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Operation Dark Hours Raid

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Operation Dark Hours Raid

What you get

Operation Dark Hours Raid
Operation Dark Hours Raidrun completed
Chance to get Eagle Bearer
Chance to get Eagle Bearerexotic AR
Any weapons and gear
Any weapons and gearthat might drop during the service
Experience for your SHD levels
Experiencefor your Season Pass


Service requirements

Get the completion of the most challenging The Division 2 activity.

You will have a chance to get the best Assault Rifle in the game — Exotic Eagle Bearer — as well as high tier random loot and pieces of powerful Gear Sets.


How does this service works?

After you place an order, a high-skilled The Division 2 veteran player will complete the raid for you with his fireteam. You will keep track of the progress and ask any related questions in a dedicated chat directly with your player. Alongside it, don't forget we have a 24/7 support team ready to help you.


The service is 100% guaranteed and safe, works for PC, PS, and Xbox.

Our player will use a VPN. Only pure skills, knowledge, and experience - no cheats or any hacks/exploits are involved. All prices include taxes and fees.

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How it works


Choose and Buy the service

Place an order after selecting all of the options that meet your requirements


Follow the Instructions

You will be asked to fill in specific details about your order


We Will Find the Most Suitable PRO

We’ll select the best player who meets your expectations


During the order

You will have your own chat with a PRO player where you will receive all updates and can discuss everything in person or just chit-chat


Your order is complete

The best part is here. You can now fully enjoy your new loot, top rating, and achievements

Choosing Us - That’s Your Smart Move

Total Security: Anonymous Boost Guaranteed

Total Security: Anonymous Boost Guaranteed

No cheats, hacks, or exploits are involved. Players use VPN to enter your account.

Fast Start &  Furious Completion

Fast Start & Furious Completion

We're ready for your order quick execution, but we are flexible to your schedule.

Top Value for Your Money

Top Value for Your Money

You can receive discounts based on your progress and by using our cashback and subscription programs.

We are Always Online

We are Always Online

Just write in chat, and we will answer in a matter of minutes.


Complete Operation Dark Hours with Our Service

How to complete Operation Dark Hours fast? With our Operation Dark Hours boost, you will complete the raid in just 4 hours with no effort at all, and the best rewards, gear, and weapons will become yours right after we finish the service.

Venturing into the intensity of the Dark Hours raid in The Division 2 requires both strategy and formidable firepower. For those seeking to experience this challenge without the grind, LFCarry offers a solution tailored for you. Whether you choose to buy Dark Hours raid carry or buy Dark Hours raid boost, our expert team stands ready to guide you through every treacherous encounter, ensuring you secure the rewards and prestige tied to this pinnacle activity. Dive into the raid with confidence, knowing you're backed by the best.


Why Choose Our Division 2 Boosting Service?

  • Full Operation Dark Hours Raid run completion

  • All possible weapon and gear drops obtained during the service

  • XP for your Season Pass and SHD levels

  • A chance to get Eagle Bearer Exotic AR (or you can choose a guaranteed boost at extra cost)

  • Assistance with hidden chests and other parts of the challenge


The Best Results Are Guaranteed

Our Operation Dark Hours carry service offers real solutions to all players who would like to become better at their favorite game. You can trust our Division 2 boosting service with your in-game desires since our main goal is to deliver just the results you expect. Get our boost now to finally take your gaming experience to a whole new level! You can also choose our VIP Dark Hours offer with 8x loot.

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