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World of Tanks is almost 10 years old! Let the celebration begin!

Another one of those games made in the mysterious country of the Eastern bloc that has made such a worldwide splash. This game is loved by men all over the globe. Presumably, it calls to your inner child who wants to play war with cool tanks. Guess what? This World of Tanks boosting is all about making childhood dreams come true. But this is also a special date, as we’re getting closer to the 10th anniversary of the game. That means a big celebration. 10 years for the game is a massive achievement. Preserving the constant growth of its fan base is even a greater of achievement. It is not yet known what kind of event will be in the game for this important date. Maybe at the time of reading it, you’ll already know, but many fans would love to have the Tank Festival on steroids. As the countdown goes on, you’ll see special daily missions in the game which you can farm with our WoT boost service. The first thing you’ll notice when you’ll launch the game is the big red bar on the bottom left side of the screen just above the selection of tanks. But you can’t do anything with it, except clicking on it. Upon doing so, you’ll see a text with a quiz question related to the development. So, just to build up the hype for the big date, the devs will give us a new quiz question every day. And while you’re thinking on the answer, buy WoT carry to let us farm some other things.

What kind of tasks are World of Tanks boost made for

All you have to do is write down the answer. Many think that you have to play with the vehicle in question. But you don’t have to do anything. Just get the answer and all the answers combined are going to give you something. World of Tanks personal missions that have been added back in the day has seen several iterations. They added so much more reason to play. Sometimes you get into the vibe when you know that you’re playing the same old game without any particular objective in mind. Once you’ve unlocked your tanks, fully upgraded. You get great crews on them, what more is there to do? It’s quite fun to try and do missions inside your favorite tanks as it gives you more reasons to play. You get to unlock new vehicles by progressively completing harder and harder tasks in the operations. WoT personal missions boost. You get this map with a chain of individual tanks to unlock, and it’s going to take a lot of time to get to the last one. A lot of content has been added in for a very low amount of effort. Some set of missions aren’t as good as they seem. The 2.0 missions have 3 vehicles to offer. They’ve made it so that they stagger by three weeks. Three weeks of only being able to unlock Excalibur and then three weeks of World of Tanks grinding later the Chimera unlocks. But only for those people who have managed to unlock the Excalibur in the first place.


How long does it take to complete something without World of Tanks carry?

Wargaming is doing this because they’ve got this idea that people are going to rush through the missions as quickly as possible because they absolutely can’t wait to get their hands on those tanks and maybe also the female crew members. What’s absolutely bizarre is Wargaming’s communications have been utterly horrific on this matter. If you press your settings key or alternatively your ESC key, you go to Combat Intelligence there was something called the Chimera Strikes. There was a timer that counts down, and it wasn’t clear what the timer signifies. It’s not clear if it was a time-limited thing. Turns out the countdown is for those who want to get a special badge. Buy World of Tanks credits farm if you feel like the badges aren’t useful for anything rather than being an eye-pleaser. Surely some very dedicated players have been playing 40-45 hours a week focusing on the missions and on WoT credits farming together. But that’s way too unrealistic. Not that many people can afford to spend so much time on tanks, even if they are dedicated fans. Thankfully services like WoT Winrate boost and similar ones are there to help.

WoT carry service saves the day for tankers

It turned out that only a handful of players managed to unlock the Excalibur and use it in the game. No wonder, because of this absolutely outrageous, disgusting grind you have to go through each of those missions. It’s not skill-based. It has nothing to do with how good you are or what World of Tanks mastery badge you have. Sure, if you’re excellent, you can manage to get through the missions quicker. But with the tasks like dealing 3.5k damage to enemy self-propelled guns, it’s just something impossible. If you just rush in very aggressively in a light tank and try to farm those self-propelled guns, you might get about one per game. This is going to take you a lot of time, at least a couple of hours to be able to complete this mission. The more of them you look at, it’s going to take a good old while to be able to get through those missions. And it’s not like you don’t have other virtues of pursuing in the game. Thankfully, there’s World of Tanks boosting service that can get you past these obnoxious tasks. Because to get that Excalibur tank, you’d need to spend around 120 hours over the three weeks even if you are an outstanding player. That’s pretty much a full-time job, and that’s if you can be asked to actually complete these missions. Some of them are entirely horrendous. If you got a mission similar to the one we’ve presented here, head over to

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