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Genshin Impact Quests Carry

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Aranyaka Questline


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The Chasm Delvers Quest


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Tatara Tales Quest


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Seirai Stormchasers Quest


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Heart of Watatsumi Quest


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In the Mountains Quest


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What Are Genshin Impact Quests?

Quests are missions and tasks that you complete in the game to receive all sorts of rewards and advance your account and characters, making them stronger and unlocking new things in the game. There are different types of quests:


  • Teyvat’s Archon quests – the main story quests

  • Story quests – aren’t the same as the Archon quests. These quests reward players with valuable items upon completion and reveal backstory for the characters.

  • World quests – are found in the open-world map. They are sometimes given to you by NPCs.

  • Daily Commissions – can also be called daily chores. These are random quests that players grind for experience.

  • Event Quests – these are quests from time-limited events that grant you special rewards.


All of these missions can sometimes be unavailable to players who haven’t grinded hard enough. GI is known for slowing down progress and locking content behind artificial barriers, so it is not always possible to complete Genshin Impact Quest.

It is also important to understand that each major update introduces a new region on the world map, which features new quests for all categories above, even including the main story ones. For example, the Inazuma is a nation that got added in update 2.0. it is based on the Japanese culture and is governed by the so-called Raiden Shogun. There are certain requirements that players must meet in order to be able to do Archon quests there:


  • For Chapter 2 Act 1 – be at least Adventure rank (AR) 30 plus Chapter 2: Prologue completed

  • For Chapter 2 Act 2 – AR 30+, Chapter 2: Act 1, Ayaka Story Quest, Yoimiya Story Quest completed

  • For chapter 2 Act 3 – AR 30+, Chapter 2 Act 2 completed


So, besides the Archon quests, you must also obtain characters and complete their story quests. On top of that, there are world quests:


  • Tatara Tales

  • Sacred Sakura Cleansing Ritual

  • Gourmet Supremos

  • The Art of Horticulture

  • Yougou Cleansing

  • The Farmer's Treasure

  • Hiromi's Watch

  • The Seventh Samurai

  • Sakura Arborism

  • Dreams of Sword Art

  • Treatment on Island

  • Orobashi's Legacy

  • Fate of a Fighter

  • Sinister Instruction


...and many more So, content updates that bring things like Inazuma Genshin Impact are obviously amazing, and all players are eager to try the new stuff out, but can they? And that’s what our Inazuma Quests service is about!

How Challenging Are The Quests in the Game?

When it comes to complexity, the quests in this game might not compare with the real MMORPG ones. However, their sheer volume and repetitiveness make them no less challenging. Let’s take the example of how to complete the sacred sakura cleansing ritual questline. It contains several quests and puzzles that players must go through in order to receive the rewards. There are 5 parts in this questline:


  • A Strange Story in Konda

  • Sacrificial Offering

  • Cleansing Defilement

  • Hayashi of Tanuki in the Forest

  • Yougou Cleansing


And a healthy dose of Cleansing Ritual Shrine Puzzles. Keep in mind that the minimal AR requirement for this questline is 30. Each part of the questline:


  • Has from 7 to 13 steps in it

  • Each step is either a fetch or interaction task, sometimes mixed with a puzzle

  • The entire questline can take up to a day to complete (for PRO players)


Does this sound like something you could sink at least a day on? If not, we suggest you buy Gunshin Impact Quest completion service and not waste a single minute on it. Because there are obviously more important things to do, like unlocking yoimiya or ayaka genshin impact. And now, let’s talk about why you would want to buy Ayaka Story Quest and other services from us and not someone else!

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  • NO CHEATS – we’re for fair play. None of our PROs will ever use anything that will put an account in danger. There’s never any illegal software, exploiting or bug-using involved.


If you wish to know what other benefits and advantages of using Genshin Impact Quest boost are there, ask our support team at, and let’s conquer Teyvat together!

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