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Carapace Fragments Farm


Leather Farm


Ore Farm


Herb Farm


Fish Farm


WoW Classic Custom Account


1-10 Hours Honor Farm


WoW BFA Custom Account


100k Honor Points Farm


50 Honorable Kills


50 Arathi Basin wins


1-10 Alterac Valley wins


3 days - 18 Hours Honor Farm


20 Warsong Gulch wins


20k Honor Points Farm


Zul’Gurub Raid Run


20 Alterac Valley wins


5 days - 40 Hours Honor Farm


200 Honorable Kills


1000 Honorable Kills


10k Honor Points Farm


20 Arathi Basin wins


3 days - 25 Hours Honor Farm


50k Honor Points Farm


3 days - 36 Hours Honor Farm


Custom Personal Driver


100 Honorable Kills


Arena Master Trinket Obtain


100 Arathi Basin wins


500k Honor Points Farm


5 days - 50 Hours Honor Farm


1 million Honor Points Farm


10 days - 80 Hours Honor Farm


10 days - 100 Hours Honor Farm


1-10 Arathi Basin wins


500 Honorable Kills


50 Alterac Valley wins


Any Weapon Skill 300 Leveling


50 Warsong Gulch wins


100 Alterac Valley wins


100 Warsong Gulch wins


1-10 Warsong Gulch wins


WoW Classic farming in its many forms

Anyone who has been playing Class has probably discovered how important the gold is in this version of the game. From the low levels to lvl 60, you are going to need gold no matter what. let’s talk of the spots not many people know about to make the daily routine of wow classic farming at least a little bit more diverse. Starting with Shadowfang Keep - a dungeon, the majority of gamers already run and are wondering how this actually can be used to earn gold in the Azeroth? The dungeon is unique in the fact that it has a bunch of extravagant BoE blue items that are insanely good for the low level that you can get them. This WoW Classic gold farming is so good that people are willing to spend hundreds of G to get these BoE items. Therefore the trash mobs in SFK all have quite a big loot table and unique to this dungeon you can get some insane blue items. Proceeding with the topic, the second of the classic farming spots is the place where Golden Pearls are found. They can be collected pretty easily at around lvl 40. The pearls are extremely in demand because they are used in a bunch of high-end formulas. So you see the classic wow items farm is immensely profitable.

Have a look at this compact WoW Classic farming guide

Miners can begin earing as soon as they picked up the career. Durotar is the best place to start wow classic mining, it has crazy spots, super-condensed and it’s obviously by the Horde capital. What’s cool about it is Razor Hill, the second zone for trolls or orcs is the only secondary city for the Horde that allows the learning capabilities of mining. Everywhere else taurens have to go to other places. Starting from the copper ore and you’re going to take this to 65 and onwards. Rich in quantity are the factions in the game and we’re going to discuss wow classic reputation boost on the example of Timbermaw Hold. Heroes at first will be treated as hostiles, so if you haven’t gained any reputation with this faction it could be they won't let a trespasser through, so it'll be a hustle until you make friends with them. There are a number of things that can be done in order to achieve it, but the best way is this. To get things going, it’s best to start with Grazle who’ll give you 3 quests. You see some may never have known that this faction could be friendly and have quests. All kinds of wow classic farm hold many secrets and backdoors.

Decide whether this is something you would do in wow classic

Those who like to make gold solo and have at least a warrior at max lvl, this could lead to a conundrum in that warriors are probably the worst class to wow classic best solo pve class farm. Plus if you despise grinding in the open-world wrestling with other contestants, therefore prefer doing so in the instances, one may do so in several instances. One such place is Razorfen Downs which is the tremendous level instance where the mobs are considerably harder to kill which does reduce the efficiency at which you can farm. However, the mobs do drop good amounts of both raw gold and also in terms of a lot of things that you can sell to get a good return. Notwithstanding, the AI are hard to dispose of. It also depends on whether your char is undergeared or not, but the returns are quite good in here out of all WoW Classic best farm spots. You do get quite a lot of cloth to be it wool, silk and also some mage weave too, by the large margin all of those sell very well for a decent price. For heroes with certain occupations, this is where the big gold lies. There’s a good value to disenchanting any of the blue items that drop from the bosses in the dungeon. But if grinding is something that you’re not looking forward to be doing, leave it up to and our offers so that we could relieve you of this burden.

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