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A different kind of sport this Warzone is

The update that came in with CoD Warzone season 5 is both spicy and thick. Like we said in our blog article, the download size is bigger than usual, but it includes the tech which will actually reduce the game size once the patch is applied. A ton of seasonal content that has been added in not just for cheap, but for free. The Warzone season 5 battle pass is on sale, offering a bundle with the first few dozens of levels included for faster progression. But let’s leave that for now. The new four maps for different modes of the full game’s multiplayer. There’s also a new limited-time mode called Search and Destroy: Double Down. In a sense, it’s a lot like the Ground War. It’s a 12v12 SnD. Being that this is a new season, we have a brand new battle pass. There’s a free version of it where you can get 20 tiers of free stuff including all the new weapons. The ISO SMG is the first one on lvl 15 and it’s free for everyone as is the AN-94 at tier 31. To capitalize on all the rewards, you should really buy the full pass. The single biggest change to the Verdansk just happened. The blown-off roof of the stadium opened up the new area and there’s now away in there. There’s a lot of space to explore, with vantage points for snipers, close-quarters combat engagement possibilities all around the perimeter. The train station is also open for business. Its insides are also available for exploring. But we’re here to talk about the top Warzone boost.

Defeating the angry football fans with CoD Warzone boost

The moving train has a lot of loot on it, and it is also now an essential component for Warzone Win Boost. If you know-how, it can deliver you straight to the top place. What should catch your attention are the new BR challenges for getting 200 wins, completing a certain amount of contracts in one match. The rewards are purely cosmetic, but we’re happy to announce that our Warzone Win Boost has obtained an additional purpose. Due to the fact that the win counter for the challenges is reportedly broken, this leaves gamers with not a lot of choice. There are also new officer challenges to complete this season. There are Warzone new weapons in loot, which means more options when looting. The Gulag is going to rotate the sets of weapons available there. DMRs got extended range which will make the holy trio of:

More bearable to obtain for this class. However, the ever persisting question of how to unlock Obsidian camo still remains. For that, there’s one of our top offers in account boosting category for all weapons. This camo is available for

  • launchers
  • assault rifle
  • handguns
  • marksman rifle
  • sniper rifle
  • light machine guns

It is quite hot now in Warzone Battle Royale but a week or two later the dust will settle and it’ll be easier to breathe. By this we mean it won’t be as chaotic as in the first days of the update.


Become a black rook with Warzone carry

We’d like to forward your attention to the Warzone boosting for the new R700 Sniper Rifle. It is a quite remarkable tool for ending a life. Let’s be honest, the SRs variety got a little stale for a while now and it is nice to see a new addition. With that said, we’re sure you will appreciate the extended camo farming services including the Intervention Sniper Rifle camo and other types. Since the battle pass is the main attraction, we’d like to dedicate a few lines describing its contents, so you’d know just what to expect. When you buy it, you’ll get the first of three new Shadow Company Operators Lerch with not one but 3 skins to go with it. Previously you’d get one skin on lvl 1 and then another one at lvl 100. Looks like they’ve changed their approach here. You’ll also be getting the car music pack instantly and bonus BP experience. Then goes the free reward for all players and that is the weapon blueprint. So it’s nothing too crazy so far. Later on, as we mentioned before there will come the new guns and this is where we highly recommend you to use the help of our professional game boosters who’ll take your BP to whatever tier you’d like to. Going through it yourself isn’t going to be easy, most gamers struggle to get to the last tier by end of the season. That’s something to keep in mind.

CoD Warzone services – lock’n’load!

We’ve already told you how to unlock Lerch operator in the last paragraph, but they’re two more new guys to gain access to. By the end of the BP, you’ll get access to another member of the new faction, the female operator with 3 skins for her. So, really to buy Warzone carry now would be a great idea. It gives you a safe head start with BP, assistance in completing those challenges and just have a great time. Also, don’t forget about the play with pro services where you’ll get a chance to play with a pro booster which is in its own way a great experience. We’re total to ready for everything the game’s developers will throw at us next time, but for now, let’s enjoy what we just got. After all, it’s indeed a huge improvement for the BR version and there’s no telling what’s going to happen next. So, check your straps and get ready for deployment with!

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