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Division 2: Exotics and Weapons

Not satisfied with the offer range? No problem, we can find it together!

Kard-45 Named Pistol


SIX12 Named Shotgun


Mantis Exotic Sniper Rifle


Vile Mask





Backfire Exotic SMG


Aces & Eights Gear Set



Negotiator's Dilemma Gear Set


Tip of the Spear Gear Set


Hard Wired Gear Set


True Patriot Gear Set


Ongoing Directive Gear Set


It’s time for a proper Division 2 Boost, don’t you think?

What makes our Division 2 carry service so popular? Well, not to brag or anything, but we always try to put our clients’ needs first and make our work as helpful as possible. That’s why thousands of gamers all over the world trust us to fix their in-game problems and buy Division 2 boost to progress properly. We are reliable and we are super fast. With every carry you buy, you get not only guaranteed completion but also a chance to choose your pro personally, chat with him/her whenever you want, recieve daily updates and the possibility to change your boosting schedule. We also control each phase of your order and give you a 100% account assurance. Not every paid help service can give you that, so don’t hesitate to check out our Exotic&Weapons offers and choose the one you need. Let’s gear your Agent up together!

Let your arsenal burst at the seams with those Division 2 Exotics

Well, we suggest starting with Division 2 weapon carry options we’ve got for you. Just like any other shooter, Division relies heavily on its guns. The devs put a ton of work to make all weapons as true-to-life as possible. Of course, you can paint your gun pink if you want but it won’t change its stats and characteristics which are the most important things to take into account. If we talk about something truly outstanding, Eagle Bearer is definitely on the list. It can boast of really insane dmg values, the highest among ARs and even some other weapon classes. Moreover, if you buy Eagle Bearer boost you’ll get not only the gun but also raid completion, tons of high-tier gear pieces, 24/7 support throughout the whole boosting process, and guaranteed cashback on your Lfcarry account. To feel like a real cowboy, get Gunslinger’s Holster and use its unique pistol perks to make big trouble for your foes. Paired with Liberty, it gives very nice buffs, and if you add a solid LMG to this already awesome pack, you’ll get yourself an ultimate PvE build. For PvP, we’d recommend Division 2 Nemesis sniper rifle (which is one sale, by the way, as one of our most popular offers) with an exotic SMG (Chatterbox is the most solid option). This loadout will help you cover all distances and beat your opponents no matter where and how they attack.

Division 2 Exotic Weapons carry: what guns can you get?

Division 2 Liberty HC boost, as we’ve said before, would be a great addition to Pestilence LMG. If you don’t have the latter, it would be cheaper to get a bundle, but if you happened to have it in your arsenal, then that standalone Liberty carry is your best option. Division 2 Vector SMG farming is also available. This gun is a very desired drop ‘cause it’s quite rare and absolutely random. There’s no quest, no activity to complete. You rely simply on your luck, but odds might not be in your favor, and that’s why it’s better to hire our experts to do the job. They know the spots with the highest drop rates and they’ll farm as long as it’s needed to get you this SMG beast. As for armor, you can buy Division 2 True Patriot set to be more protected and more effective against armored enemies. There are other very good sets and all of them are available through LFcarry. Let’s have a look at a bunch of them.

Division 2 Exotics & Weapons boost for the sweetest price

We can get you Hard Wired set unlock or collect all six parts of Ongoing Directive. What would you like to have: skill power buff or some burn dmg increase? Or maybe something to buff your crit chance and damage? Each hight-tier set has its own array of perks and buffs that work in perfect sync and do real magic in combat, especially when paired with a proper exotic. Division 2 Aces&8 set carry, for example, will grant you a very cool armor that’s gonna make your sniper rifle shine even brighter. Apart from guaranteed accuracy, dmg, and handling buffs, this set offers a unique card-flipping mechanic that throws various buffs to you and your party. It’s a perfect option for a Sharpshooter, but if you run a different spec, feel free to check for more offers.


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