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Destiny 2

Season of the Worthy

X2 Nightfall The Ordeal Loot

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Let’s greet Season of the Worthy together

Attention, Guardians! Season number Ten is finally launched marking the double-digit milestone for D2. That’s a great number and we’ve gotta celebrate, so grab our Destiny 2 boost and let’s see what the story really holds for us this time. You probably remember the Sundial activity – that messy time-traveling adventure with tons of enemies and some weird machines (Obelisks, for the record). It turns out one pesky Cabal Psion managed to flee from our swift hands of justice and now is willing to wreak havoc using the technology of immense power. If you buy Destiny 2 carry we’ll help you stop this terrible attack. We’ll turn to the ancient Warmind for help and once again prove that Guardians are not the ones to be messed with. Of course, our actions will inevitably alter the course of events and bring lotta changes but fear not, our brave friend. Side-by-side with us, you can face any threat. Let us greet the new age of D2 with our great Season of the Worthy boost and save the Last City together.

The Trials are back in Destiny 2 Season 10

Those who’ve been with Destiny series since day one remember very well one truly exciting PvP experience that left no one indifferent. The Trials… there’s so much to this word. Leaning towards your seats, making callouts, making teams and friends – it used to be the entire culture around the Trials. And Bungie’s brought all of it back in Destiny 2 Season 10. We’ll fight other combatants in intense 3x3 matches on amazing old-school D1 maps and get unmatched rewards for our progress on the arena. Judging by the trailer, we might have an entirely revamped sandbox effective only in Trials, but it’s too soon to make conclusions before the activity actually starts. But one thing we know for sure even now – once you begin, you must do your best. Trials of Osiris Flawless winning streaks will grant you exclusive loot weapons that were made good not only for that particular mode but for other PvP activities as well. On top of that, there were also unique armor sets to pursue. And that armor would roll with high stat values, so if you want your character to wear top-notch gear, feel free to turn to us for help. What we aim to deliver with our Trials of Osiris boost is an enjoyable experience and a possibility to maximize your chances to get the most unique rewards.

Embrace the changes with our Destiny 2 boost

Of course, new guns are making their entrance. This time, Bungie’s taking a pass on the ultimate ritual trio and giving us only one ritual, which is a bow that drops from Iron Banner. An exotic shotgun and an exotic AR are among other additions. To get these and other guns you can buy Destiny 2 new weapons from us and enjoy every single bit of that amazing content that the devs have worked so hard on. By the way, they’ve reworked some armor features as well, so our new Destiny 2 Armor 2.0 boost will be extremely helpful. As for the already existing weapons, here we have some bad news. Nerfs have touched lots of guns and even the whole classes, which is not really good, ‘cause all our DPS loadouts and super-duper builds might hit the skids. But let us not jump to conclusions too fast. Good guns will always be good no matter what nerfs they undergo, so if you love sniping, keep sniping with your fav rifle – just make sure you keep tabs on the meta to be competitive. If you have Destiny 2 swords stashed in your vault, it's high time you pull ‘em out – Bungie is giving them a new life, hugely buffing them and making them more viable.

Dive into the new adventure with the best Destiny 2 carry service

As we’ve mentioned in the previous paragraph, swords are getting a sort of reboot. That’s why we’ve collected our best offers to let you enlarge your arsenal with some new cold-steel weapons. You can buy Destiny 2 Black Talon and our pros will grind for this cool Forsaken’s exotic and help you add it to your collection. Even back then players called it an incredibly versatile blade and claimed it was similar to a sword and a GL rolled into one. That’s a pretty nice combo if you ask us. Imagine how great this sword will be packed with all those new Bungie buffs? Destiny 2 Goldtusk is also a ton of fun. It’s extremely swift and wielding it doesn’t impede moving fast. On the contrary, you even become faster and deal more dmg. If you’re running a Hunter, that’s definitely the toy you should play with. Just say a word to our crew, and our experts will jump straight to that Heroic Menagerie to start grinding for your new Hunter sword. To get yourself fully equipped for the newest season, use and don’t fret – with us, everything’s gonna be fine and dandy.


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