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What is Season of Mastery Boost?

Blizzard is making steps to revive the Classic versions WoW starting with the basic game. Now, the fans will be looking at the reimagening of the Classic that is now called the Season of Mastery. Let’s talk about what it means and why you should buy Season of Mastery Carry Services? The developers decided to come back to the original and make even more changes presenting it as yet another stand-alone product. Here’s what makes SoM different from Classic:


  • Faster content phases releases (a new Phase release every 2 months)

  • PvP and honor systems with BGs in Phase 1

  • No more world buffs for raids

  • More boss mechanics that were wrongfully removed

  • Disabled limit of boss bebuffs (used to be 16 in Classic)

  • Increased bosses HP to match the damage output of player classes

  • WoW Classic fast leveling

  • QoL changes like more resource nodes in the world, etc.

  • Set tier 0.5 questlines available at launch

  • Rep and dungeon items availability is adjusted

  • Additional changes to reputation vendors and their rewards

  • Class quests from lvl 50 will be available at laumch

  • The Objectives for the World PvP will be on at launch


So, quite a big list and this is us not diving too deep into the details. But one thing is clear as day - raiding will become a hell of a lot harder. The PvP gear in the first phase will become mandatory for competitive players and to get it faster than others it’s best to buy SoM boosts from LFcarry.

What’s The Point of Buying Season of Mastery Boosting Services?

If it isn’t clear by now, the entire reason why SoM is being released is because the developers discovered that the Classic version way too easy for players. Especially when it came to raiding. So, most of the changes in SoM are designed to challenge more experienced players. Which means it’ll be even harder to regular gamers. Besides, this is still the original version of the game with incredibly long leveling, the lack of content. Most gamers will struggle to make enough gold to buy themselves a mount. They’ll be forced to run across Azeroth using their legs. That won’t change! And you will have to start from level 1 and go through all circles of hell once more. That’s why you need the WoW Classic boosts - to make your experience more pleasant. With our services:


  • You’ll actually have a fun time playing a 15-year-old game

  • Successfully prepare yourself for the raiding and engame PvP (depending on your preferences)

  • Avoid hundreds of hours of mindless farming, and purposless wondering around the world gathering materials

  • Bypass all of the pitfalls and traps regular gamers will surely fall into


In short, you won’t waster your time on the things nobody actually likes to do in the game anyway. Instead, you’ll have a great time playing the game with your friends or alone never feeling bored or like you need to spend a night standing by the auction trying to fish out the plate armor that you so desperately need.

What Can Season of Mastery Carry Services Do For You?

That’s a great question. When you order the WoW Classic boost, you’ll get assigned a PRO player or a team of PRO players who already have more experience in SoM than anybody else! How’s that possible? Our incredibly talented gamers have been all over the beta version of this game, so they know exactly what it is about. They’ve already put hundreds of hours into researching and experiencing the SoM version and now they can’t wait to use this knowledge to help you out with anything you need. Here’s what we can help you with:


  • Fast leveling to any lvl (only 6 day to max out!)

  • Obtaining the BiS pre-raid sets for your class

  • Molten Core Attunement and all other raid attunements completion

  • Benediction & Anathema legendary quest completion

  • Taming of the Broken Tooth (for the hunters)

  • Riding Skill upgrades

  • Obtaining mounts


... and more! All you need to do is let us know what would you like us to do and we’ll do it! That is the beuty of WoW Classic carry!

Is WoW Classic Boosting Safe?

It is the question number 1 for all of our clients and we assure you that for us security of your data is our top priority. Here’s how we make our approach:

  1. We offer lots of services where you, our client, play on your account while our PROs are carrying you throughout the content. This kind of World of Warcraft classic boost is as safe as they come.

  2. Our PROs never use any cheating software or, abuse bugs, or take advantage of something imbalanced in the game. This goes with accordance to game’s licenced customer agreement.

  3. We guaranteed you that all of our players are going through the extensive validation process that ensures that everyone who works on your orders is legit.

  4. Every PRO player who will work on your order will be using a premium VPN account that wil let them match your location, which will remove any risks of getting banned.

  5. We provide to our clients the links to private streams where they can watch the PRO player work on their orders.

  6. We also have a robust notification system so that even if you can’t watch the stream, you’ll still be regularly updated about the status of your order.


Any offer that you would choose whether it is the WoW Classic level boost or anything else, you can rest assured that all of our WoW Classic carries are completely safe!

Why Should I Buy WoW SoM Service from LFCarry?

We happen to be the best WoW Classic boosting service providers on this green earth! Helping WoW players around the world is one of our main focuses and we’re very proud with the results that we’ve achieved so far. So, we want you to picture the most premium quality of WoW Classic boost service one can find online! They are considered premium for several reasons:


  • Our customers are our №1 priority!

  • We always deliver the results with a 100% guarantee

  • If you want to save yourself some time, LFcarry’s the best choice, because we’re the fastest on the market!

  • Customize your order with dozens of additional options and features!

  • Make up your own shcedule that suits your needs

  • Take advantage of numerous discounts that we offer on our website

  • Get even more value out of the exclusive loyalty progam we have!


The best way to prepare for SoM’s release is to visit and grab something that will help you in your adventures!

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