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Diablo 2 Resurrected Top Offers

Not satisfied with the offer range? No problem, we can find it together!

Boss Farming (3+ hours)


Gearing (3+ hours)




Hell Difficulty Rush


Softcore End-game Leveling 80-99


Advanced Pack


Stone of Jordan Ring Guaranteed


Starter Pack


War Traveler Boots Guaranteed


Rune Ber Guaranteed


Arachnid Mesh Belt Guaranteed


Rune Lo Guaranteed


We will help you to find what you need!

Why us

The best PRO players
The average service score is 4,95

Your custom schedule
Hire a PRO player when it suits you

A private stream
You see the progress in real-time

Daily updates

You always know what’s going on

24/7 support services
We are always ready to help

100% safe and secure
No cheats, hacks, or exploits involved

Fair price
Get discount if you have progress

A loyalty program
Get 5% cashback on every purchase

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After checkout, you'll receive a link to your personal area

You will fill in the details and set up a comfortable schedule.


We assign a PRO that best suits your needs

We analyze previously completed orders, PROs metrics, and their ratings. You may also change your PRO if needed.


The PRO completes the task

Keep track of your progress and ask your PRO any questions directly over a secure chat. We will delete all of this data after your order.


You check everything and confirm the service is done

Your PRO will get paid only then. If anything, our 24/7 support team is ready to help you.

What Are D2R Top Offers?

This is a collection of the best, most popular, and most requested services for this game that there is. Diablo 2 resurrected carry services have many categories, but these ones are the ones that you need the most. Let’s see what we got here:


  • D2R level boosting - wanna play as a maxed-out character or wish to skip grinding a few levels, then this service is exactly what you need.

  • Diablo 2 Resurrected farm - there’s a lot of randomization in this game when it comes to loot. If you need a particular item or if you’re simply trying to get as many items as possible, then this one’s for you!

  • Diablo 2 Resurrected Boss Runs - slaying bosses on all difficulty levels are considered the endgame content, just like experimenting with builds. If you can’t beat a certain boss, this service is for you.

  • Questing - main storyline completion is only the first step towards the true completion of the game. So, if you don’t want to waste time for the first run-through, we got you covered.


Top offers are also great for those people who might not know what they should get first. So this collection of services allows them to see what the majority of other gamers go for first.

What’s So Hard About the D2R Content?

This game can be confusing to a newer audience, albeit being very well structured. So what exactly makes D2 such a difficult game for new players? Here are a few facts:



  • D2R leveling is different from modern games. The lvl cap is 99, and you’ll need 3,520,485,254 XP to obtain it. You can’t reach the max lvl by finishing the game just one time unless you use that one D2R fast leveling offer.

  • There used to be no respecialization. Meaning when you spend skill points given to you at each lvl up, you can’t relocate them after. This option was added only in 2010. Even in D2R, you won’t be able to do so right away. You’ll have to complete the first quest in the game on a difficulty greater than the standard one to be able to access and use this mechanic.

  • By lvl 99, you’ll have 98 skill points and 490 stats to assign. This fixed number means that you have to choose carefully what you do with these points.

  • Higher difficulty means that the monsters will deal more damage and take less damage. So, the D2R gear that drops from them is essential for killing those monsters and having chances to defeat the bosses.

  • Most class builds can’t be finished until the character reaches lvl 40. This means that one run on the Normal difficulty isn’t even enough for that. Each skill can be upgraded up to 20 times, and it’s what it takes to create a real, working, effective build.

  • The gameplay is slower. Movement speed is slower, but it gives this more measured experience. You won’t be able to run through the game as you can do in PoE, so prepare to spend a lot of hours in it.

  • The Hell difficulty is about strategy. No matter how strong your character is, by the time you unlock this difficulty, you can never dive headfirst into a boss battle on this difficulty. You must always have a plan in mind, a certain tactic. Timing and good builds are a must here.

  • The Inventory space is very limited. Because of this, you’ll have to make visits back to town to store your loot or D2R quests rewards using the Portal Scrolls often. And that breaks the pace of the game. This also contributes to the game’s slower pace.


This is still going to be a game that was designed by the gaming standards of the 90s, despite the fact that its technical part is being modernized. Because of it, gamers that are used to the modern quality of life features and fast-paced gameplay could feel frustrated. If you consider yourself a modern gamer, then you should definitely buy D2R boosting.

How Can Our Services Help You In-Game?

Playing such an old-school game might prove to be daunting, which is why it’s best to play it with old-school PROs. So, what makes our services stand out from the competition?


  • Being 5 years in this market, we’re the highest-rated gaming services provider in the world.

  • Hundreds of thousands of customers served across dozens of countries and in dozens of gaming IPs

  • Quality and Security - no matter if you get the D2R level boost or any other kind of service, our PROs will do it quickly. NO cheating is ever involved. Only a secure VPN connection ensuring that NO harm will come to your account.

  • All of your favorite payment methods are supported!

  • We have outstanding customer service that’s available to you 24/7.

  • Custom schedule - set up your personal timetable with our PRO, which is super convenient.

  • Personalize your order - there are many Diablo 2 Resurrected items, and our robust system allows you to specify a lot of parameters when creating an order!

  • Request a selfplay! Some services have an additional option that allows you to play with our pros yourself!

  • Private stream - being notified about the progress on your order is great, but watching it being worked on is even better! Request a link to the private stream from your PRO and watch him do his magic!


When you choose our services, you choose the best this market can offer. It’s all about fast & guaranteed results with Diablo and Baal will stand no chance against you!

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