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What is Genshin Impact?

Genshin Impact is a Chinese gacha game, a unique mix of an adventure game like The Legend of Zelda but with looting mechanics and online elements. This game is notorious for limiting player’s progress and putting up all of these boundaries making gamers grind hours on end just to unlock the ability to play the next story mission. So, here’s what makes GI special:


  • Progression through the story is locked behind the Adventure Rank.

  • Playable Genshin Impact characters are obtained via “loot boxes” called Wishes.

  • Leveling characters is a separate system from leveling account.

  • There is a huge variety of quests to complete that offer all kinds of rewards.

  • Daily Commissions are challenges that are available to players every day that they should complete for faster progression.

  • Teleport Waypoints which players must find and unlock is a fast-travel system in GI.

  • Farming Iron and Crystal Chunks.

  • Unlocking different characters allows you to gain access to more Element combinations.

  • Leveling characters is a complex process that involves overcoming the lvl cap via Ascension.


This list might not make a whole lot of sense to someone who hasn’t tried the game yet. However, the key point here is that GI hides really complicated mechanics behind its cute looks. Things like the Genshin Impact tier list of characters are essential to know from day 1 for everyone who doesn’t want to ruin their account in the long term. This is why it’s always best to use our Genshin Impact boosting service for anything you’re not sure about.


Can you get boosted in Genshin Impact?

Absolutely. Genshin Impact boosting services have gained significant popularity within the player community. Through these services, you can swiftly achieve a max Adventure Rank (AR) and unlock all Statues and Teleports, effectively accelerating your progress and enhancing your gameplay experience in Genshin Impact.


How Challenging is Genshin Impact?

There are two types of players in GI – those that know what they’re doing and those that are new to the game. Depending on whichever type you are, you either already know or are just about to find out that the game hinders your progression in every way imaginable. Too many systems in this game are shallow, predatory, or simply oppressive.


  • The game’s resource-based progression system is intentionally restrictive.

  • There are never enough resources to raise a bunch of characters to competitive and powerful levels (unless you’re an absolute farming God or use our Genshin Impact boost, in which case you’ll be fine).

  • The wishes system is resin – your progression is throttled down to a crawl, so you are forced to spend money just to overcome artificially installed barriers.

  • The game is restrictive because it bars a large amount of the best activities in the game behind a time gate, and at the same time, it bars a large amount of gear behind a time gate as well.

  • Adventure rank gain slows down substantially later on in the game.

  • The real endgame that you’ll be able to participate in will take about 10 minutes per day because of all the restrictions.


You can (and should) have up to 4 characters in your party, so let’s see what it takes to level up one of them:


  • For the first Ascension Phase, the level cap is 20. It requires Adventure

  • Rank (AR) 15 to move to the next one.

  • 2nd Ascension – cap lvl 40, AR 25

  • 3rd Ascension – cap lvl 50, AR 30

  • 4th Ascension - cap lvl 60, AR 35

  • 5th Ascension - cap lvl 70, AR 40

  • 6th Ascension - cap lvl 80, AR 50


Obviously, Ascending requires unique materials which are obtained in the Abyssal Domains and from bosses. Each time, a new combination of various resources is required, and players must use Genshin Impact interactive map to search for the right bosses and enemies that drop the needed materials. But that’s not the end of it. You must also raise your Adventure Rank. Here’s why you need to do that:



  • To be able to Ascend your characters

  • To unlock Dailies

  • To unlock Dispatch System

  • To unlock Multiplayer

  • To unlock Archon Missions

  • Increase World Rank

Why Would I Use These Services?

What we’ve listed above is just a fraction of systems that will occupy all of your time, which you could spend enjoying the game. Every Genshin Impact review that you can find out there will tell you the same thing. To all of this, there’s a simple solution in the form of our Genshin Impact booster packs. You can always count on our services because:



  • We guarantee fast results – our extremely skilled pros will take care of your order as quickly as possible. You’ll be amazed how fast they get stuff done!

  • Set up a custom schedule – we understand that you might not have a lot of time to play the game, so why not set up your own personalized timetable and our pros will work on your order when you tell them to do so!

  • Request a link to the private stream to keep track of the progress done on your order. Watch our PROs do their magic with Genshin Impact boosting! Take advantage of our customer support service available to you 24/7.

  • Get a personalized discount if you have already progressed towards the desired result.

  • Security and safety are guaranteed – we do not use cheats, exploits, or hacks. This is a hand-made service!

  • Get a guaranteed discount on your next order through an exclusive loyalty program!


GI is a triple-A gacha game that is worth your time. But you should enjoy your time in this game, and will make sure that you do!

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