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Dota Underlords Boost & Carry

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What is it and how work Dota Underlords Boost?

Dota has an interesting story. Starting its way as Warcraft 3 modification, Dota went a long way to become a full-fledged game called Dota 2. One of the main eSports disciplines with big prize pools and a cool event that is called International. And you know, there was a very ironic situation. In Dota 2, there was a modification, which at one point became very popular and the number of players grew at an incredible rate. Everyone talked about this modification and it was already clear that it will be in full game format. And so it happened. Valve couldn't agree with the developers of the mod to cooperate, so this company released its version of Auto Chess, which was not much different from the original. DU is a rethinking of chess. Chess is one of the oldest games in human history that everyone knows about, but not everyone has the strength and patience to begin to understand it and consider the many combinations. Underlords transfers a format of a chess on familiar fields of battles, and chess pieces are replaced with characters from Dota 2. Dota Underlords boost chess format every time, and show what this format is not so boring as many people think. The format of the game is very similar to chess tournaments. There are 8 people and everyone is fighting against each other. Only one person wins. Of course, it's a little different chess from what we're used to seeing. The characters fight in automatic mode, we just need to place the pieces on the board. It sounds simple, but the game has a very strong tactical component. Proper management of resources, selected characters, and their combat structure are important. If you have problems understanding the game, I will write a some guide for you. If it is difficult for you to play the game, then our Underlords carry service to you. We can help you raise your rank and get things out of Season Pass. And most importantly, we can teach you to play in this game properly.

Underlords Guides and what you should know

DU is a very complex and challenging game. It takes a long time to understand it. So you can buy Underlords services that our company provides at any time. You'll always find the right offer for you. But let's go over the basic things you need to know first, about characters and rank system. It'll be two small guides on them and I hope you understand the game better. There won't be a description of all the characters, I'll just walk through some of them to get a rough idea of what they are and how they work.

Let's start with the Tier One characters. Crystal Maiden is one of the best supports that can give mana to allies. Accordingly, there should be magicians next to it who have that mana. Drow Ranger is a multipurpose archer. She can give good damage as well as speed up allied attacks that are within her skill radius. Tiny has great power. She grabs the enemy and throws it at another enemy figure. Ideal for the defense of supports. Tier One also includes such characters as Nyx Assassin, Magnus, Batrider, Razor, Weaver, Bloodseeker, Warlock, Tusk, Venomancer, Shadow Demon, Arc Warden, Snapfire.

Next comes the Tier Two characters. Beastmaster gets HP+ for every murder. The perfect killer. The classic and most popular Dota 2 character is Pudge. He is a good character that drags enemies with a hook. If you catch the right characters, you can change the outcome of the match very much. The seductive Queen of Pain can deliver massive damage to enemies. If there is a character that will enhance her abilities, for example, Drow Ranger or Chaos Knight (who is also part of the Tier Two team), then Queen of Pain becomes a very strong character that strikes a big and fast damage over a large area. Also, Tier Two includes such characters as Earth Spirit, Bristleback, Storm Spirit, Nature's Prophet, Witch Doctor, Windranger, Ogre Magi, Slardar, Dazzle, Luna, Legion Commander.

Tier Three includes Morphling, Enigma, Broodmother, Viper, Lycan, Io, Lifestealer, Treant Protector, Shadow Fiend, Terrorblade, Juggernaut, Shadow, Shaman, Ember Spirit, Abaddon, Omniknight, Tinker.

Tier Four includes Doom, Necrophos, Templar Assassin, Lone Druid, Mirana, Disruptor, Keeper of the Light, Void Spirit, Tidehunter, Slark, Sven.

And the latest Tier Five includes characters as Troll Warlord, Dragon Knight, Sand King, Lich, Axe, Faceless Void, Medusa. They are the weakest characters in the game at the moment.

There are a lot of characters and each one has his own abilities, so DU is a very variable game with a lot of tactics.

Dota Underlords ranking system has several steps. The very first rank that you can get is Upstart, with a range of Rank Points of 0-499. This is the rank of only a beginner who only try to understand the game, but has already started playing a ranked game. Next, you get Grifter. This rank is between 500 and 1129. Outlaw Rank is in positions 1130-1834. We have finished with the beginners' titles, now we will move on to the medium rank league, which understands the game and who can give you a good fight back. The Enforcer is in the range between 1835 and 2614. Smuggler is 2615-3569 points. And a rank with the formidable name Lieutenant. This rank reflects your place in the range of 3570 to 4699 points. And then there's the rank of those people who know a lot of cool tactics, have good economic management skills and have good unit control. These ranks are Boss 4700-6004 and Big Boss 6005-7599. And the most important rank, to which any person aspires. So the best of the best get the Lord of White Spire with 7600+ Elo. And even when you've reached such a high point, you're still moving up. The best of the best should be allocated and getting the right opponents, too. Green I is the lowest tier at this rank. Blue II and Red III are already higher ranks. People who are one step away from the top of Olympus. And you can always get to these levels if you buy Underlords rank boost in our service. And of course, the latest ranks in this rank system. The people who got this rank are probably the gods of Olympus who came down from the mountain to show us perfect game. If you suddenly got Pink IV and Gold V in the game, then either you really boost your skull to incredible heights, or there was a mistake and you better close the game, because you can't beat them.

I hope these little Underlords guides helped to get a clearer idea about the game and you won't get confused in all these ranks and characters.

Dota Underlords Services of boosting work like a clockwork

Chess games are a whole art. The great variability of how you can move chess pieces has always amazed the imagination. The tactical component has great potential if you understand how different mechanics work in subtleties. DU in something simpler than chess, in something more complicated. Different combinations of pieces make it possible to achieve different effects. This is the combination that you need to focus particularly hard on. Of course, we should not forget about proper resource management and correct placement of the pieces. We understand that this is difficult and that is why we have Dota Underlords coaching. With us, you can always find offers that are right for you. If we don't have what you need, you can always write us a chat and we will build custom offers for you. We always have the option to enable streaming on any streaming service if you're interested in the boosting process. If you buy Underlords coaching, we promise you that nothing will happen to your account. Our professionals never use cheats or game exploits. You can ask any question of our support 24/7. Believe me, they love to answer questions. Our service can provide you with plenty of opportunities to realize your plans. will help you get stronger and teach you to use that power correctly.

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