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WoW Classic: Quests

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Sunken Temple Any Class Quest


Fire Totem Shaman Class Quest


Find better places to visit with WoW Classic boost

Much of your time in Classic will be or is spent on the grind to 60, so it’s a good idea to have some zones in mind that you would want to visit. Questing in Classic is very different from the live game. Often there isn’t enough content in a zone to level you up enough to start the next zone over. Because of this, you can often find yourself against enemies 3, 4 or even 5 levels higher than you and it’ll leave you wondering - where am I supposed to go now? Often the answer to this is the WoW Classic boost. Otherwise, you’re going to have to be constantly making a journey back and forth between several zones. Ideally, you want to be in a situation where enemies in the quest you’re taking on are only within one to two levels of you and no more. But with WoW Classic boost these rules don’t apply, as you won’t need to concern yourself with anything like that. To outline certain zones and benefits, read next. The main thing that makes the zone great is many expeditions and little travel time between each quest. Although it could be faster to just use the Classic carry service.

WoW Classic class quest isn’t the only unique type of mission in the game

Keep in mind that many zones have to be re-visited as the content there spans such a wide range of levels. Starting off with Arathi Highlands, such a well-known zone that Blizzard even decided to revamp as an endgame zone for BFA. The quest levels here are a bit weird considering it’s bordered by Wetlands. It won’t be an issue for the WoW Classic quest boost though. The two main attractions here are first - the ability to enter RBG called Arathi Basin for your respected faction battle hub as well as the stronghold keep which offered a number of quests to take down various enemies in the fortress itself. Also working in a party can be a bit offset being underleveled as some of these are elite quests and strong guards are near lvl 40 by the end. The zone does promote the group play so much. Don’t forget the WoW Classic class quest boost - you can’t miss those. Some missions require a bit of ingenuity, exploration or an add-on to track down. We’re talking about the hidden quests. that are easy to miss. Before the age of quests being marked on your map or mini-map or waypoints to guide you straight to them. This is also different from Molten Core unlock quest, for example.

WoW Classic Raid Entrance quests are difficult, but not as engaging as treasure hunts

It’s kind of a tricky thing to categorize like there’s a random grave in the middle of nowhere is pretty hidden, or there’s a typical town with not that many NPC around, can you spot a hidden mission there? Beside the entrance to one of the buildings, there’s a note that’s hidden in plain sight. Those are not as crucial, like say, Onyxia Lair attunement boost, but every drop of XP helps. There’s no exclamation mark or anything highlighting it which resulted in many of us just walking right by it. Starting from the lower-level areas there’s a treasure map that drops under an extremely low drop rate. The trail itself is pretty unique and interesting. The drop is from murloсs on the coast of Westfall and upon the use, you get the first part in the scavenger hunt of sorts where you are given all of these clues and you’re meant to find all landmarks until you find this treasure. Finding the footlocker that hasn’t got any quest markers at all and the only way to find it was to read and follow the clues. Thank god the Blackwing Lair entrance unlock doesn’t have any mystery like that to it. The footlocker has no treasure, as it would be just too simple. As instead, it holds another clue, this time directing due east to find a barrel with the next clue. A mission like this is more appealing and much simpler than Naxxramas attunement per se. It’s that kind of trial that makes you explore and investigate rather than kill and loot. If you have an adventurer inside you, explore for more treasure.


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