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Conquer the new peaks in the old sandbox with Garry's Mod Boost

Modding is a gamer's favorite entertainment. Even a frankly weak game can be "rehabilitated" by a couple or three good mods. But have you ever thought about creating a game, the very essence of which is mods? Has it ever occurred to you that sometimes giving a player the right to entertain himself is a better and more interesting solution than trying to occupy his next mission to save the world from the evil of the universe or make him exterminate terrorists in some "country of democracy"? But Harry Newman seriously thought about these things, and as a result, on December 24, 2004, the first version of Garry's Mod - a game that grew out of fashion and changed the mindset of players about modding - was released. And today, on the occasion of the birthday, so beloved by many players of the project, we will try to understand the reasons for the popularity of "Garry's Mod". Of the functionality in the first version was only the ability to create maniacs (that mad flying blender, if you have forgotten), add all the weapons and disable AI all NPC. The first "full-fledged" version of Garry's Mod, which included the ability to manipulate Source engine somehow and the beloved gm_construct map, was released on December 30, 2004. Perhaps, it was the day when Garry's Mod started to turn into the game that peaked online and even now reaches 100 thousand people. Despite its "age", the project is still supported by the developer - periodically released, albeit small, but in its way important updates. And the game continues to live, blooming, it is observed a large online, and the number of modifications exceeded a million. Some amateur mods, changing some little things, and some turned into giants, playing them, you can sometimes forget that this is not a separate game. Exactly for such mods, we have Garry's Mod boosting service, that will allow you to reach the tops on such modifications, and regardless of the server and mode, we will turn your character into the real destruction machine. Garry's Mod boost with us and you will become stronger.

Learn about our GMod Services, because knowledge is power

When Half-Life 2 was released, many people were surprised not by the plot and production, but by the game engine. Yes, "old man" Source was once a revolutionary engine that made everybody pick up the fallen jaws due to the incredibly developed for those times physics, chic graphics, and amazing functionality. Naturally, many players started to think, "It would have been cool to create something of your own on this engine. It's a pity I can't code." And then, in a surprise, a game appears that allows you to realize this desire without any knowledge of programming. All you need is a gravure, a crowbar and a couple of buttons. And for those who were able to work with Source, Garry's Mod became a real testing ground for their creations with an opportunity to share them with the whole world. Perhaps it was the opportunity to do literally anything and everything that became the main secret of success. At that time, the sandbox genre hadn't yet been eaten up by the gamer community, and the banal opportunity to strangle the NPC crowd or assemble your pepelats with the help of dendrofecal design principle already seemed to be something cool. But many players do not have time to create their own projects, and they are either looking for masters, or play on ready-made mods. However, if you buy GMod service, you can get helpers in creating your own unique mod, or driver, which will develop your character on different projects. Buy GMod service and you will be able to reach all the planned heights in this game. Also, we have a special service for training called GMod coaching, where you can learn how to create modifications correctly.

Develop your skills with us GMod Coaching

It would seem that you can do a game without a plot and gameplay as such? Run-on a half-empty map and nail a headcrab? I think that's a question that concerns any player who's first entered Garry's Mod, only until he notices the "Workshop" tab because that's what hides all the beauty of the game. Over the years, Garry's Mod has so many mods that even Todd Howard's kids are left nervously out of the game to smoke. Gmod's workshop has literally everything. Do you want to "point a direction" to your assailant and give him an extra acceleration kick? You're welcome. Ever dreamed of designing a combat fur with a toilet instead of a cockpit? We have the right fashion for you. Or maybe Spielberg's heir woke up in you and you're eager to shoot, but you can't master Source Filmmaker yet? Guess which game has the solution for you? Well, if you're bored of amusing yourself in your proud loneliness, then there's a rescue for you here too - a huge number of servers with different modes. Trouble In Terrorists Town, Death Run, Prop Hunt, RP is just a small fraction of the number of modes that are waiting for you to play online. And now imagine all this mountain of modifications, you will surely find the mode by itself, and if you don't, you can create it! Can't you? Buy GMod coaching and you will be taught how to use map editors, objects, scripts, etc. The possibilities of this game are endless, so why not make the most of it? Buy GMod coaching at and find out for yourself.

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