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What Is WoW Boosting?

WoW Boosts put you and a very skilled PRO players from a LFcarry roster into one group to help you with anything that you need. Usually, gamers seek help with completing repetitive tasks, reach daily, weekly and monthly reward caps and things of similar nature. However, our catalog does offer much more than that. WoW is often called the best MMORPG of all times. And while this statement is put to doubt lately, its legacy and mark in the history of the genre of massively multiplayer online games are hard to underestimate. And yet, this game has so much grind in it, a lot of players quit playing WoW because they can’t keep up with the game’s intensive progression mechanics. That never-ending race to the highest ilvl or the pursuit of the PvP titles such as the infamous Gladiator is just the two most common examples that prove the game’s heavy focus on repetitive, dull gameplay.

The entirety of Shadowlands as an expansion is packed with all sorts of daily, weekly, seasonal, and event quests and content. Each rewards you with a special kind of currency which can be spent by trading with special NPC vendors. The currency often comes with weekly limits. There’s a lot of progress reset for gamers that can’t keep up with the routine. All of this is just too much for a regular WoW fan to enjoy the game while having good gear. And that is what the WoW boost services help gamers with. It allows you to hire someone who is good enough at the game and can help you with as much farming and grinding as required. While all that’s left for you is to enjoy the rewards of it and be glad that you didn’t didn’t waste as much time as you would have doing all the farming by yourslelf.

How Does WoW Boosting Service Work?

Reaching most goals in this game may prove almost impossible to someone who has a family and a job or studying. With WoW Arena carry, you won’t have to play in 4-8 hours sessions to raise your rank with the hopes to grab that elusive Gladiator mount of the current season. This is why we’ve made the ordering process so intuitive and easy to follow. The entire thing can be divided into 5 easy steps:


  1. Browse the website and find the offer that suits your need. We have a great variety of services ranging from WoW boost mythic for farming the highest difficulty of dungeons to raiding and PvP content.

  2. Select the offer, add extra options if you want to (or need to), and pay for it, which will make the order be formed.

  3. Once formed, our team will assign a PRO player (or several players if need be) to your order who will then get in contact with you to confirm some extra details like your schedule, etc.

  4. At this stage, you and your PRO player will get together in the game and do the content you specified on your order.

  5. When the desired results are achieved, all that’s left for you to do is enjoy them, and the time you saved!


It is quite a straightforward process and doesn’t require you any over-complicated actions. What’s also amazing is that ALL of our offers, for instance, the ones that are related to the completion of Sanctum of Domination as well as the rest, are called “Self-Play.” This means that you get to play on your character and be carried through the activity by the professional gamers who will join your group.

Are WoW Boost Services The Same As Cheating?

There’s absolutely nothing in common between LFcarry services and cheating. Cheating involves using some illegal, external software to gain in-game advantage or programmed AI bots. Cheating is also about exploiting the game’s broken features and mechanics. NONE of that is how we conduct business. All of our services, with no exceptions, are based on the roster of highly professional certified WoW players who will be playing beside you, aiding you in your struggles. Their expertise and knowledge let them achieve any goals that a client may set. Once a PRO player is assigned, they start playing as any other gamer would. Their experience is what allows them to achieve results much faster than a regular player. For instance, obtaining the Rival Title will only take about 4 hours of play!

Therefore, in essence, it is much like asking someone who’s more skilled to help you with overcoming some challenge. If you think about it, something like that has existed since the dawn of video games. In WoW terms, imagine hiring the legendary Sylvanas Windrunner to your aid. Different activities call for different skills. As such, when running mythic +15, your companion must be well equipped and have enough dungeon knowledge to be able to run it under a limited time. Raiding requires tremendous skills in communication and team tactics. On top of that, each of the bosses has its own moves and mechanics. Therefore, our hand-made services are all about the wits and skills of the professional players we offer to your assistance.

Why Is World of Warcraft Boost A Safe Service?

This is a safe service because all of our PROs are using the premium VPN services to ensure that they have the same location as you are. This and the fact that all our services are purely hand-made makes them the safest and most secure on the market. And just like we said before, there’re no risks of getting banned, because we do not use or condone using illegal software. To summarize, our focus is on:



  • Absolutely safe to use

  • PRO player’s skill and expertise

  • Fast execution rates

  • Guaranteed results

  • Simple ordering process


These are the pillars of every offer on the website. You can entrust our professional players to aid you in getting the Mythic Keystones of any tier up to +15. Some players hate Torghast and the need to run its levels as a necessary step to unlock legendary weapons. With our services, you won’t need to spend a second in that Tower by yourself that hasn’t even changed much since the initial Shadowlands PTR.

Why Should You Buy WoW Boost From LFcarry?

We’ve been around for over 5 years, and since then, we’ve served over 50,000 gamers around the world in more than a dozen of games. Our incredibly skilled, and most importantly, verified PROs have been assisting and helping to fulfill the dreams of our clients. Everyone who has used our services knows how client-oriented we are. Our amazing customer support that is online 24/7 is always there to answer your questions and help you on every stage of your order.

You can come to them and ask them to help you choose the perfect service that you need. For instance, if you struggle to determine which offer will make your char reach an 1800 rating, we will help you pick the right one! You will never have to pay for anything extra or waste your money on the things that you don’t need. World of Warcraft boost character service can be useful for the newer players who are just beginning to explore Azeroth. Our services will be the perfect guide if you’re new to the game. And if you wish to read the reviews left by the real customers, come over to Trustpilot, where we have over 3,000 5-star reviews that will prove that all of what we do is premium quality. With WoW booster as your personal bodyguard, you will be treated like a king!

Does WoW carry Have Any Requirements?

For some of the offers, you may be required to meet particular conditions. For instance, if you’ve chosen the coaching option for Arena, then your char must have over 1100 Versatile stat. But don’t worry – if you don’t meet some of the conditions, you may always add them as additional options! If you do add these extra options, our PROs will work on them with you first. The main point here is to not let you waste time doing something meaningless.

Another, more common requirement that all of our services have is having a Discord account, so you’re able to communicate with our PRO players to play together. Providing some information necessary to commence the completion of the order may also be required. Once you place the order, you will receive simple instructions where everything will be described. These requirements ensure the safety and the integrity of our services. So, to conclude – even if you don’t meet some requirements for services such as WoW boost PvP, we will offer to attach additional services to your order which will cover those requirements. On top of that, having Discord for communication with the PROs always helps. If you wish to try out our services or explore other supported games, have a look around and let our support team know if you need some help!

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