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WotLK Classic Dungeons Boost

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You check everything and confirm the service is done

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What Is WoTLK Dungeons Category For?

This category of offers is dedicated to WoW WoTLK dungeons. Services here are related to every instanced adventure in the latest Classic expansion. Here’s what kind of LFC services you can find for them:


Full completion - an instance run from start to finish without skipping any optional encounters

Achievement completion - an instance run targeted at unlocking dungeon-specific achievements

Gear runs - an instance run with the goal of obtaining specific gear from the instance.

Currency farming - any reputation or other special currency that can only be obtained by completing an instance is farmed by repeatedly completing the same instance.


This boost service is available on all settings of difficulties


Normal - in Normal difficulty, players receive an average grade of loot as per a regular 5-man instance.

WoTLK heroic dungeons - has additional requirements and present a more sophisticated challenge overall. Bosses drop rare or loot that is any some way better than loot on normal difficulty.


Consider using WoTLK dungeon boosting to get quick access to the most relevant gear and content. In general, a gaming boost is a very common tool that gamers use to get to more interesting chunks of the game without too much hustle.

How Important Are The Wrath of the Lich King Dungeons?

Amid your journey throughout the new territories, you will visit the new instances. They will serve as an additional source of lore, but more importantly, they’ll be your main source of WoTLK dungeons loot and gear on your way to max lvl. Every instance has several requirements:



Specific quests in your quest log

A composed team of players (can’t do them solo)

Other requirements


For reference, here’s the list of minimal lvl for every instance:


Utgarde Keep - lvl 67

The Nexus - lvl 67

Azole-Nerub - lvl 70

Ahn’kahet: The Old Kingdom - lvl 71

Drak’Tharon Keep - lvl 72

The Violet Hold - lvl 73

Gundrak - lvl 73

Halls of Stone - lvl 73

The Halls of Lightning - lvl 75

The Culling of Stratholme - lvl 75

The Oculus - lvl 75

Utgarde Pinnacle - lvl 75

The Forge of Souls - lvl 78

Pit of Saron - lvl 78

Halls of Reflection - lvl 78

Trial of the Champion - lvl 80


Another bespoke requirement is preparation. It is assumed that gamers have the set of armor from the previous instance, which will make the run significantly easier. Either way, WoTLK Classic dungeons have some more or less significant differences compared to their original renditions, but their purpose remains the same - to be the source of equipment that eases the leveling process.

Why Do I Need These Services To Beat Lich King Dungeons?

Completing these adventures without any prior experience or a good team will be a major waste of time and in-game resources on your part. Keep in mind the following challenges you will encounter in each instance:


Different combination of classes in your team for each adventure.

Memorize tactics for each of the big baddies of every instance.

Be prepared and have all rejuvenating items to ensure your survival in the instance.

A good instanceleader who knows how to carry the team and manage the party to make sure that everyone does what needs to be done in boost order to progress.

Complete the same instance several times based on what you intend to get out of it.


There’s no doubt that our WoTLK dungeons boost solves all of these problems for you. The only thing you’ll need is some free space in your banks or in your bank to receive the rewards. Our PRO players will handle the rest. As usual, for these services, we also offer a number of options such as:


  1. live streaming

  2. piloted or selfplay options

  3. additional objectives for the PROs to complete

  4. difficulty selection


If you want to save yourself time and effort to focus on more fun aspects of the game and its content, buy WoTLK dungeons boost. This is the best way to enjoy the game without submitting yourself to the endless grind!

What’s the Flow of WoTLK Dungeons Carry?

The flow of WoW WotLK dungeons boost is very simple:


  1. Find the service in this category of games boost for the instance that you need to get stuff from.

  2. Adjust parameters on the order creation page. You can find these options under the service description. Bewareaware that the final price might change based on your alterations.

  3. Once ready, check out and pay the amount displayed on the screen.

  4. When your payment is through, the order will show up in our system, and you’ll have to wait for a bit for available PRO players to pick it up.

  5. Meanwhile, you can use the chat window to ask our managers any questions.

  6. Once PRO players have accepted your order, its status will change, and the work on it will commence.

  7. There might be a need for you to communicate with the PROs who will work on your order and provide some additional info.

  8. Once the work on your order has been initiated, it will take some time, so keep checking your order’s status.

  9. Once the status changes to “completed,” you’ll see the rewards in your inventory. At this point, the boosting service is deemed accomplished.


This flow applies not only to WotLK Classic Dungeons offers but to most boost games services on this marketplace.

Why Complete WotLK Dungeons With LFCarry?

There are a number of reasons that make LFCarry the best service provider for completing the Wrath of the Lich King heroic dungeons.


The ultimate marketplace

Our website serves as home for all kinds of game carries. You can find almost anything for your favorite game.

Worldwide coverage

Our team is happy to provide services 24/7 regardless of your timezone and location.

Guaranteed safety

Our services are completely free of cheats or other incriminating software. All actions are performed by experienced WoW veterans.


Your personal data and other sensitive information is safe with us. Your account data as well as transactions history will be hidden from prying eyes.

Honesty and transparency

Your trust is highly valued. Therefore, we’re always very clear about how much time you’ll have to wait for your order to be completed.


If you prefer to witness things personally, a team of PROs will carry you through the Lich King dungeon while ensuring your char’s safety.

VIP for all

All of our customers are treated to the highest standards of this business. Regardless of how much you spend on a service, you’ll get fair treatment.

Awesome Rewards

You can always count on getting a little bit extra rewards than you ordered!

Fastest Delivery

Our delivery is always in line with what the service description tells you.

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