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Escape From Tarkov: Therapist Quests

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Therapist Quests


Stay on the good side of the only doctor in the game with Escape from Tarkov boost

The therapist is a lady who sells medical items and the recent update can also restore your health after raid so you won’t have to wait for that long recovery. Her things aren’t exactly cheap and this is okay, since these items are supposed to be a rarity. And you do want to get on her good side because if you do, she’s going to offer much more than just medicine. She’s got a nice range of containers for various things that will free up a lot of space in your stash. She also sells a bunch of food and beverages. This Escape from Tarkov carry is going to help you complete all her errands because they aren’t easy to do on your own. It is largely collecting items in raids and it’s going to take you a little bit of RNG and some time. Your initial task is to get your hands on 5 SALEWA medkits. This isn’t an easy task, because first of all as a new player you’re probably better off keeping these to yourself. Why? Because having these you won’t need to bring bandages. This makes them wanted by everyone and thus they are harder to find. Unless you want to spend all of your money and buy them from other plаyers. If not, buy EFT boost and we’ll collect them fast and easy. It’s not a huge mystery EFT how to unlock therapist quests.

Escape from Tarkov Therapist is an iron lady

One of the best ways of finding SALEWAs are going to be on two maps to take a look at. One is Customs and the other is Shoreline. For the first one you can go to the pharmacy’s car that is near the spawn, inside the garages territory near the big red warehouse. You’ll want to look for a white LADA sticking out of the garage. Open up the trunk and there’s a medical bag that’s in there and if you loot that you have a good chance of finding the SALEWA. In the garage directly behind the car there’s a duffel bag in there where you can find an extra one. Every single duffel and medical bag on any of the maps have an opportunity for you to find what you’re looking for. Get Escape from Tarkov quests boost if you don’t want to get shot ten steps from your spawn point. Other than those places, these medkits can also be found in the backpack of scavs on the regular. So if you just manage to kill some scavs or even players who might also have them. Just remember that those guys who have SALEWAs in their pockets are definitely richer than you and therefore better equipped. And don’t expect a discount on a flea market for these. They’ll either sell you half empty or empty ones for smaller than the normal price. Just buy EFT carry as this is the best account boosting out there, any PMC would love to have one on board. EFT quests boost is easily the best kind of carry service there is to get in the game because these quests unlock so many new things for you, it’s going to look like a totally different game.

These EFT quests will make you visit places you wouldn’t want to be at otherwise

On Shoreline, there’s a so-called treasure island. It’s an island that’s connected by the barge. Inside of a crate there, there are actually two medical bags. It’s easy to find because it’s close to spawn, just be mindful that player scavs spawn on that island and will frequently either be there before you or will spawn behind you. So, just clear the island and pay attention so you don’t get killed while you’re looting. All the other tasks come at you in a very weird order. If you’re doing them in a different order, it’s fine. EFT Therapist quests may come in a different order but the next one to talk about is called Sanitary Standards. Unlike prapor quests, therapist quests require you to get some of the rarest items out there. In this case it’s the gas analyzers you’ll be looking for. This is the kind of device that’s used by a professional specialist to determine the safety of a waste system and other similar setups. In the quest text it actually tells you that you can find or have an increased chance of finding a gas analyzer inside the pump station room on the Factory. It’s the room that you can get to, it’s also the administrative room for those who know the callouts in there. The main reason you don’t want to go there without Escape from Tarkov carry service is that this is a very enclosed map with firefights being held are very chaotic and short-lasting. So, unless you really know your way around and can handle yourself properly, don’t go there. Thankfully not many other prapor tarkov quests will have you go there. Trust when we say you don’t want to go there. Unless of course you have a bunch of gear you want to throw away, then sure – equip everything and go have fun. But for starting PMCs it’s not the best place to go.


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