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Events World of Warcraft Boosting Service

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What Are WoW Shadowlands Seasonal Events?

To celebrate holidays and special dates, all World of Warcraft players, both Horde and Alliance, are welcome to take part in limited-time Seasonal Events that rotate throughout the year and offer unique content and special rewards for completing exclusive WoW achievements. Noblegarden, for instance, is an Easter-themed event that sends you on a hunt for Easter Eggs to collect tokens and buy unique rewards, some of which are:


  • The Noble title for the Noble Gardener achievement

  • Tome of Polymorph: Rabbit

  • Swift Springstrider mount

  • Spring Rabbit's Foot pet

  • Mystical Spring Bouquet pet


The Love Is In The Air festivity is tied to Valentine’s day and celebrates love in all its forms and shapes, offering various achievements, The Love Fool title, and collectibles that either drop or can be purchased with the event currency. Here are some of them:


  • Shadowlands mounts (Swift Lovebird and Big Love Rocket)

  • Pets (Truesilver Shafted Arrow, Lovebird Hatchling and Toxic Wasteling)

  • Toys (Romantic Picnic Basket, Peddlefeet's Lovely Hearthstone, The Heartbreaker, and True Love Prism)

  • Boss drops with one of the items from the loot pool (Winking Eye of Love, Heartbreak Charm, Shard of Pirouetting Happiness, Sweet Perfume Broach, or Choker of the Pure Heart)


What Are the Shadowlands Events Requirements?

While the Noblegarden event is accessible to players of all levels, some activities might be tough to handle if you’re under lvl 40. Love Is In The Air is mostly low-level as well, but there are certain requirements for specific content:


  • lvl 50 for the Big Love Rocket mount

  • ilvl 158 and character lvl 60 for amulets

  • lvl 78+ & a well-geared 5-man team to defeating event bosses Apothecary Hummel, Apothecary Baxter, and Apothecary Frye


Why Do You Need LFCarry’s WoW boosting?

Seasonal Events are all about having fun and taking in the holiday spirit, but sometimes it all comes down to a tedious routine of grinding and running the same activities all over again. To save time, it’s better to delegate all the grind to professionals that we have plenty of here at LFCarry.

A Seasonal Event Shadowlands boost is a great way to get time-limited rewards and fully feel the festive vibe. Here’s what we offer:


  • Leveling and gearing to meet Event requirements (additional option)

  • Noblegarden boost and Love Is In The Air boost delivered in 2 and 5 days respectively

  • Top-tier veteran WoW pro players

  • 100% account security with a VPN-protected connection

  • Various payment options (credit cards, Amazon Pay, Apple Pay, Google Pay,, and others)

  • No cheats and bots, only handmade service


Whenever you feel like getting the most of your WoW experience, boost your performance and get the most sought-after rewards, head over to and we’ll be glad to help!

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