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RuneScape: TokHaar-Kal Capes


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Get these capes of power with RuneScape Boosting

The three BiS capes for 3 damage archetypes can be obtained here with this RuneScape boost! It’s quite a complex task, so it isn’t cheap. But, luckily for you, a sale is quite an often event that is being held, so keep an eye out. Let’s get straight into the specifics of acquiring all 3 capes. First of all, you’re required to complete the Elder Kiln quest. It doesn’t take very long but does require level 75 magic, 61 agility, and 41 mining to complete. You’re also required to have one fire cape for a one-time sacrifice for the elder kiln mini-game. All of that can also be acquired through a RuneScape boost from us as well as even gold. Since this mini-game is very high-level it is suggested to have high combat stats before attempting the fight kiln. The following stats are advised if you want to do this yourself:

  • 70+ prayer, 92 and 96 would be better if you have curses unlocked for soul-split and turmoil
  • 80+ combat stats, as without these you’re going to have a very hard time unless you’re experienced, there’s no way you’ll finish the fight kiln
  • 67+ summoning for maybe DPS familiar if you’re very good at the activity
  • 96+ herblore for overloads of course.

They’re a bunch of useful items that can help and benefit you in the Fight Kiln. If you don’t like the idea of someone achieving something for you, you can buy RS 3 services to fully prepare for this endeavor and succeed at a 100% chance.

RS 3 tokhaarkal capes – three versions means triple the headache

Useful things to have and more importantly gear to wear are going to be different depending on the type of cape you want to get, obviously. This just multiplies the things to prepare times three, which is why Runescape service is just easier in terms of not getting a headache. For instance, the gear for the magic you want to be using tier 80+ armor and the same tier of weapon. The good thing for magic is that there’re a lot of low budget options. Like the Obliteration Staff. It’s not too much money at all, it’s only around 28mil DP. With the accuracy level that we’ve recommended is going to help you heaps at the boss or final boss. Large room pouch is recommended to have as well as it will save you inventory slots for runes. Unless you’re using a staff that gives you runes like the camel staff or a battle staff. Tokhaarkal Capes boost is great because it does the preparation for you if you aren’t ready already and it does the whole thing for you, meaning there’s nothing for you to worry about except for the angles for the camera when you’ll be making those screenshots of your new cape. Again, RS powerleveling here is very much potent. That goes double for the OSRS. TokHaar-Kal-Xil some may claim to be the easiest to get compared to TokHaar-Kal-Mej or TokHaar-Kal-Ket but this really depends on how good you are with your class.

Some combat tips for you from OSRS Boost

There is some monster you should definitely look out for. The Dills are extremely dangerous and you can find these on waves 5, 19, and 28. They’re dangerous not because of the fact that they hit hard. They only hit hard with their special attack. But because you have to crack their shell before you can actually damage and kill them. You do this by equipping your melee weapon and having a pickaxe in your tool belt which you’ll most likely have. Especially if you’ve completed the quests or have done any mining whatsoever. You just crack them like that and they’re done. RuneScape capes boost can save you a lot of failed tries. On top of that if you’re looking to use our services for more things, consider picking up RS quests service as it can help you complete ANY questline in the game with no problems at all. The next monster to look out for are the Jads. You’ve probably already fought one to get the fire cape. He does three types of special attack – ranged, magic, and melee one. All have their own unique outcomes and must be countered in different ways. Those two, by all means, aren’t the only monsters to be aware of, but our time to chat is coming to an end. By now you should have enough reasons to try out these offers and if you have more questions related to any one of them, please contact our support team at .


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