data is deleted after the order completion.


Pro player completes the task

You receive updates and stream link for each session, so you can see the progress in realtime.


You check if everything is good and accept the service

Your pro player will get paid only then.

The dream starts with you and comes to live with WoW Classic carrying service

It’s been quite some time since this game was released. All of the records have been set and the markets have finally settled. Now more than ever it is very clear what is easy and what’s hard, what’s cheap and what’s expensive. The gameplay straightens in a more linear figure with a clear end and solid “coming soon” plans. This all means that we are presenting to you top WoW Classic carry services. These are the most requested and most demanded of all. What players want more? Is it to pass WoW Classic leveling as soon as possible? Is it to have a successful raid? All of that and more, your most desired things, your goals are all compiled into a top for your convenience. Now is a great time to list all of them. A great concern for gamers of all skill levels is finding gear for their chars. Some of us go out of our minds trying to find something usable, looking for something you can’t find. It’s enough to make anyone go insane. None of that will be of your concern as soon as you let us deal with WoW gearing. Just like being the best clockmaker on Mars, providing the right gear for your char is the thing we excel at.

Dusters, revolvers, and hats or how to dress in the wild Azeroth with WoW Classic leveling & gearing

It’s easy to give up on your dreams once comes a realization there’s nobody to play with. And no nuclear war will be divine intervention for it. Help to spread the good word of World of Warcraft Classic raid boost, because it’s here and now. For you and everyone who wants to get a piece of the rainbow inside the darkest dungeon, that is the instance of a raid. Riding with someone close if great and all, but for some, it is a dream. West of hope and north of fun there’s a little town where weary gamers find what they deserve – a perfect teammate, a posse. A gang that is going to rob that chest of loot like the bank in Tennessee. It’s a wild frontier out there with guilds spending months in planning to do something similar. Then comes a person of your will with a band of our pro players and it’s like those tales of the old west, but nobody dies. Enough with metaphors though, check out Molten Core carrying for that raid or other raids with the similar service available for them. The questlines, all the necessary items, attunements and all that will be done with you. Ever wondered what’s it like to do an Onyxia Lair raid run? Professional players must be running it to set a new speed-run record. And there’s so much really rare loot to be found. It’d be a waste not to go there.

WoW Classic raids and equality for everybody!

Raids are a big focus of ours. There’s much to talk about here and we did a series of very informative guides about each of them on our blog. There you’ll discover full, direct guidelines to completion of each of them. But if you don’t want to bother with the details, there’s always Blackwing Lair boost. To even enter the BWL you need to be in a group of 40 people. That’s not as easily done. We’ve talked about it many times in many of our offers and it always comes down to one simple idea that if you can’t find people to play with or have another reason that stops you from going into a raid use our services, there’s one for every raid in the game. Naxxramas raid carry is another “hard” instance being beaten by us for our clients. It’s all there, folks and it’s good for ya. We don’t stop there, though, nor the top offers do. We aim to please all types of players. But if you like to pretend to be an NPC we don’t have a cure for that. There’s much left open for discussion on the topic of PvP. The WoW PvP carry is there, but the game keeps getting updated and some things demand attention. Like this one problem with multiboxing that we’re going to talk about next along with everything else related to players killing players.

WoW RBG carry done right and the bad guys are gon’ learn

This issue of multiboxing has come to be a spotlight recently since fans have had so much more visibility on the subject from the likes of twitch and live streams. This has jumped the discussion quite a bit and it’s worth mentioning it here. The idea is running several characters on the same machine or sometimes many machines logged in to different accounts and use various software and macros to imitate keystrokes across different characters. Essentially, one keypress could lead to as many characters as you want all performing one action. This thing won’t work in many cases, like for our WoW RBG boost, because you have strict matchmaking rules. But 5 mages pressing Arcane Explosion or something worse on a basic level, anyway. When you say the word multiboxing people start throwing away words like botting, hacking, scripting, people ruining the game for their selfish ends, which are all pretty strong accusations. Even though this isn’t a new concept in the world of the game, this is not how WSG carry or any other similar offer carries out, we got real players sitting behind each machine performing their roles in raids or battlegrounds. If you roll on a high population server those top-end guilds are going to go through materials like mad. Many large multiboxers will use retail for this reason to farm gold and wow tokens without ever having to fork out any of their real money to Blizzard. Surely WSG carry and alike have nothing to gain from such methods and doesn’t use this crappy and shady tech to help it’s clients, although this is something that bad people use and if you spot a case of multiboxing be sure to report it to the devs.


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