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Onyxia`s Lair Carry


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We will assign 1-2 boosters to your order to provide leveling services for your character up to 16 hours a day!

We always assign players who understand your class and its features to ensure the most efficient leveling.

It usually takes from 1 to 2 hours to find suitable players who match your schedule.

The service will be started within 2-10 hours after the purchase.
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Onyxia's Lair
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Raid Gear
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WoW Classic raid carry – not everything depends on the leader

Many believe that a raid must include a minimal amount of 8-10 bosses, otherwise, it wouldn’t be a challenge at all. Little do these gamers know how Blizzard can turn a one-boss raid into a hardcore test for every single party member. That’s what OL is in essence and here is why you should try WoW Classic boosting service from us. Assuming that you’ve all done the attunement, you find the right NPC and enter the raid. From there, imagine the following – the raid leader steps forward to draw her out to the center of her lair. Then everyone starts to throw everything they’ve got, squeezing every point of damage they can out of their builds. The next thing you hear is the command to preserve the mana for phase 2 because it will be the most important one. If you die around this time, you’ll need to try out our WoW Classic raid carry first because you will need to adjust a few things. Then all of a sudden Onyxia turns around not paying attention to 40 little heroes doing their best to kill her and walks into a different area of the room. From now on your experience and knowledge of what to do will matter the most. The things that you could learn from having a WoW Classic raid boost. At this very moment, the party will divide, rangers will keep pouring everything they got all the arrows, bolts and bullets at the dragon, while warriors and the rest will hustle to the eggs where the adds will be coming from.

Be one of those who will survive to the end with Onyxia Lair raid boost

The goal is to not let the Whelps get close to the range classes who are busy trying to penetrate the dragon’s thick skin. So much like in the history of 300 spartan, melee classes must create an impenetrable barricade and kill every add. This is a big part of Onyxia’s Lair raid run, everyone is involved and while all this madness is taking place, Onyxia is just hanging in the air, like nothing’s happening. Maybe she doesn’t believe heroes can prevail, maybe she doesn’t care. After all, after everything that’s happened in the attunement, she doesn’t have many tricks left in her sleeves. At this stage what really can kill you is not the boss but your unpreparedness. Only with Onyxia Lair gear boost may you be sure that the armor will withhold all the damage. In any case, occasionally Onyxia will decide to fly over the arena pouring out the flames out of her mouth burning alive everyone in her trajectory. That’s burnt meat in the metallic cans. Unless your gear has great fire damage protection, you’re screwed. To get WoW Classic Onyxia kill isn’t as trivial of a task as many would assume it would be. Once she gets tired of being just above melee classes range, she will land and immediately someone will need to aggro her. That won’t be the only problem to deal with. Whelps will be helping her out as well and you must have her facing the right direction, otherwise, it’s doom for all. Many of these things won’t be obvious for newer players, but with WoW Classic Onyxia lair carry you’ll know what to do at each given moment of the battle.

They’ll be calling you the dragon slayer with our Onyxia kill carry

A brave hero who is willing to do everything for the sake of the survival of the group will go as far as mocking the boss just enough to get her full attention. When that happens someone must keep the Fear Ward on that person. By the time she’ll have less than half of her life left, more than half of your raid will be dead and the rest barely hanging. Not to say that the pressure won’t ease up. On contrary, there’ll be adds and her to deal with at the same time, so smartly distributing forces between those two threats while keeping in mind her special moves is what will get you through to the final stages. We advise to buy Onyxia Lair T1 that’s a great set of gear for your char, will always be relevant in the current instance in beyond that. In the time where only a handful of you will be alive, your gear is what will decide if you’ll make it. So do make sure to use that Onyxia Lair tier 1 carry. Otherwise, the success of this raid will be very questionable. Surely, it will all depend on how many heroes will make it to the final standoff, but it’s always better to be safe than sorry. If you liked this little insight and wish to know more about the relevant offers and everything else on this game, follow to


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