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Guild Wars 2: Professions


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Guild Wars 2 is a thrilling game

Starting from level 10, there is no XP progression. And you are stuck between the devil and the deep blue sea. So what are you gonna do? The ultimate solution is to order a Guild Wars 2 boost. We can cope with the PvP and PvE missions, Armorsmith, Weaponsmith, Scribe Crafting disciplines, get you mounts, gear, and raid hero points. If you want to hit the highest levels and play like a real ace, pay attention to the food in the main story. You are what you eat. The use of food is vital in boosting up to level 45 since it is cheap. As a rule, food gives a 10% increase in experience. From level 45, you can use Candy Corn Almond Brittle, giving 15% experience. Also, food provides other buffs, which will make it easier to fight mobs. If you’re looking for a trustworthy alternative and a magic pill that will raise you to some lofty GW 2 position, we suggest you buy GW 2 boost.

Guild Wars 2 professions will make you a picky happy camper

In GW 2, players can choose two active Guild Wars 2 professions for each character. However, it is better to know in advance which profession will suit you best. Although you may only have two active professions, you can always switch to another one without losing any recipes. This will allow you to upgrade all the disciplines if you are willing to spend time on it. If you don’t have time for upgrades and the desire to spend it on this humdrum stuff, just make your move and order a profession boost or skip the leveling troubles and get a Guild Wars 2 level 80 boost. None of GW 2's professions are gender-specific, and all GW 2 classes can complete many different combat-related tasks. If you don’t want to waste your time on all these annoying profession-based tasks on your own, you can order a GW2 professions boost on our site. Moreover, you have to spend time creating and leveling a character in another profession. Carefully study the game features of the professions. If you want to get the Guild Wars 2 max level instantly, we have your back here and will do it in a snap. Besides, the Guild Wars 2 classes are distinguished by their special features and preferences, which are expressed in unique mechanics, effects, and types of skills. It is also worth emphasizing that once a specialization is chosen, it cannot be changed later.

A GW 2 boost is a necessity if you want to speed things up

The game is fabulous. What can be better than exploring the mysterious world, crafting items that you can see in your material storage, and having your character’s own special story? Well, one thing can definitely be. For instance, the new Path of Fire story with spectacular new lore and tasks on the map. And if you don’t have enough time to complete it, we have your back and can help you with the walkthrough of the completely new stories such as Path of Fire and Heart of Thorns. Anyway, selecting Guild Wars 2 crafting professions is a difficult task. Players who are not concerned about this question create their character and end up dismayed. We can save you time by performing the work assigned to us at and get you level 80 or those Daily Fractal rewards in a flash. Artificer, Chef, Huntsman, Jeweler, Leatherworker, and Tailor might spark your interest from the get-go. Our top-tier pro players are like a duck to the water in this niche, and they’re ready to help you enjoy GW2 to the fullest starting from now.

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