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Escape From Tarkov: Ragman Quests

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Ragman Quests


From rags to riches with Escape from Tarkov boost

The wipe came unexpectedly earlier this time around, which means this is the time to focus on leveling traders by doing their quests and gathering very specific items or buying them off the auction for an unreasonably high price. To assist gamers to get back on tracker faster after the game-wide reset of everything we’re offering this fast Escape from Tarkov carry. We usually like to offer cheap account boosting, but due to the complexity of game systems in many modern projects, this can’t always be the case. However, you can always expect premium quality carry service performed by a professional when you decide to buy EFT boost. Now let’s get back to ragman quests. His quest items are usually wearable equipment, however, there are also some very rare ones too. You won’t be able to start his quests right away, there’s actually some requirements that have to be met in order to get access to his missions. So let’s talk about EFT how to unlock Ragman quests. The first task in his series is called “Only Business” and it is as simple as it sounds. You need to be level 15 to get the level 2 loyalty requirement for him and buy and sell up to 1 million rubles. If you have the level, but you haven’t spent the money requirement. There’s a quick trick that you can try.

Escape from Tarkov Ragman is an interesting person, very coy

Try buying a lot of items in bulk and sell them back. Once you’ve completed that task, you’re going to be able to accept “Make ULTRA great again” quest. That’s going to have you kill 30 scavengers at the Interchange. There’s a few areas that you might find having scavengers all the time on that map. The first place is in the Oli store, especially around the entry with the escalators. There are always two or three scavengers that are lurking there or around the store itself. Next, you might want to head over to Gashan supermarket and in the middle of it in the place with military tents there’s usually a few scavs roaming around there and at the couple of the coffee shops. The IDEA store near the IDEA offices. There’s always around 2 scavengers that are lurking in that area as well. There are also usually a couple of scavs patrolling the basement in the parking garage. It’s just completely random. Sometimes, they’re there, sometimes they’re not. If you don’t know your way around this hyper-market, we advice getting the Escape from Tarkov quests boost which sometimes goes by the name of just EFT quests carry or EFT quests boost.

EFT quests and shopping lists

Once you killed 30 scavengers, turn it in to accept Big Sale. In this task you have to go and find certain outlet stores to see if they still have some clothing. You need to check Avocado, Costin, T-rend, Dino Clothes and Top Brand. All of these stores are on the first floor of the shopping mall and to find them and do this Escape from Tarkov quest proceed as following. Stand facing the IDEA store and then go right. When you exit the IDEA and enter the shopping mall area, you’ll see T-rend right on the right-hand side. The name will be written in purple letters. Make sure to go into the store in order to complete the subtask. Then, while you’re leaving go left and another left and you’ll see Dino Clothes on your right-hand side with the green letters. Yes, we know these directions leave the best to be desired, but the format of this text doesn’t allow us to include visual instructions. If it did, we’d have a very chaotic layout for pages with EFT Ragman quests, because they do make you run around a lot. So as you continue your way straight down the hallway, eventually, you’ll see the Top Brand store on your right-hand side. As we get closer to the end of our little introduction to ragman quests, we’d like to remind you one more time that our wonderful EFT boosting service created for your needs can be found on this very page. If you’re looking for other EFT boosting service, just back a page where you’ll find prapor tarkov quests and others. All of this is and we wish you to survive your next raid!

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