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Magic The Gathering Boost

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Magic the Gathering is the king, the champion and the god

With over 25 years of evolution MTG with hundreds of expansions and sets and stand-alone products, new formats invented, and several highly successful video game adaptations – this is the legacy of the first and the best collectible card game. The professional circuit draws thousands of players and hundreds of thousands of viewers and finally, over 17000+ unique cards! Today we will teach you how to play Magic the Gathering not only in a computer game but in any variant of Magic, as the rules are universal. Before we're going to cover the game itself, let's take a look at the lore and the universe itself. In its essence, it is a fantasy battle between players who take on the role of Planeswalkers – powerful beings able to hop between the many planes of reality that exist in the multiverse. As you travel through this fantastical journey, you'll visit places, meet creatures and discover spells – the essence of the Magic the Gathering deck building. All the things you experience eventually become your deck of cards. The deck is a collection of the places you've visited and the things you've experienced brought together to fight another player. At least, that's the in-game lore. The multiverse is connected by five primary colors of magic. Each color is focused on a different gameplay style. White is about life and light. Healing or protecting yourself or your creatures on the board. White magic has powerful angelic creatures or defensive spells often becoming more powerful when you have more life. White mana is produced by planes. A lot of it is what makes the MTG carry as you will soon learn.

Learn everything there's to know with Magic the Gathering boost

Blue is about control, deciding and dictating the pace and flow of the battle. Blue magic is about countering the spells your opponent casts. Preventing them from doing things or drawing more cards for yourself. So you'll always have answers to any problem. Blue mana is produced by islands. Black – is about death and loss of life and not always the opponents. Black cards can kill creatures or harm your enemies or harm you for beneficial effects. Learn that through the Magic the Gathering boosting. Black magic sees your life as a resource to be spent to achieve the end goal. Black mana is produced by swamps. Red – is anger and damage. Red creatures are often the most aggressive and red spells are about doing as much damage as fast as possible. Red doesn't care too much about being subtle or crafty, it's all about attacking. Red mana in the Magic the Gathering deck comes from mountains. Green is focused on growth and regeneration. Accelerating your land and growing huge creatures. Green magic often helps you race ahead of your opponent by generating more mana or playing lots of creatures very quickly. Green often doesn't have the damage of Red or the control of Blue, but you'll flood the battle with powerful creatures much quicker. Green mana is produced by forests. There's also colorless mana – devoid of any of the traits of the primary five colors. When you buy MTG boost make sure to ask about it.

Magic the Gathering carry takes rules seriously

Colorless mana is needed by the ancient and plane-destroying Eldrazi. It is produced by wastes. These are very general statements and won't apply to every card in that color, but they'll help you get a general idea for how each color plays. The deck is usually referred to as a library. Each player has seven cards. If you're happy with the opening hand of seven, you'll keep your hand. If not, you can shuffle them back into your deck, shuffle the deck again and draw seven again. This is known as a mulligan. Don't worry, in Magic the Gathering arena, shuffling is done automatically. However, each time a mulligan is done, one card from your hand must be chosen and put on the bottom of the deck. This means if you mulligan twice, you'll select two of the seven cards you've drawn and place them on the bottom of the library before the game begins. Ideally, you don't want to mulligan too much. Once both placers are happy with the opening hands, the game starts. Each turn in magic must follow several phases. Thesе phasеs and stеps are also handled automatically in the video game, so you don't need to worry about learning all of this. Once you get used to these things, you'll even be doing it automatically when you'll play with the real cards. The best thing is – you can't buy Magic the Gathering best cards.

MTG boosting – shuffling as an art form

Before you play the game, you need to build your deck to gather creatures and spells together. This isn't the MTG battlegrounds, whatever this abomination was. The basics are simple. While you can have 5 colors of magic to choose from, it's not a great idea to play all 5 in a single deck. You'll stretch your mana base too thin. You won't have the lands to produce the color of mana you need to cast your spells reliably, so for now – stick to two colors. A basic deck should have around 40% mana producing cards. As a beginner, it is advisable to run a lot of creatures. With Magic the Gathering carry service you'll have fast access to new magic cards that are cheap. The safe way is to also consider the mana curve. It's the rate at which converted mana costs of your spells increases. Don't put those on a sale, instead consult mtggoldfish as a reliable source of everything regarding cards. As always, this was, and we'll see you on the endless planes.

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