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WoW Classic: Coaching

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World of Warcraft LFG answers the question you keep in your mind

Do you find yourself asking these questions - is it too late to start playing or how to play WoW Classic? Here we are just cresting the start of Phase 3 and at the halfway mark of the content release for the game. People wondering is it just too late to start now? Am I too far behind the curve? It’s an interesting subject that has a lot to do with what we do. The issues perceived that could harm or impair one’s game experience for someone starting now, the bare World of Warcraft Classic stats. 6 months down the line from release it still takes too long to get to level 60. There’s no doubt about it. Exploring the world is an integral part of the game and it’s no secret it’s a marathon, not a sprint, despite what anyone heard about during release. Saying that 60 is a goal is fine, but keep your mind on the now, where your character is today. To help you with that we offer WoW Classic coaching. If you keep looking too far ahead it can spoil the game for you. The second issue is being so behind in gear, which is another valid concern. Classic gear decides a lot. The difference between fresh level 60 and someone even in just MC core gear is day and night. As you may know, the gearing system is much more linear.

Ain’t nothing to worry about starting late with WoW Classic guides

It’s not that big of a deal as some may make it out to be. Number 3 – if I roll a PvP server now I’m just going to get ganked all day, it’s not going to be any fun. That may be true unless you decide to pick up the LFG WoW Classic service. However, even during the first week of the game, you didn’t need someone on the enemy faction to be level 60 to gank you. The majority of the time you’ll die will be somebody taking advantage of you being lower health or lower level. There’s, on the other hand, an incentive to gank to rank in the PVP system. This incentive isn’t there on the Alliance side. Therefore, as an Alliance player, you’ll be ganked more frequently, but not excessively so at this point. The solution to this is to get WoW Classic carry from us. Another issue could be that finding groups for content is going to be a pain now that everyone is done with leveling. It will certainly take you longer for sure to get grouped initially. But that’s not to say that there aren’t many people leveling alt accounts, which incidentally is something many people look into doing it in-game. It depends on your class too, of course. A World of Warcraft Classic guide that’s available in our blog discusses this in greater detail.

Consider yourself the luckiest man on the face of the earth with WoW Classic coaching

Worrying that you wouldn’t be able to find a decent guild to raid is just not true. Guilds are constantly recruiting via for social members who aspire to raid one day even with new raids coming out, this will remain the case. Similar to WoW Classic service that we provide which will as well remain forever relevant. The good news for players starting now is – this game is more sand-box than any other. There’s way more content to do during the leveling process than there is an endgame. Any of the people who zoom to 60 and geared up in a few weeks aren’t playing anymore, because they’ve lasted for a part of the game meant to be played at a slower pace. Once they hit endgame with or without WoW Classic help they find they burned through everything that was to do they call the game bad and quit. Don’t worry about not being lvl 60 if you enjoy the game it’ll happen eventually. With World of Warcraft Classic coaching your gameplay will be that much more enjoyable you won’t want to skim through it. With fewer people leveling overall there are far fewer loads of crafting materials coming into the game which means people have to fork out a bit of a premium for them. This means you should stand a better chance of getting enough gold ideally around 100 by the time you are level 40 so you can get your mount and enjoy that big speed boost.


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