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WoW Classic Armor Boost


Please choose your class in the Options section to calculate the proper price.

We will assign 1-2 boosters to your order to provide leveling services for your character up to 16 hours a day!

We always assign players who understand your class and its features to ensure the most efficient leveling.

It usually takes from 1 to 2 hours to find suitable players who match your schedule.
The service will be started within 2-10 hours after the purchase.

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Have a personal tailor with WoW boosting service

The question of how the making of something we see in our game has been approached by the developers. We’re often more interested in what we can get and as for the devs, we trust that they’ve put enough thought into everything so that fans won’t have to worry about it. With the WoW Classic boost, it becomes even less of a question of how and more of the question of when. The big assumption that a lot of us tend to make is that we do know the right way how something should be made. So then when the devs do that which doesn’t correlate with our vision we ban it, condemn. In our imaginary RPG, it is very obvious that different classes must have their kind of equipment that would outline what they specialize in and would look equally fitting. How does all this relate to WoW Classic boost we’ll tell you in a minute. So when we imagine ourselves making our version of the game, all seems simple, because we see what has been already done and say - but of course, this is the way to do it. There wouldn’t be the need for WoW Classic armor boost or alike. Then we focus on what we don’t like and say - how could you have made this mistake? It’s silly. So, is there a good reason why there’s such a lack of gear that players experience throughout the biggest part of their journey i.e leveling? There is, and it isn’t for the lack of time or creativity. It’s about WoW Classic rare armor.

With WoW Classic armor boost you can’t get the wrong gear

Theoretically, everyone should be able to wear any kind of armor. What is armor anyway? Clothes with protection values. So we have a person here to study magic and spells. He spends years on this education and then he graduates as a healer or a, well, mage. Before embarking on adventures it’s best to get dressed for the occasion. So our friendly mage goes to the armorsmith to try on some armor. The WoW Classic T1 armor boost that can be found on this page is great for such amateur venturers. The armorsmith says you can’t wear those. Why? The store offers clothes for humanoids, why can’t we try it on? That’s when the game logic collides with simple logic. On one hand, you have the absolute lack of conditions that would prevent a mage wearing plate armor. On the other hand, what use would it be off to the mage? None. So the right decision was made - that instead of making artists draw the same armor set on different classes that look similar but have different proportions and therefore need to be drawn separately, it’s better to restrict some classes wear certain types of armor. WoW Classic armor sets are all different, and you have to know which one you can. Therefore in our example, the armorsmith will advise our friendly mage to visit the tailor, because he’s got just what the mage needs. And what he needs is WoW Classic T1 armor.

WoW Classic armor sets are scarce, but nonetheless unparagoned

For the later stages, it’s best to have an additional way of classification for making it easier to add new layers of more powerful items. Based on that system we now WoW Classic T2 armor, which is, like many could guess, present an even greater value as it is acquired from later parts of the content. At this point, the majority of daredevils already know what they need to wear and even aware of the rarity of items that have significant differences between one another. The goal becomes clear - to have better survivability and be accepted into more and more dangerous adventures, one must have the right collection of gear or as we say a full tier set. Once this is achieved, the next goal on the horizon could be the WoW Classic T3 armor that’s even better. The more cultivated wanderers that could spend weeks on acquiring a single item from the list could become pioneers in this. While for the rest, there’s


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