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World of Tanks Coaching

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WoT Coaching

A bit of an overview of your favorite tank game - World of Tanks

WoT is an excellent game, a vast, worldwide phenomenon that came from the east. Like it always happens with games with constant and long-term support it outgrew itself a long time ago. Each year it’s getting harder and harder for newer players to get into the game and enjoy it with the rest of the fans. Today, we’re going to talk about another kind of World of Tanks boost that’s merely coaching. If you are interested in this game, you have to do it right the first time. Respect your crews, take care of them. Respect the Russian Bias and never underestimate the value of not being seen. The knowledge of how to complete personal missions will come later. For now, let’s focus on more simple stuff. Usually, we like to give a few pieces of advice and smaller guides for certain things in the game in this text right here, but remember – to get the full learning experience, you need to buy World of Tanks coaching from our website. Before even you create an account on the site of WoT, you need to learn about the invite codes. They give you unique free things, but you can only use them when you create an account.

What is the World of Tanks coaching offering?

Let’s talk about what this game is, even though to many of you, this could be clear already. It’s kind of a first-person shooter in tanks, but it’s not just that. It’s also an RPG-style game. There’s no character, but you develop your garage, your tanks, as you earn experience and move up the tech tree and buy more advanced and exciting tanks. Don’t worry, we’ll get to how to increase win rate very soon. You use experience and silver to buy those things. You also have gold that’s like real money. You need gold to be able to do certain types of retraining for your crew. It is also required for dismantling equipment. So you don’t want to spend your gold willy-nilly. Moving on, once you’ve launched the game for the first time, you’ll find yourself in a tutorial that’s going to explain to you the most essential things. For instance, the green tanks are your teammates, the red tanks are your enemies. You have an auto-aim set to your right mouse button by default. You use it when you don’t need to aim at a particular weak point on the enemy vehicle, and you are expecting to penetrate and damage them quickly enough without having that fine point of aiming. As we’re going over some of the basics, keep in mind that you can buy WoT coaching if you want to learn the pro tips about this game. Especially with World of Tanks shooting coaching service, that’s very popular.

WoT coaching – learn the essentials, become a pro

If you want to stay in third-person view and have an outstanding situational awareness of what’s going on – auto-aim and worry about driving. Tanks are kind of boxes, and so you will bounce a lot more incoming shells if you go ahead and angle your armor correctly towards the incoming enemy fire. It makes your frontal hull armors slightly effectively thicker because it’s angled slightly. The side-armor while relatively weak, we’re keeping more extremely angled to go ahead and ricochet incoming fire. So you’ll see a lot of experienced players as they are shooting enemy vehicles, continually adjusting the hull angling to virtually always kind of give their front sprocket one or the other towards the enemy vehicle and keep things angled. That will be the start of the tank class coaching WoT that you’ll receive upon ordering such service. You are already learning tips right here, for free, but there’s a lot more to cover, so let’s keep going. Use cover, any cover you can find, including dead enemy or ally vehicles to hide as much of your own vehicle as possible. That’s a skill that you can upgrade if you buy WoT skill coaching. As every map has its unique landscape, it is a good lesson on learning all the possible covers on all of the maps. WoT teamplay coaching is another essential type of knowledge that you absolutely have to try out. It is a team-based game that you can’t win solo. More on that in our paid lessons.

WoT play with Pro to discover the secrets techniques and plays

Many objects are destroyable, but some aren’t. So, sometimes, that can ambush you a little bit. Upon completing the tutorial, you will receive a couple of essential rewards such as a new vehicle from a nation of your choosing. While on the topic of taking cover, something that people are paying real money to learn is called side-scrapping. In essence, it is a method of using a building or other obstacle to give your opponent only your well-angled side armor to shoot. Another tutorial is going to introduce you to the angle at which the enemy vehicle can shoot. When faced by a deadly non-turreted tank destroyer or tank with significant armor, always flank them. It’ll be easier to learn if you grab our World of Tanks play with Pro service so that our boys can demonstrate how to perform each maneuver properly. A great piece of advice is when you are in a situation when you’re against multiple enemy vehicles, try to engage only one of them at the time. For that use cover and terrain to your advantage. Big point – when there are just more enemy gun tubes, they’re going to shoot you three times as fast as you can shoot them. So, don’t walk into that kind of death-trap and simply retreat by hitting reverse gear. There’s a lot more of these lessons in our World of Tanks service from

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