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WoT Credit Farm Boost

Credits Farming
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Credits Farming
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World of Tanks and the art of earning in-game currency

If you’re trying to maximize your credits stash in WoT, this one is dedicated to you. Maybe you’ve noticed that your credit income has been dropping lately. If you find yourself playing ranked, that will be your massive credit sink. If that’s the case, only the WoT boost can help you out. There’s also the case of premium ammunition. Without the premium ammo, it’s hard to take on something like a Mouse or a Type 5 frontally. And you can’t really get around it. You can’t flank around a Mouse in every situation. Sometimes you just have to get the job done frontally. To become a better earner, there are minimal options, and one of them is to buy WoT carry. So, here we’re going to focus on the intricate details of credits and how do you earn them in the battle. The most straightforward answer for that is – just play with a premium tank. Sure, they can be useful, but there are many mechanics that not a lot of people realize as to how do you calculate the credit income when doing World of Tanks farming. First of all, there’s a base payment that everybody will receive whether you win or lose. This payment is increased by the tier that you play. You might notice that when you’re at tier 1, you get very little credits.

Discover what are you going to get paid for with World of Tanks boost

That’s because you’re going to be getting the base payment times by 1. Whereas when you’re playing a tier 10 battle, your base pay will be much higher. 10 times higher to be exact. That’s important to know when you’re deciding to buy World of Tanks credits farm. You might also wonder – does it matter if you win or lose the battle? Yes, it does. The multiplier that you get for winning in this base payment is 85% percent increase. You get 1.85 times more rather than your regular payment in your tier would be. Therefore, WoT credits farming relies heavily on winning each match. You can’t win them all, but if you do manage to squeeze out that win, you’re going to be getting 85% increased credits compared to if you lose. There’s also a bonus for engaging vehicles of a higher tier. If you shoot a tank that’s 1 tier higher, you will gain 10% extra credit compared to if you shoot an equal-tier target. It’s raw-based damage. If you do 390 damage to the same tier tank and it gets you, for instance, 10k credits. But if you shoot a tier 9 tank, then you’re going to getting 11k credits. So if you have a choice of shooting the higher tier tank for the purposes of credit farming World of Tanks and you’re sure you’re going to be able to penetrate it, then try and do that.

The multi-faced god of money slain by World of Tanks carry

This had more impact in the game before the new matchmaking system featured a couple of years ago where there could be only three top tier tanks on either side. But now that all the tiers are relatively equal and there are fewer tanks that are higher tier than you to more upper tiers. The fact that light tanks have been changed and they are no longer meeting up to three tiers higher. It doesn’t make such a difference to the WoT credit grind. Sure, if a tank is two tiers higher than you, you can earn an extra 20% credits for shooting that target rather than shooting an equal tier tank. So, that’s something to keep in mind as well – shoot tanks that are as higher tier as possible. But do not bounce off them, because if you do bounce off them, you’re just wasting credits with the ammunition. Next on the list is fires and ammo racks. And don’t forget that all the grind can be ignored entirely with our World of Tanks boosting service. If you set the tank on fire, you are effectively getting free extra damage, and you don’t even have to pay credits for the ammunition to be able to do that damage, that is just pure bonus. As you can see, there are a lot of little details and tricks that you should take into consideration if you want to farm some money. But the best way to do that always is and will be through our services from

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