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New World – the game from the mighty Amazon

If you’ve never heard of an MMO called New World or haven’t followed the development of this project, then this little overview is for you. Without going too deep into details, we’ll tell about you the most important key aspects. With this information, you’ll better understand what this game is will it be a cheap attempt to overthrown WoW, and should you play it or not. The developers are Amazon Games studios under the investment of Amazon. In the MMO genre, this is a team’s debut. How successful will it be? Only the time will tell. Not long ago they weren’t into TV shows either. There will undoubtedly be New World service, in the future, but what is there that will need our help? Based on who is actually in the team of developers, there’s a good chance the game will be good. We can’t wait to hear more details about New World crafting and such. The choice of engine for an MMO game is very important. The industry knows a lot of examples where a great idea and gameplay failed because of the poor choice of engine. New World resources seem to be dedicated in the right direction here. The game’s build on their own custom engine that’s written in C++ and uses the architecture of Cry Engine. It’s too soon to talk about any account boosting or anything like that, but we’ll come to that later on. First, we need to establish what the hell is Aeternum?

Is there a place for New World boost?

Those who managed to get their hands on the Alpha test report that the game does require a decently built PC. This might affect the population, as these kinds of games tend to aim for a broader audience. From the start it was planned as a Free to Play game. Although, later on, Amazon changed its mind and made it Buy to Play. You’ll have to buy the game once and enjoy it. The game shop is already built-in, but for now, it only features customization things. Will you be able to buy New World boost from us? Why yes! As soon as the game will be in a more finalized state and it will be clearer which aspects will be more problematic for gamers, which they will be no doubt, you’ll see a safe and fast boosting service from us. It is known that one server will host 1000 players. You can already see the need for New World PvE carry if it’s going to be crowded. There will be a lot of servers like that. The setting is exotic – it reminds you of 17th century America but with magic and other fantasy attributes. You start your journey on the island called the Eternal Isle, which you will be exploring through the game. There will be no classes, so you will have to choose your own playstyle through the Weapon Mastery system. The gameplay isn’t tied to perks and progression stages. Meaning you will have a lot of ways to progress from the start. Pick your favorite New World weapon and stick to it or bring a whole arsenal with you. Sounds intriguing. Now let’s talk about New World factions.

Meet your factions with New World carry

There are no typical MMO races in the game. However, there are three different factions:

  • the Marauders
  • the Syndicate
  • the Covenant

When you start the game you won’t belong to any of those groups, but that will change soon enough. Someday you’ll have to make a choice. Every faction has its own perks, advantages, and disadvantages. Each of them is in conflict with the other two for the control of the magical power that is hidden in the depths of this island. It is not yet decided, but you probably will be able to influence the conflict significantly if you buy New World carry in the future. As stated before, after some kind of tutorial you will need to select your faction. You will be introduced by these 3 groups in your own time. Each of them has clear goals and backgrounds making them distinct. You’ll learn their reasons why they fight for this land. This is a good enough reason to have the New World PvP boost. Marauder’s goal is to build a nation where the strong ones will prosper and profit. The Syndicate is more of a secret organization that pursues forbidden knowledge. The Covenant are just fanatics who want to cleanse and purge. At a specific time, the developers decided to remove full-loot open-world PvP, but the PvP side wasn’t totally scrambled. There’s a big focus on the PvP aspect, so those of you interested in investing in it will need our New World leveling boost.


New World boosting – let’s get our hopes up and wait

There are clear sides and motivations for the conflict. So choose wisely. To the recent news – a lot of the cоmmunity is not happy with the delay related to the virus situation. The closed beta was supposed to start in April and full release in May. These dates have been pushed to a couple of months forward. The beta will start in July, and the release will come in August. Don’t worry if the timing is bad for you, there will be a New World Level boost for you to catch up as usual. The plan is to support the game for at least a dozen years. The Amazon services might be the answer to infamous server issues that plague newly released games. Even in recent titles, we’ve seen this type of thing stop games dead in their tracks. But Amazon is confident in the power of the cloud and that its going to keep the game stable. It’s also going to give it a scale to great lengths with the support of the Lumberyard engine. As we see, not a lot is actually known about the game’s gameplay and systems, but rest assured that once this is all revealed, there will be New World boosting service from For now, all we can do is wait for the beta and wonder what kind of Magic in New World, we’ll see.

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