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Tank builds are trending again in Division 2

The True Patriot set and ones like it have been used more and more since Agents went back to NY. If you’re new to the game and don’t know how target-looting works if you look at your map, there is a filter that can show you all the different brands for pieces of gear and areas where they drop. In the open-world, you can do anything like control points, open-world bosses, or just patrolling enemies. Anything you do in a designated area is going to give you the gear piece attached to it. Although that doesn’t include the missions. They have their own specific sets and items tied to them. That’s how you farm those pieces yourself. But you know what? There’s a fast, better method. Another venue, so to speak – the Division 2 boost. The set that we talk about here is not a solo set. Even though you can easily do the challenging difficulty on solo with this build without a problem, but heroic raids would be rough. If you don’t know the difference between the solo and group variations, pick up the Division 2 carry and our professional staff member will explain to you everything in great detail. A lot of clients miss this very useful feature. You buy eagle bearer or something like that and then actually ask us for advice. Ask if there’s maybe a better set that will suit your need. There is a great number of division 2 armor sets, it’s hard to figure out what each of them is good for. But that’s why we’re here.

Making crazy combo out of Division 2 exotics

Tanking’s priority is not damage dealing, it’s helping your team with whatever perks and bonuses your loadout provides. You’re meant to buff your team and debuff the enemies. What the TP set actually does for you is the +30% Ammo Capacity, but with 4 pieces on you get the main thing. The reason to go for this set. Every 2 seconds you get a stacking debuff of 3 colors. Each color does its own thing, you may read about what exactly they do in more detail in the game itself. Point is, if you add here the eagle bearer boost or even better, some LMG. Essentially if something is debuffed and it dies, if it’s near other enemies, it’s pretty much going to also kill other enemies around it as well. Since you’re using armor on kill, this build on the gunner class, if you happen to kill something that blows up other enemies around, you’re going to get that 10% armor on the kill of all of those kills. Not only that, since you’re stacking armor you’re getting more value out of that armor that you’re getting back. That is incredibly strong, and it will hold off any activity, even the Operation Dark Hours. Healers are just so strong in this iteration of the game, having incoming repairs is very nice, because that means it’s going to increase the heals that you’re getting from your healers. If you want to try this set out, which we really recommend, buy division 2 exotic armor from us and we’ll get to earning it for you piece by piece. With the Operation Dark Hours boost, our second most popular service, you’ll see what it’s like to have the sturdiest character in the game.

Get the best Division 2 exotic armor for your need

You want armor on every piece, stacking it as much as physically possible. You can go with the mask, the backpack because it helps the entire team. It ups the color buffs to a higher percentage which is nice. It’s going to make your team heal for even more. Also, the gloves would be great as your next part of the set. Why this type of Division 2 armor is good is because it comes with armor regen, which you want to get as much as you can. This parameter is also very strong in the current iteration because it’s being a constant heal over time whether you’re getting shot in combat, behind cover, or whatever. The higher your effective health is the more you can take for your team which then in return allows them to do more damage. So this is very important. You see, this isn’t about Gear Score anymore. When you’re in the Tip of the Spear Raid, it is assumed that you already got the highest bracket of GS, it’s your parameters and bonuses that really make the difference. Getting those isn’t cheap, yes. The min/maxing game is real. Go for Aces & Eights boost, it’s the real deal, best of the best for sure. But if you know what you really want to achieve, there are certainly richer options for you to explore. We mean of course the imperial dynasty. We implore you to also grace the Eclipse Protocol with your glance. Other division 2 exotics may be combined together to give you the results you may haven’t thought of. It’s not just about armor. The negotiator’s dilemma is one such option, an unorthodox, but valid. Don’t be surprised by such a description, the love for certain combos comes and goes within the community. Yesterday some Vile Mask could have been a wild choice and tomorrow they’ll be telling you it’s the best thing. We’ll leave this up to you to decide. Just remember when you buy Chatterbox Exotic or something similar to inquire of its benefits and how is it doing meta-wise. We don’t just blindly provide the best Division 2 boosting service, we do so diligently and self-aware. If a price for some Foundry Bulwark Gear doesn’t meet your expectations, or some account boosting doesn’t feel safe – talk to us. We can get you any division 2 gear for pve or pve, all can be found on Just see for yourself.

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