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Division 2 Gearscore Carry

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Go get Division 2 carry ‘cause the devs are announcing big changes

The game’s undergoing something really epic, so it’d be a smart move to get a Division 2 boost in advance to be sure to meet all those innovations properly prepared. You might have heard about that Warlords expansion. It has brought lotta new stuff to the table – stuff like new lvl cap, new GS cap, new storylines, of course, and also a thing called Division 2 Gear 2.0. “Whatta hell is that?” you may ask. “Give us a moment to explain”, we’ll tell ya. So, what about that new system. Very much like Destiny 2’s Armor 2.0., this new gear thing reworks the entire gear system. Depending on a piece, we usually have 2 or 3 attributes, active and passive talents, and 2 mod slots (offensive and defensive). Well, now this whole thing will kinda sink into oblivion. Of course, some features will remain, but something called Core Attribute is gonna be added. As for this Core thing, you can either spec into weapon dmg, armor or skill tier. Now you actually have to choose between these directions and this choice will affect pretty much your entire build. Cool, huh? How to get 515 gear score in Division 2 is gonna be an issue as well but as soon as you get used to that new system, you’ll understand that it’s actually a very good rework. Why? We’re gonna explain in 3, 2, 1.

Division 2 gear score boost to equip better pieces

Those changes are for the best if you ask us. The advantages are evident:

  • all stats can god roll (if you max ‘em out, you’re gonna have your god roll easily);
  • easy to understand (nothing confusing, everything’s pretty straightforward if you give it some time to grow on you);
  • satisfying to progress (no explanation needed here we suppose).

Now we also have no limitations when it comes to maxing out stat rolls. Before Gear 2.0., we had to sacrifice one stat to increase the other and now we don’t. And that’s why we believe those changes are great and the new Division 2 max gear score is great too. More opportunities to grow and progress are always met with excitement despite the fact that they bring challenges. If you remember, hitting that 500GS was torture and now with that +15 increase, the task is gonna be even tougher. But not if you buy Division 2 515 gear score boost. Our pros can help you max out in a heartbeat. They already know the loopholes and the best places to get that loot, so reaching the desired number will not be a problem for you anymore. Now when Division 2 gear score 500 is no longer the limit, you can go beyond by equipping and crafting more powerful pieces and that’s just amazing.

Use our Division 2 boosting service and you’ll know no limits

As you can see, Division 2 gearing boost has become more than helpful in the light of those recent updates. And even in general, gear is extremely important not only on your way from lvls 1 to 30 but also in the endgame. In raids, it’s impossible to succeed without proper equipment and our Division 2 carry service is gonna make sure you have it. From custom GS farming to obtaining the rarest pieces – we can do it and we can do it effectively, ‘cause there’s nothing our pros are incapable of. See for yourself by purchasing from

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