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WoW Classic Gear Boosting


We will assign 1-2 boosters to your order to provide leveling services for your character up to 16 hours a day!

We always assign players who understand your class and its features to ensure the most efficient leveling.

It usually takes from 1 to 2 hours to find suitable players who match your schedule.

The service will be started within 2-10 hours after the purchase.

Read the "Useful Information" section below to find out about the estimated completion time.

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Improving the curve of betterment with WoW Classic carry

Fat loot is what we all like to see when we are running a dungeon or a raid, so let’s talk about the gear progression. Just like any other form of the game, there is the grind of gearing your character up to be able to get into those epic raid encounters that accumulated in the apexes of Naxxramas. Getting there is a difficult road for many people. Unlike many people, you can use our WoW Classic boosting service to your benefit. Depending on when you reach the cap, your options will be limited, because of all the different things that Blizzard added and will into their game. It also depends on who you talk to the ways that are the easiest for getting the gear like the WoW Classic gearing service. The best way to start your gearing progression and get into the raid you want to get into. Mind you that this is all going to be a whole lot easier if you use our WoW Classic gearing offers. Another way would be to plan your guild or with a large group of friends. But it will still work for solo players, it’ll just take more time doing everything yourself. The obvious thing is straight-up buy some gear that’ll help you get into raids but, but there isn’t a slot for everything on the auction.

WoW Classic gearing service is the best option for many reasons

You will more than likely need to still work on a few slots before you can get into the raid. There’s also your line of work. There’s a lot of the items that you can potentially buy are straight from your business anyways, so make sure you check out your professions and you could start farming while you’re waiting for your 10 man UBRS group to form. Once you’ve looked over what you can’t craft and buy the first entrance to getting raid gear is Classic gear boosting. Or start running 5 men dungeons and depending on how Blizzard the patch cycle, this could potentially be easy, because you’re going to be running 10 to 15 people in

  • Scholormance
  • Strathholme
  • L- and U- BRS

There will be some nice blues instances that will ultimately get you into raids. You will also need to make sure that while you’re going out on these dungeons, that you look for any quests that may be helping you along the way to get WoW Classic dungeon gear. There are quite a few tasks for dungeons that would reward the player with epic quality time. You will also want to make sure you’re working on your attunements at the same time, raids require those to even get into its instance. So maybe just buy WoW Classic T1 gearing and do just them?


WoW Classic raid gear boost is great for any occasion

Now that you’re decked out in blues, congrats. You can start looking for raid spots. Depending, again, how Blizzard releases the raids with the patch progression they’ll decide to go with in the future, the order in which the progress could change. That being said even if all raids are available this list is going to be up to debate because the only true way is to buy WoW Classic T2 gear boost then T3 and so on. Because people differentiate what they see as difficult between all the raids. MC is unequivocally the one everyone should start with, slowly making their way towards obtaining Classic T3 gear. It’s the easiest in terms of mechanics, but it takes long clear. On top of that, you’re going to need a lot of fire resist for getting the Ragnaros down. So ask to give a hand with that too. That being said, it usually ends up becoming a pretty easy farm for most guilds once they’ve cleared it a few times. The more experienced guilds will even be able to clear it three to 4 hours. Each boss drops 3 gear pieces which can get you all dressed up rather quickly.


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