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Division 2: Bundles

Not satisfied with the offer range? No problem, we can find it together!

What’s better than a Division 2 boost? A bundle!

What’s better than a good Division 2 boost? Our special offers allow you to get not just one item but two or even more in one boost. Have you ever wanted to get yourself a build with insane DPS? Or something that’s perfect for snipers? Or a Cowboy bundle with a cool sidearm and unique buffing holster? Buy Division 2 carry and any of that is ready to become yours. Our pros are skilled enough to take on any challenge and cope with any weapon quest. Farming GS points is not a problem either, as well as unlocking great set pieces or lvling your Agent up. You can even buy Division 2 exotic weapons, all of them, in one superb bundle for the juiciest price on the market. Just contact our Support team, and they’ll help you analyze your bundle and find a boost that suits your personal needs. A little something for avid PvP lovers and dedicated PvE players, even a session with a pro to obtain the incredible Eagle Bearer – LFcarry is at your service no matter what.

Check out our Division 2 weapons bundles

Get yourself a sweet present to celebrate the end of Year 1 – Eagle Bearer AR boost will serve that purpose very well. It comes in a bundle with 500 GS, which is not the max number right now, but still a solid option. Add extra 15 points, and you’ll get yourself an ultimate endgame bundle with the mightiest gun in the in-game world. Division 2 Nemesis rifle unlock will also serve you well especially paired with Aces&8 set. The latter can help you deal up to 100% more damage. Can you imagine how deadly Nemesis might become? One shot, one kill, just like true snipers say. If you’re more into close- and medium-range guns, buy the Division 2 Liberty pistol coupled with the one and only exotic holster or with a very cool LMG to excel in PvE. Whatever playstyle and loadout you prefer, we’ll find a way to improve ‘em.

Division 2 boosting service for to get your all geared up and ready

In the line of duty, we need to keep tabs on every update and content drop, and that’s why our offers are always fresh and relevant. So are the prices. But apart from chasing the newly-added items, it’s important not to forget about well-tested old-school items. Aces&8 set carry will help you obtain one of ‘em. As you know, sets offer unique buffs when you collect and equip all the pieces, and that’s why our service guarantees that all six parts will be obtained in a single boost. If you happen to have some pieces, let us know, and we’ll make a special discount. You can also buy True Patriot set upgrade to make a cool combo with Nemesis Sniper and perform like royalty in any in-game mode you choose. Every carry you purchase comes with round-the-clock support and regular updates on your order. Сhat with your pro or even add other options to the ongoing boost – it’s up to you. Here we’ve given you a quick overview of our best offers, but there are many more on, so don’t be shy to look through them and pick the one for your liking.


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