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Burning Crusade Arena Boost

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What WoW TBC Arena Is?

One of two things introduced in TBC is the Burning Crusade arena system. It works closely with the honor points system and represents the opportunity for players to showcase their skill fighting against other players and earn rewards. Points earned in the arena are used to acquire rare and seasonal TBC arena gear. The defining features of the arena scoring system are:


  • Source of points - team arena rating.

  • Calculation of points - every Tuesday.

  • Points limit - 5k.

  • Decay of points - no.

  • Minimal level - 70.

  • Gear quality as a reward - epic.

  • Minimal level for the rewarded gear - 70.

  • Location of reward vendors - Netherstorm + Area 52.

  • Allowed size of teams - 5, 3, 2.

  • Entry cost - from 80 to 120 gold per team.


As can be seen from the list above, arena points are completely different from honor points, although they share some similarities. The two main differences are the fact that they are only available to the max. lvl character and that players will always need a team. Some gold is also required. These requirements are why TBC arena boosting exists - to help all players acquire as much gear as they need or want. Both arenas and BGs:


  • Are instanced game modes available through a specialized UI.

  • Feature different team sizes.

  • Share the same design of balanced matchmaking.


At the same time, gamers who wish to obtain the best PvP gear without having to go through the trouble of becoming better at arena battles will find TBC arena carry and its benefits to their liking.

How Challenging is TBC Arena?

The only way of obtaining TBC arena gear is obviously by playing the arenas and earning the team rating. That, of course, has its own challenges and difficulties. This game mode has an infamous reputation for being just as hardcore as raids on the PvE side of the game. The higher you go in the rating, the more points you have, but at the same time, you’ll have stronger opponents each time. It’s why we always advise you to use WoW TBC arena carry if you’re not sure about your skills. Also, you have to keep in mind the prices for armor:


  • Torso - 1875

  • Gloves - 1125

  • Legs -1875

  • Shoulder pads - 1500

  • Headpiece - 1875


...and for the weapon types:


  • Bows - 3750

  • Spellpower right hand - 3150

  • Right hand - 2625

  • Left hand - 1125

  • Artifacts - 1000

  • Shields - 1875

  • Throwable weapons - 1000

  • Two-Handed weapons - 3750

  • Wands - 1000


Another thing to keep in mind is the team size. The same amount of TBC arena rating will award you with different amounts of points depending on which time size your bracket belongs to. For instance, having 2000 rating will give you:

  • 883 points in 2v2

  • 1022 points in 3v3

  • 1161 points in 5v5

Also, remember that in order to receive these points, your personal rating must be within the 150 range of your team’s rating. Otherwise, you’re not getting those WoW TBC arena rewards.

Why is LFcarry The Best Source of TBC Arena Boost?

The arena points system is a complex one. There’s a lot of depth to it. Unprepared and clueless gamers will struggle to get anything close to TBC Gladiator gear. But, fear not, our services will provide you with such opportunities. Our offers have everything you may ever want:


  • PvP Ready Bundle (Full PvP gear and more)

  • 1850 Rating in 3x3 (Epic weapon unlock)

  • 2000 Rating in 3x3 (Epic shoulders unlock)

  • 3v3 Arena Rating (TBC Season 1)

  • 2v2 Arena Rating (TBC Season 1)

  • Gladiator Title (TBC Season 2)

  • Order a PvP team on your realm


With these, the WoW TBC Gladiator gear and title will be yours, and you won’t even have to waste your time “getting good.” We always follow the same philosophy with all of our services:


  • Swift and assured delivery

  • Adjustable order settings

  • No cheating and no fraud tactics

  • Absolute security of your account and personal data

  • Safeguarded payment methods

  • Hot deals for premium offers

  • Exclusive loyalty program

  • 24/7 active customer support

  • Friendly and professional players


The arena gear is not something unattainable. Let assist you in getting it!

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