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Final Fantasy XIV Boost & Carry

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A game that is hard without FFXIV Boosting Service

At the core of the game - a weapons system with a division into disciplines and a specific approach to quests. In each of the three cities there are representatives of the guilds. They can be both warrior guilds and peaceful collectors, including simple craftsmen. The agents of these organizations provide players with special maps that give access to teleporters scattered around the world. The latter are needed to perform the tasks received from the same agents. Thus, each quest - something like a mini-instance, which can take place either in a group or alone. It is also allowed to choose the complexity, directly proportional to the reward. Tasks can be on the destruction of local fauna, as well as the manufacture of any items. And this is directly related to the local weapons system. The fact that the selected at the beginning of the game discipline and class determine only the starting equipment. Choosing the path of the warrior, at some point, you can - and even need - to change the sword on planes or a ladle. We are dealing with multiclasses, and the player's imagination is limited only by his preferences and level. NPCs with quests are not marked on the map, so the usual JRPG "talk to everyone" system works here too. Control - and then it is sharpened to the gamepad. Take some time to set it up, and you won't want to go back to the mouse and keyboard. In general, although many people say that FF14 is a game where you don't need to spend a lot of time and just spend 2 hours a day to get 100% of the game content, it's not true. If you look at the multiclasses that you need to pump each one separately, look at all the specializations, and there are not a lot of them in the game, it will take months to pump all this, and if you are new to this game, it may even take years. So if you come to this game to have fun, not to spend a lot of time on completing tasks and pumping their classes, you can use our FFXIV boosting service. Skilled driver pumping the classes you need in a short period. And the driver itself will include an online broadcast for you to see the results.And it's just pumping classes, and we have not even reached the main component of this game - farm. But even these problems can be avoided if you buy FFXIV farm boosting service.

Do you want to spend 18 hours a day on a farm? Final Fantasy XIV Farm

Farm in this game is a special story. If you play Korean MMO - get ready to spend all your time on the farm and even that will not be enough. Final Fantasy XIV farming is not for the faint of heart, because it's hard to call it an ordinary grind, you need to run from location to location, from NPC to NPC, destroying hordes of enemies along the way. If you don't want to spend hours watching your computer monitor and pressing keys until they fail, then you can just use the FFXIV farm boosting service and you really need to spend two hours a day and only for the real pleasure of the game content, not for the hard labor of extracting different body parts from mobs. With us, you can solve all your problems related to Final Fantasy XIV farming. Also the developers of the game like grind so much, that even getting mounts is a whole procedure with performing daily tasks and annihilating hordes of mobs. To earn mounts, you need: to open the necessary trials for this mount, to have the necessary level of equipment and a lot of time. On average, a skillful player will be farmed mount from 4 to 7 days - and this is not enough, we will not even think about how much time it will take a beginner. But our team can farm FFXIV mounts without spending your time, and if you do not have an open content mount or do not have the necessary equipment, we can help you with this too.

Learn with professionals only - FFXIV Coaching

FF14 has 8 main classes and a lot of specializations. You can play all at once, just click one button to change the class. Learn more about classes: Marauder uses a two-handed ax, brute force, and a lot of health. On level 30, he will retrain to Warrior. Gladiator - "classic" tank with a shield and sword, later becomes a Paladin, stuns enemies, closes allies with a magic shield, and if necessary, can heal the wounded. Conjurer - "classic" heal, in the future, becomes a White Mage. They were tanks and heals, now about all kinds of dd: Lancer armed, who would have thought, with a two-handed spear. On level 30 he begins to subjugate the power of dragons and becomes Dragoon. The Pugilist has an unbending will and powerful fists. Well, a couple more brass knuckles. And broken fingers on the keyboard. For those with a strong spirit, the crystal of the Pugilist's soul will open the way to Monk. Rogue slashes his enemies with paired daggers hides in the shadows and strikes meanly. It's just like Ninja. I don't think Archer needs an introduction. In the future, it becomes Bard. Thaumaturge: burn your enemies with fireballs, turn them into ice blocks, and unleash lightning from heaven on them, becoming Black Mage. Arcanist - Use the new arcana power of the world to summon different etheric creatures, after level 30 he can continue as Summoner or Scholar Damager. There are also several other specializations unrelated to the class Machinist, Dark Knight, Astrologian, Red Mage, Samurai, Dancer, Gunbreaker. In addition to this, there are also special professions for craft and collecting: Blacksmith, Goldsmith, Armorer, Culinarian, Carpenter, Weaver, Alchemist, Leatherworker, Fisher, Botanist, Miner. As a result, we get a whole regiment of classes and specialties, which we can change at the touch of a button, is it worth talking about how long it takes to pump all this or learn to play it all? But it's not even "cherry on the cake" yet, because you have to go through complex dungeons and trials, as well as raids with other gamers. But do not rush to delete the game, we know what will help you - our services of training and bustling players. FFXIV raid boosting - allows you to take any raid with your closed eyes or play with the skillful company of players. And if you choose the FFXIV dungeon boosting service, you will not be afraid of any Korean hypertrophied monster. The Final Fantasy XIV guides service allows you to get tips and parse your style of play with real professionals. All this you can get by cooperating with us -

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