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Evoker Leveling 55-70 in 18 hours


1-4 h

Estimated Start time

18 h

Estimated Completion time


Get a taste of something completely new!

The new hero class is usually overpowered, just like Death Knights and Demon Hunters. You should definitely try out the new Evoker class because of its fantastic gameplay that is unlike any other in the game. Dracthyrs have an advantage when leveling to the maximum because you will start at level 55 in their own location. In spite of this, it is still a lengthy procedure. But with our service, you can skip all the boring questing and farming and go straight to the endgame content.

How does it work?

After you place an order, we will go through our player's base and select one that will suit you best for your order. Our PRO will level up by completing quests and killing mobs. You will have a private chat with your player. In this chat, the player will inform you of all progress and your order's current stat. You also can ask him any question. Alongside it, don't forget we have a 24/7 support team ready to help you.

You can also add professions you want to master up to 100 skill levels, and we will increase your skill level on each profession you choose to the maximum within a few weeks.

If you want to unlock all the talents in the Dragonriding tree and get some amazing experiences from the new game mechanic, select it in the options below, and we'll unlock all the glyphs.

We cannot guarantee that our pro will complete the main storyline, but you can take it in additional options.


The service we offer is 100% secure.

Our Players will use a VPN. Only pure skills, knowledge, and experience - no cheats or any hacks/exploits involved. All prices include taxes and fees.

Read an overview of the Evoker class and dracthyr race at Wowhead

What you get


70 level for your character of any class within 18 hours on official realms!


Quick start right after the release


Lots of quests completed during the leveling


Some progress in Dragonriding System


Progress in Loremaster of the Dragon Isles and Dragon Isles Explorer achievements


All items, craft resources, and gold that might drop during this service



Evoker Leveling 55-70 in 18 hours






All prices include taxes and fees

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Estimated completion time: 18 hours

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Why us

The best PRO players
The average service score is 4,95

Your custom schedule
Hire a PRO player when it suits you

A private stream
You see the progress in real-time

Daily updates
You always know what’s going on

24/7 support services
We are always ready to help

100% safe and secure
No cheats, hacks, or exploits involved

Fair price
Get discount if you have progress

A loyalty program
Get 5% cashback on every purchase

How it works


After checkout, you'll receive a link to your personal area

You will fill in the details and set up a comfortable schedule.


We assign a PRO that best suits your needs

We analyze previously completed orders, PROs metrics, and their ratings. You may also change your PRO if needed.


The PRO completes the task

Keep track of your progress and ask your PRO any questions directly over a secure chat. We will delete all of this data after your order.


You check everything and confirm the service is done

Your PRO will get paid only then. If anything, our 24/7 support team is ready to help you.

Service requirements

  • Dragonflight expansion;
  • Active WoW subscription;
  • Freshly created Evoker;
  • 55 level character (can be provided by our leveling services).

TrustScore 4.8 / 5


Total $12 /or per month

All prices include taxes and fees

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