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Guild Wars 2: Leveling

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Power Leveling 1-80


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Guild Wars 2 boosting can help tenfold

Getting Guild Wars 2 max level can be quite tedious, especially if you focus on opening maps or farming Tomes of Knowledge in PvP. Let's see how you can level up to level 80 quickly, as well as collect an exotic set in the PvE and PvE modes. Let’s draw your attention to the most crucial questions in Guild Wars 2: how to level fast and zhuzh up your gaming experience? Leveling up from 1 to 35 is the slowest and most tedious pastime since all skills and dungeons are not open to you. It requires the completion of lots of tasks. The best way to get to lvl 35 is to open initial cards and go through a personal story, mastering professions at the same time. In the main story, you need to get to the Lion's Arch, which houses the teleportation gates to Black Citadel, Divinity's Reach, and The Grove. It's easier to get into Lion's Arch through the Edge of the Mists, which is available from the first levels. After you find yourself on this map, you need to find the Asura gate, which will lead you to Lion's Arch. After passing through the teleport, you will find yourself on the Gate Hub Plaza, where the gates to all the capitals of the races are located. From the capitals, it is easy to get into one of the three starting zones for some boosting. A Guild Wars 2 boost isn’t rocket science in these zones thanks to the frequent events. Opening these cards will allow you to quickly teleport to dungeons: Caudecus' Manor, Ascalonian Catacombs, and Twilight Arbor.

GW2 gaming process is insane

In Queensdale, Plains of Ashford, and Caledon Forest, you begin to luxuriate in your personal story. It is best to master the map by traveling from mission to mission, so you can calmly reach level 25. From level 25, your character becomes more combat-ready for the raid. You finna go to Edge of the Mists. On this map, you need to run alongside the commander and the zerg. The main problem with this map is that it is PVP, so the enemy will not allow you to easily capture structures, especially if you are outnumbered. You might also have a sensitive matter concerning Guild Wars 2: how to get ascended gear? We are ready to lend you our helping hand. So if you don’t want to waste your precious time, there’s no better solution then to buy GW 2 boost. This method requires prowess, skills, and GW2 efficiency but not from you—from our boosters. And they sure as hell have it all.

The Guild Wars 2 leveling guide is at your fingertips

If you have an excess of resources, then you can make an instant boost through crafting. Just unlock new recipes. If you are a beginner, then the cheapest professions to level up are Culinary Arts and Jewelry. And of course, you can go further in opening the map, complete your character’s story and participate in events. You will receive an increase in gold and resources, but this method might be bad timing for the vast majority of newbies. We suggest you order a Guild Wars 2 level 80 boost, and also our pro players can beat the picture-perfect expansions Path of Fire and Heart of Thorns with the storylines in a hortatory manner on Lfcarry. And don’t forget about the daily fractal bonus rewards. They are waiting for you as well. From level 35, if you go through dungeons with experienced characters of diverse Guild Wars 2 classes, then getting levels is even easier. You can start with the Ascalonian Catacombs located in the Plains of Ashford. You can get Guild Wars 2 items directly in the game in the following ways:

  • Purchase at auction or from a merchant.
  • Collect from defeated opponents.
  • Get them in the form of reward for certain achievements, tasks.
  • Craft.

To collect quality items in your inventory, you need to spend thousands of hours of personal time. And you can see it in your material storage at any time. However, there is a great way to quickly get exactly the kind of Guild Wars 2 items, mounts, and gear you need. There’s the personal aid of our pro players. These seasoned professionals can offer you a lifeline concerning boosting, hero points, even with the instant Path of Fire story, Living World season 3, and Living World Season 4 walkthroughs. Bear with and your gaming experience won’t be the same.


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