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Burning Crusade Raids Boost

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Karazhan Raid


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Reminiscing Burning Crusade

Let us remember what it was like going into a raid in the Burning Crusade back in the days. This will help us imagine what raiding will be like when the renewed WoW Burning Crusade comes out, and also, we’ll get to talk about our LFcarry boosting service and how it will change (or won’t change). Arguably the biggest changes that came with TBC are the reduced player limit to 25 as opposed to 40-men raiding from Classic/Vanilla. This was pretty extreme, and, as a result, guilds had to do some major restructuring, with many even dying during the transition. All of a sudden, there’s just over half of the slots available. There were a lot of cuts, and due to the unforgiven difficulty of the Burning Crusade raids, there was no more room for dead weight. With 40-men raiding, you could maybe get away with having people who didn’t really know what was going on. Depending on the fight and the raid, that is. For some fights, such as Thaddius and some other Burning Crusade bosses, just one player could wipe the entire raid if they screwed up. Now that the size is almost halved, each player takes a larger percentage in whatever roles they have. You couldn’t afford sucker mobs anymore if you are a hardcore progression guild. Combine that with the better class balance, i.e., you don’t have Priests as Healers or Warriors as Tanks anymore, guilds saw huge changes in their rosters and what classes they should bring to farm for Burning Crusade legendaries. Since Alliance could have Shamans and Horde could bring Paladins, the make-up changed a lot from Classic to TBC raids. Some adapted and pushed forward, and others faded away. The survivors had quite the hill to climb, to say the least, though, because, as we mentioned, some raids were ridiculous in difficulty. They had bosses that weren’t killed by 99% of the population until they got hit with a nerf bat. Pretty crazy, huh? The main question here that is worth asking now is will history repeat itself? Mostly yes, but to a degree.

The Dark History of WoW Raids

Same as with Classic, gamers have grown more experienced in all kinds of game modes, and there are far more external tools that can be used to gain an advantage. Take a WoW TBC raid boost, for instance. Back then, attuning for WoW Burning Crusade raids was legendary. It was so confusing that if you’d put all the requirements on a chart, it would make one hell of a complicated chart. Getting 25 people to figure it out was tough, but 40 people? Forget about it! These days, you wouldn’t even need to bother with how you can get your party into Karazhan or Serpentshrine Cavern. Did you know that there were six raids available at the release of TBC? Isn’t that crazy? Six raids to visit from the start of the addon. Then they added the Black Temple and the Eye. To attune for most of them, you’ll need to finish the previous raid, which requires gear from the raid before that, and so on.

That structure will persist in the addon’s upcoming version, but it will be far easier to follow with our Burning Crusade boost. Even managing a kill for all the Burning Crusade bosses from a dungeon will make you sweat if you aren’t ready, but the rewards are always worth it. All boss drops are practically a must-have. There’s simply no trash loot. So, there will be a lot to prepare for, as we keep repeating on every boost page we have. Nevertheless, there’s no point in repeating the dark moments of history, not while there’s around to help you out.

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