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World of Tanks – is it worth the grind?

Have you been wondering about how long it'll take for you to farm something or unlock a vehicle in WoT lately? Drop all the pens and papers, stop all calculations, we've got an answer for you right here. It's called World of Tanks boosting. If you're new player wondering if it's worth playing the game this year, here are all the reasons why you should. When you are stepping into a new game, there are a few key things that you want to know about. Is the game pay to win? Even if it's not, it can be the situation sometimes where all other players are so far ahead of you that it is just not worth trying to grind to catch-up. This is precisely what our top offers of WoT boost are there to fix. The game draws a perfect balance between the people who just want to kind of go out and blow up tanks in this KD shooter in sophisticated hyper-realistic tank combat. This is a game where they totally did the math. If you want to get nerdy about it, you can do research on physics and things like armor penetration and find out that it's all implemented quite correctly. So to have a WoT increase win rate you'd want to know the rules of the tank battles. As they all apply in WoT.

Delve deeper into the science behind the World of Tanks boost

The quick version is that there is a whole bunch of different shell types you can equip.

  • AP rounds - stands for Armor-Piercing as many of you may have guessed
  • APCR – armor-piercing but also composite rigid
  • HE – high explosive shells
  • Heat rounds
  • HEAT - or simply HE anti-tank variant
  • HESH – is a more curious one, it stands for high explosive squash heads

Each of those rounds has different penetration characteristics, and the rounds combined with a calibre you're using will determine it's penetration capabilities. Did you hit that tank straight on or slightly at an angle? WoT is going to calculate that and determine just how far into that tank's armor your shell went and if it went through it. That means if you're wondering WoT how to get mastery badge you need to know these things. Not calculating them, but you must be able to make a correct assumption about how effective your shot will be against an individual target. Not only that but if you hit the tank at too steep an angle, the shell is just going to ricochet off of that enemy armor. All that may seem a little intimidating, but once you buy World of Tanks carry it'll all be much easier for you. The tank has a reticle. The outer circle being your cone of fire, if you're moving your barrel is less stable, you don't really know where the shell is going to go. That's going to tighten up when you stop, so you're more accurate. This is going to help you a lot, but not as much as WoT personal missions boost.


What to do with World of Tanks carry?

The small circle indicator in the middle is going to do all those calculations for you and tell you – are you aiming at a part of the opponent’s tank with a high probability of penetrating. So you can see when that little mini-circle goes green, that indicates you're aiming at a weak point on the enemy vehicle. That's great advice when doing World of Tanks farming. Whenever you hit the target, but the small circle is red, you won't do damage. On top of that, you'll hear feedback from your crew inside your tank as if the spotter of the tank is giving callouts. This isn't the game where you get the frustrating experience of hitting something, but you can't see where your rounds are going, and you don't know why aren't you dealing damage. This is not the case. On top of that, it makes it easier to World of Tanks farm credits. Speaking about tanks, this is where you learn how the developers manage to make sure free to play, stays free to play. There are over six hundred tanks from eleven different nations. They're broken down into

  • Light
  • Medium
  • Heavy
  • Tanks destroyers
  • SPG's – self-propelled guns

You decide how you're going to handle it. Either you dive in and start progressing through the trees with the help of the World of Tanks Winrate boost at each nation all at once, or you can focus on the specific tank line and try to progress through the tiers.


WoT boosting is there to turn the game around the way that you want

So, going through the tank tree for anyone of the nations is how they handle progression, and they keep free to play fun. So that you and your Tier 2 cruiser aren't facing off against some one's Tiger tank. But to progress to higher tiers you need to put in a lot of work and really dedicate yourself. Then you might have a wish to get your WoT mastery badge on top of that all. Not that lower-tier battles aren't fun. Not at all. In fact, the lower tiers have less HP, but say on tier 10 it's all the way up to 2000 HP, and it takes a long time to turn your tower, so flanking is actually a viable strategy there. But if you jumped back into the tier 2 zone, per se, they move fast, they can whip their turret around fast and quick too. You're not going to get flank as easily. It's also more intense because you can get knocked out in 1 or 2 shots. This may seem like too much, and it's a fair statement. So if you want to skip a few tiers, pick our World of Tanks carry service from

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