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Fortnite Boosting

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Fortnite gets crazier with every patch

Waterworld is how we would name the current season of Fortnite. Or maybe Fury Road? Actually, both names fit the theme pretty well. The latest update called Joy Ride matured the game. Why matured? Almost every other big BR game features vehicles. Yes, Fortnite had vehicles before, but it never had cars, and now they are here. The game is still goofy as hell, but that’s what we like about it. So now what y’all want to be doing is having a joy ride. But it’s hard to focus on the nice things when there is a pending list of chores hanging in the menu, isn’t it? So why don’t you have a look at the cheap, fast, safe, and, for the love of God, the best Fortnite boost out there? What’s that? You don’t like the sound of that, huh? We’ve got something for you too – coaching. What is Fortnite? This won’t be a question that will start a conversation between you and your booster. It’s all about how to play Fortnite like a goddamn pro! But honestly, we’re all here for the battle pass skins. Fortnite epic games are a serious sink for the hard-earned green bills. Is it even worth spending your money on this season? Let’s find out together.

Use Fortnite boosting in combo with the new features

From a Kraken who can possibly be the live event this season to rideable killer sharks and how you can use them to your advantage – all important changes and tips to help you win will be laid out here. What are the new features of Season 3? You can probably name them all yourself, just from the top of your head. The killer sharks are more than just a threat in the open waters. Throw a fishing rod into the water, and if the shark finds it and bites it – congratulations on the new vehicle. You can control their movement from left to right and even jump in the air with them. If you touch them, you’ll take damage; these guys are very dangerous. If you’re inside a building near water and you hear distant jaws music, expect a shark to burst through your wall like the Kool-Aid man and kill you. There are several very fun Fortnite challenges tied to the sharks, but not all of them are easy to complete. You can kill a shark, but they take a lot of damage, so it’s usually not worth it unless there’s a specific challenge for it. Another fun feature is the gazers. Stepping in one will shoot you into the air and let you redeploy your glider. It’s never a bad thing to have more mobility, and with the nеw Fortnite battle pass, you’ll have a chance to move around as fast as you can. We can all only speculate about the next Fortnite event, but it will most likely utilize this mechanic too.

The Fortnite service and the mushroom buddy

And as for the Fortnite skins, it’s the usual drill. You complete the missions and challenges (some people even call them quests), level up the battle pass, and unlock their rewards. Simple as that, at least on the paper. Some people even use the term “Fortnite characters” to talk about skins, but we don’t have anything against it. Another valid source of XP is getting a Fortnite win. But that isn’t the most effective of ways, because after all, you got to be the last man or girl standing. There are lots of ways how you can get more wins, one of those is Fortnite win boosting. This boost is the most favorable one and also the most customizable. We won’t go into these details here, you can look up the info on the page with the offer. Leveling by winning is certainly an option. There are other variations of Fortnite boosting service too. For instance, we can focus on certain types of missions for you, maybe help you get a specific set. Another exciting addition that came with Fortnite chapter 2 season 3 is the new mushroom buddy. If you’re lucky to find this little guy on the map, make sure to dance in front of him and give him 100 wood to activate the effects. Once you’ve done this, he’ll follow you around the map and give you a constant beam of shield that replenishes over time. Actually, he may have appeared earlier this season. He is just so hard to find.

A Boosting service that’s always on top

The first season was a long one, so you might be wondering just how long this one is going to last? All clues point towards August 26th. Now that we got most of the new stuff covered let’s go over some new weapons. One of the worst issues even for the Fortnite tournament was always the loot pool. The issue itself is the very small size of said pool. Thankfully we now have an expanded version with a lot of new items Epic Games kindly added. The Charge Shotgun officially replaced the pump shotty. It seems to be the most unpopular change because despite it having rarities of every single color, it’s just not a good gun. Not a single person is a fan of this gun. The campfires went through a lot of changes – at first, they were just another trap tile, then they were added as the environment asset, then they got the ability to increase the healing effect, and finally, now if you stand directly on top of them, they’ll deal damage. By the way, if you’re interested in competitive play, buy Fortnite Tournament Boost, it’ll help you get started. There are now way more healing items – a bunch of consumables like fish, mushrooms, and other types of food. We can talk about it for hours, but if you need to find out more about Fortnite carry service or account boosting for other games, jump to You might catch a sale there too.

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